Rascals II - Chapter 20

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The day after the childrens birthdays, Janet/Rhiva asked to have them sent down to the infirmary, for a yearly check-up.

"I don't need it! I am healthy - and so is Martouf." Lantash insisted. "Do you not trust I can take care of us?" He looked at Janet with an arrogant, annoyed expression.

"Of course we do, honey." Janet said soothingly. "It's just that you and Anise are the first symbiotes to take a host this young - that we know of, at least. It's also rare to have children become hosts when they're only six, like Martouf and Freya, so we'd really like to check on you now and then, just to make sure you're all growing and developing as you should."

"We're both fine!" Lantash grumbled, but he obediently sat down on the examination couch anyway.

Janet and Rhiva examined both Martouf and Lantash thoroughly, taking blood samples, listening to their hearts, measured weight and height - and used a Tok'ra scanner to check on Lantash's length and development. Martouf and Lantash suffered it all in silence, mostly, but they were very happy when the doctor's were finally finished with their examinations.

"You are fine! Growth and development is perfect, for both of you." Rhiva told them, smiling.

"Of course it is!" Lantash looked insulted. "I told you! I've got it all under control."

"Yes, you do." Rhiva gave control to Janet.

"Here, because both of you behaved so good." She handed him two lollipops. "Now, go over and wait while Rhiva and I examine your friends?"

Lantash nodded and took the candy. "Okay." He smiled. "Thanks!"

"Sam?" Janet called out. "Your turn."

"Why do you need to check on me? I don't have a symbiote - I'm just a normal kid!" Sam complained.

"Not quite, sweetie. You've still got naquadah in your blood, and all the changes Jolinar did to your biochemistry are all still there. Getting turned into a child didn't alter that - and we've got no idea how that will affect you growing up." Janet patted the examination couch. "So you come and sit here, young lady."

Sighing dramatically, Sam jumped up on the low couch and sat there, her arms crossed. "Okay. I'm here. Do your worst!"

Janet rolled her eyes. "Sometimes I'm not so sure it's such a good idea letting Jack look after you guys."

Janet and Rhiva had found Sam, as well as Anise and Freya, to be in good health, and developing normally.

"Daniel! Come here - your turn." Janet waved at him, trying to catch his attention.

Sam trudged over to where Daniel was sitting and unceremoniously pulled the book he was reading in out of his hands.

"Hey!" Daniel looked up, annoyed. "I was reading that!"

"Yup, but Janet wants to prod you with needles. Go!" Sam grinned.

"Needles!" Daniel looked fearfully towards Janet.

"Sam, be nice!" Janet admonished. "Don't worry, Daniel. No needles - or at least only one. I'm going to draw a little blood for analysis, but the rest of the examination is completely painless." She smiled at him.

Daniel eyed her suspiciously, but walked over and sat down on the couch. "O-kay...but I've got no na-quadah or symbiote or anything...why do I have to go through this!" He complained.

"Being transformed back into a child is hardly normal. Now, sit still, sweetie."

"The children are all in good health, and there doesn't seem to be any abnormalities in their development," Janet told O'Neill.

"Great!" O'Neill said. "I was considering taking a few days off and go fishing at my cabin - and I was thinking of bringing the kids. It would be good for them to get out a little."

"Oh, I agree, but what about the N.I.D.?" Janet wondered.

"No recent reports about them, so I think we're good." O'Neill yawned. "Damn, I could really use a break. You know, they keep bugging me about finding someone to put on SG-1. I know someone is needed, but I don't want to put that Russian...what's-his-name on it, I mean, according to his papers he couldn't be a better pick, but..."

"Colonel Alexi Vaselov...but it isn't about him, is it? You still doesn't really want to admit you're not going back to being on the team, and putting someone else on it will prove that." Janet pointed out.

"Whatever," O'Neill said, in a dismissive tone. "Listen, why don't we make it a holiday for all of us? You, Teal'c, Cassie, me, and the kids? We'll bring Hailey and Soltof/Gimbad too, and make it SG-1 past, present, and future."

Janet grinned. "Cassie and I haven't been on SG-1, you know."

"Well, maybe you will in the future. You've got time, you know...Rhiva and all."

"True." Janet nodded. "I'll think about it, but I don't think Rhiva and I can take the time off - besides, I'm not really interesting in going fishing."

Next day, O'Neill, Teal'c, and the children left for a trip to O'Neill's cabin. Cassandra, Hailey and Soltof/Gimbad had made excuses, finally admitting they did not find going fishing in the middle of no-where to be particularly entertaining. Several of the children had tried to argue the same, but O'Neill had told them they would have fun - and besides, this was how it would be, so there was no point in arguing.

Before O'Neill left on vacation, he had temporarily transferred command of the base to Louis Ferretti - recently promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. His superiors might not be too happy about it, but O'Neill wanted someone there he could trust - and who had enough experience to handle it. Ferretti had accepted the job, but reluctantly, despite O'Neill's assurances it was easy and that nothing would happen while he was gone.

They now sat in the large car O'Neill had borrowed at the base - Teal'c and O'Neill in the front, and all the children in the back. They had driven for maybe half an hour, so there was still a long way to go.

"O'Neill - where's your cabin?" Lantash asked.

"Not far from a little town called Silver creek. It's in Minnesota."

"Minne-sota?" Lantash frowned. "That is a different...uh...state is it not?"


"How far away is that place?" Anise asked, getting worried.

"Just over 1000 miles," O'Neill said. "I told ya, didn't I? It'll take us about 16 or 17 hours to get there."

"16 or 17 hours!" Sam repeated, horrified. "What are we going to do!"

"You've got several DVD's and something to play them on - that oughta keep you entertained for some time - and don't worry, I'm not gonna drive it all in one stretch anyway, so we'll take breaks every four hours or so." O'Neill promised.

"It's still along trip." Daniel complained. "Can't we drive half today and half tomorrow?"

"We wanna get there quickly, don't we? It's only a week, so if we take two days getting there and two days going back, we won't have much of a vacation." O'Neill argued. "Besides, you're not the one driving, so what are you complaining about?"

Daniel grumbled something, but by now Sam had gotten a DVD loaded into the player, and he settled down to watch like the others.

The DVD box-set "Life on Earth" with David Attenborough had come out just under a year before, in the UK, but one of O'Neill's friends had brought it here for the children. It was a captivating series, and long enough that they would have something to watch during the entire trip. O'Neill felt quite pleased with himself that he had thought to bring that for the journey!

"Jack...I need to pee!" Freya said.

"We'll take a break in 10 minutes, sweetie."

"I don't think I can wait 10 minutes..." She got a desperate edge to her voice.

O'Neill groaned softly and looked at the signs along the road. "Five minutes, Freya. There's a pull-up in a few miles."

"Do they have a bathroom? I need to go to, and I don't want to pee behind a bush!" Daniel said.

"Why the hell not? That's what we all do when we're on missions!" O'Neill said, sounding irritated. "You never complained before!"

"What if there's an angry animal? Or an ant-hill? I could be eaten without any of you knowing it!" Daniel sounded worried.

"I did not know the world of the Tau'ri was so dangerous! Are we safe in here?" Martouf asked. He looked out of the window with concern, and checked that the door was indeed locked.

"Yes! You're safe!" O'Neill exclaimed. "Daniel is being, ah, overly paranoid." He turned off the road. "Never mind. I can see there's bathrooms here, so you don't need to worry. Nothing's gonna eat you!"

"O'Neill, there is a hot-dog sales-man. Perhaps we should take this opportunity to obtain some sustenance," Teal'c said, inclining his head in the direction of the small shop.

"Hot-dogs! Yay!" Sam shouted. "Great idea!"

"With lots of ketchup!" Daniel added.

"I need to pee now!" Freya said, sounding desperate.

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