Rascals II - Chapter 2

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"She looks great now!" Anise smiled as she looked at the snowwoman. "I think the teeth are good now too!"

"Yeah, too bad we couldn't find enough rocks with the snow and all, but the icicles totally works!" Daniel agreed.

They all admired their work for a few moments before they went inside. By now they all were tired, hungry, and also getting cold.

"Who wants hot chocolate?" Sam suggested, as she dropped her wet clothing on top of her wet boots.

"I do." Martouf said eagerly. "And waffles."

"Yeah, waffles is a great idea. I mean, Jack's making pancakes for us tonight, so we should make waffles now." Daniel agreed.

"We could make some for Jack too." Freya suggested. "He did not have any breakfast, so I am sure he will be hungry." She looked at the clock. "It is almost 1 PM, he only wished to sleep until noon, did he not?"

"Nah, let him sleep. We'll make him waffles and hot chocolate!" Martouf said.

"Okay, anyone know how to make waffles?" Sam asked.

"Nope. I think there's egg and milk in them." Daniel looked thoughtful. "Maybe Jack has a cookbook. Or we can find a recipe online."

"Online sounds easier." Sam yawned mightily. "I'm tired."

"I'll go find a recipe." Martouf promised, then went to turn on O'Neill's seldom used home desktop.

The others began taking out the things they knew they needed - pots, bowls, eggs, milk, sugar, as well as the waffle iron. They did their best to be as quiet as possible, but O'Neill was obviously sleeping quite heavily, and did not wake up even when they made some noises.

Martouf came into the kitchen, carrying a piece of paper. "I couldn't spell waffles, so I searched for pancakes, which I can spell, but I'm not sure the recipe is the same? What do you think?"

Sam shrugged. "They look the same except the text-ure, so I say we use it."

"Waffles are thicker, so we should mul-tiply by..." Daniel thought about it. "Four? Don't you think, Sam?"

She nodded. "Sounds right."

"This should give 10-12 pancakes - we need at least four each, so that's..." Martouf considered it for a moment. "Twenty-eight, because we are six, and then there's O'Neill."

"I think he can eat more than we can." Sam pointed out.

"Yeah, but I don't think Martouf and Lantash or Freya and Anise can eat four each! No matter how hungry they are!" Daniel insisted.

Martouf looked thoughtful again. "Okay, then twenty-eight for all of us?"

The others nodded.

"Good, then just mul-tiply by four and we get waffles." Daniel said, happily.

Martouf scribbled on the paper for a little while. "I think I got it. 24 cups of flour, 12 tea-spoons of baking powder, 24 table-spoons of sugar, 24 eggs - beaten, 12 tea-spoons of salt, 18 cups of milk, and 30 table-spoons of melted butter."

"Okay." Sam started pouring flour into a measuring cup.

"Wait!" Daniel stopped her. "I remember...we need to beat the eggs and the sugar and the milk together first...I think."

Sam shrugged, then nodded. "Get me that, then."

Anise looked in the refrigerator. "There is not enough eggs or milk. I think there is enough of the rest...or, perhaps we need a little more butter."

"We also need more flour." Sam said, looking into the half-empty bag.

"That's not good. We need milk for the hot chocolate too." Martouf frowned.

"There's a small store at the corner of the next street!" Daniel suddenly remembered. "I've been there, once."

"We're not supposed to go out on the street." Anise reminded him.

"Well, we need it to cook breakfast for Jack." Daniel reasoned. "He won't mind."

"How much do you think it costs? I've only got 3 dollars and four cent." Sam said.

"More." Daniel looked unhappy. "Everyone, find all the money you have!"

"Okay, so we have got 19 dollars and 23 cents." Daniel said. "That should be more than enough. Who goes with me?"

"Together with the milk we need for the hot chocolate, we need at least 3 gallon...and we need more eggs and butter and flour...we better all go." Lantash suggested.

"Agreed, let's go!" Sam went to the door and began looking for her clothing. "Yuck, it's all wet!"

"It will dry while we wear it." Freya suggested.

"Okay." Sam shrugged.

They put on their wet clothing and silently snuck outside again.

"Which way?" Freya asked.

Daniel thought it over. "Hmm, that way." He pointed.

"I don't remember it being this far..." Daniel frowned, looking worried.

They stopped, looking around and feeling lost.

"Hi, kids. Should you be out here all alone?" Said a man about the same age as O'Neill. He had a dog with him on a leash.

"We're...making breakfast for Uncle Jack. We wanted to surprise him." Daniel explained.

"But we don't have enough milk." Martouf said, looking at the dog. "Can I pet it?"

"And other stuff..." Sam added.

Freya hid behind Sam, looking shy.

"Oh, so you're looking for the small store around the corner?" The man wondered, smiling at them. "It's not far away. I can take you there. You really shouldn't be out here alone. The traffic isn't bad, but still." He looked at Martouf. "Yes, you can pet him. His name is Voodoo, and he's really nice."

"Great, thanks!" Daniel smiled at him.

"Nice doggie." Martouf said, petting the dog.

Sam carefully touched the dogs head. It happily licked both her and Martouf in the face, making Freya giggle just from looking at it. She petted the dog on the back, very gently.

The store really was not far away, less than 200 feet, actually, but it had been hidden by a hedge.

"Uncle Jack..." The man looked thoughtful. "Would that be Jack O'Neill?"

"Yes." Martouf said. "You know him?"

"I do, I live only a couple houses away from him, and I served with him in the Air Force. My name is Fred Jefferson, by the way."

"I'm Martouf...Lantash. That's Samantha, Daniel, and Freya Anise."

"Nice to meet you." Fred smiled.

"I'm in the Air Force too." Sam told him, self-importantly. "I'm a Major. What are you?"

Fred grinned. "Lieutenant Colonel, like your Uncle. An honour meeting you, Major!"

They had reached the store and went inside. With the help of Fred, they quickly found what they were looking for, and paid. It turned out they had just enough money for all their purchases.

Outside the store, the children went to pet the dog again. It was clearly ecstatic to see them, and jumped up and down, licking them all.

"I better help you carry this back." Fred said. "It's heavy for little ones like you."

"But I am strong!" Martouf protested.

Fred smiled. "I'm sure you are, kid. Perhaps you can hold Voodoo's leash, then?"

"Ooh, yes! Yes, I can do that!"

"Can I hold it some of the time?" Sam begged.

"Some of the time." Martouf answered, magnanimously.

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