Rascals II - Chapter 19

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She got maybe a handful of other people to join, and soon they were ready to play.

"What do we do?" Martouf wondered.

"The game is called 'pin the tail on the donkey'. You see that picture of a donkey?" Janet pointed to a poster of a cartoon donkey. It was attached to a piece of soft, thick cardboard, so it would be possible to easily get a pin to stick in it.

"Yeah." He nodded.

"Rhiva has made a hat, a scarf, and a tail for you to put on the poster. See? She's quite the artist, won't you agree?" Janet showed him the pieces of paper with the colourful drawings on, each with a pin through them. "You will be blindfolded, spun around a couple times, and then you will try to pin the object to the right place on the donkey. The winner are whomever gets closest to the right spot. Sounds easy, right?"

"I suppose..." Martouf frowned. He took the 'tail' Janet handed him, and let her tie the blindfold around his eyes.

She spun him around several turns, then gently pushed him off in the direction of the picture of the donkey. "Go!"

He stumbled a few times, then walked reasonably straight. He was clearly unsure of the direction, but suddenly made a decision, walking directly ahead, his arm stretched out before him with the paper-tail and pin held out.

"Hey! Careful with that thing!" O'Neill exclaimed, as Martouf attempted to pin the tail to his leg. "That way." He swirled him around in another direction and pushed him off again.

"This is a stupid game!" Martouf grumbled in a low voice, as he slowly, deliberately, continued on in the direction he had been pointed to. 

"A little to the left, Martouf!" Sam squealed. "You're almost..."

"Shut up!" Daniel and Anise yelled at her at the same time, not wanting to diminish their chances of being the winner.

Martouf stood, unsure, for a few moments. Then he reached out his hand, and feeling something under it, he pressed the pin in - placing the tail on the lower leg of the donkey. He pulled off the blindfold and stared at the picture. He scowled.

"Wrong!" Daniel grinned, triumphantly. "Wrong, wrong! Just wait and see how it's done! It's my turn now!" He ran to Janet. "Please?"

"Of course, if you want." She smiled. "Martouf - you actually did a great job - it's not as easy as it looks like." She pulled out a black marker. "Let me just mark off where you put the tail, and then it's Daniel's turn." She did, then returned to Daniel, tying the blindfold on him. "Do you want to try tail, scarf, or hat?"

"Hat." Daniel said, confidently.

"Okay. Here you go!" Janet gave him the paper hat with the pin, then quickly spun him around before pushing him gently off in the direction of the painting.

Daniel walked in a slight zig-zag pattern, but continued in the general direction of the wall with the donkey-picture on. After a few steps he veered off course, and almost bumped into Teal'c, who did as O'Neill had with Martouf, and steered Daniel towards the picture. He reached the wall and felt around on it for a few moments, then pinned the hat - to the back end of the donkey.

"Haha...you put it on the ass of the ass!" Anise giggled. "You should have picked the tail!"

Annoyed, Daniel tore off the blindfold and stared at the offending hat. "It was whomever pushed me that's at fault!" He exclaimed.

"Teal'c steered you in the right direction, Daniel!" Martouf grinned. "You'd have ended up putting the hat on that notice with todays menu, if he hadn't helped you!"

"Anise - you're not supposed to say ass!" Sam told her.

"You did too!" Anise said.

"Did not!"

"Yes, you did - just now!"

O'Neill rolled his eyes at them. "Who's next?"

"Me." Sam said. "Memememe..." She jumped excitedly up and down.

"Okay, your turn it is!" Janet grinned. "Come here!"

Sam managed a little better than Daniel, but not as good as Martouf, and then it was Anise's turn. She confidently walked in a straight line in the direction she felt was correct - and stuck the donkey's scarf to the wall beside the poster - pressing hard to get it to stick. This earned her more than a few teasing remarks. Lantash chose the tail, just as Martouf had, deciding it would be easier this time since he must have learned from what Martouf did wrong. As it turned out, he did almost exactly as well as his host - which annoyed him a great deal, but pleased Martouf almost as much as it annoyed Lantash.

Freya was next, and she made the same reasoning as Lantash, deciding to go with the same item as her 'soulmate' had - and to her great pleasure, she did much better than her, placing the scarf on the back of the donkey!

After all the children had played, it was the adults turn. The children found it greatly entertaining to see that the adults did no better than they had, and that several of them did worse.

In the end - after much laughter - Martouf was declared a winner.

"What do I win? What do I win?" He asked, happily.

"You get to pick one of these prizes." Janet said, smiling. She pointed at three packages on the table. "There's three games with prizes, so one for each game."

Martouf looked at them, undecided, for a few moments. "Can I touch them before I pick?"

"Nope." O'Neill said. "No feeling or shaking the packages - just pick one you think is good."

Martouf looked at the wrapped prizes for a few minutes more, slowly sucking on a finger as he contemplated the options.

"Come on! Pick one!" Sam urged him.

"Do you want me to pick one for you?" Anise offered.

"No...I want this one." Martouf grabbed one of the packages - a medium-sized rectangular box. He quickly tore off the paper. "A transformer! Awesome!"  He exclaimed.

"What's the next game?" Daniel asked, looking with envy at Martouf who was taking his toy out of the box.

"Balloon target game!" Janet told them.

"What's that?" Sam asked. "We shoot balloons with a rifle?" She added, hopefully.

"Cool!" Anise said, excitedly.

"No, no rifles - or any other kind of firearms!" Janet grinned. "We use this..." She picked up and unfolded a large bulls eye target and put it on the floor. "And then I need a couple of strong men to blow up these balloons." She held up a package of long skinny balloons. "Just twelve or so of them - this game is only for the kids, but I think it'll be funnier if they have a couple each."

Malek and Teal'c volunteered, and quickly inflated the balloons. Janet watched them doing so, suspecting they were trying to out-do each other. She shook her head slowly. Well, it was all right with her - this meant the children would get to play the games sooner. She noticed they were looking both eager and impatient. Except for Martouf, who was playing with his transformer toy.

After the children had spend some time attempting to throw the balloons in such a way that they hit the target - and most of the time failing miserably, but having a lot of fun in the process - Janet decided a winner could not be declared. Instead, she improvised a game which she called 'carry the most balloons', which the children enthusiastically tried to succeed in.

Sam won this game - but only because she figured out how to rub the balloons so as to create static electricity, which meant she could get them to stick to her.

The last prize winner was found from a game of 'musical chairs' - played among both the children and the adults. In retrospect, Janet realised it may not have been a good game to choose, because the Tok'ra children could only occupy one chair, and only one of them could be in control at the time. She sighed and made a mental note to remember this when she picked games in the future. As it was, Anise and Freya got to share the prize.

"Okay, only one final game before we eat the rest of the cake!" Janet said. "I call it 'balloon stomping game'! There's no prizes, but it's a lot of fun, and everyone can participate." She handed out a balloon and a piece of string to each of the guests. "Blow the balloon half full of air, then tie it to your ankle. When I yell 'go', you all try to stomp everyone else's balloons, without them stomping yours. Any questions?"

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