Rascals II - Chapter 3

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It was almost 3 PM when they were finally back home and were again working on the waffles.

They had found the biggest bowl in O'Neill's cupboards and had finished mixing all the ingredients - Sam and Daniel holding on to the bowl, and Martouf and Anise stirring the spoon.

"I think it's too thick." Daniel said, giving the dough an expert look. "I think it's because we bought those pre-mixed eggs in a jug."

"How would that change anything?" Sam scoffed.

"Okay, we'll just add some water." Martouf poured a glass in. "Enough?"

"Maybe, stir it some more." Daniel told them.

"Now?" Sam wondered.

"I think it needs something...uh....something that's in between water and eggs, to make up for the missing liquid!" He stuck his tongue out at Sam.

"It was just eggs without shell! Put in a jar!" She complained. "That's not why it's too thick. You probably read the recipe wrong!"

"I have an idea." Martouf said. He went purposely to the refrigerator and took out one of the beers in there. "I am certain this will be good."

"Okay, try it, then."

They poured the beer in and stirred the now thinner dough. Daniel nodded, satisfied. "Yes, it's good, now."

"The waffle iron is hot." Sam announced.

"Good. Get the dough on the table." Daniel ordered.

"Pour it on the table?" Freya frowned.

"No, fool. Put the bowl on the table!" Daniel rolled his eyes.

Freya grumbled something, but helped getting the heavy bowl up on the table. Daniel then crawled up on the chair they had pushed over to the table, and took a large ladle and started pouring dough on the waffle iron. It overflowed, and he quickly closed it, making more dough run over.

"Watch out!" Martouf warned.

Daniel shrugged. "We'll clean up later."

"I'll start making the hot chocolate." Sam announced. "Please help me, Martouf and Freya?"

It was almost 30 minutes later when O'Neill slowly woke up. What was that slightly burned smell? He quickly became completely awake and jumped out of the bed, then ran to the kitchen. "Kids!"

"Hi, Jack." Daniel smiled widely.

"Good morning, O'Neill." Martouf nodded solemnly.

"Sir." Sam said.

"Hello, Jack!" Freya grinned.

For a few moments O'Neill just stared at it all. The floor was covered with a thin layer of flour, small foot prints criss-crossing it. Opened, tipped over containers and jugs were lying on the table and on the floor. A huge pot with something was standing on the stove, Freya/Anise stirring whatever was in it.

Martouf/Lantash were eating a waffle, syrup dripping from it, while Sam was slowly scooping flour from the floor back into a flour bag. Daniel ladled dough into the waffle iron and closed it. The iron overflowed, as it had obviously done a great many times before, if the small lake on the floor was anything to go by.

Tiredly, O'Neill shook his head. "I don't even want to know what you're doing - and why are you all naked?"

"We're making breakfast!" Martouf said happily. "For you, too!" He tried to dry his sticky fingers on his stomach, then used his hair instead.

"Yes, and hot chocolate!" Freya said, smiling.

"Our clothes got wet. Outside, I mean." Daniel informed him.

"Why didn't you just put on some dry clothes? You have plenty, I know you do."

"We figured it would just get messy. We're easier to clean." Sam giggled and touched her hair. A cloud of flour rose from it.

O'Neill closed his eyes and felt extremely sorry for himself. Why had he not accepted Janet's offer to take them today?

"Wait...outside?" He suddenly asked.

"Yep, we played in the snow...and we made a snowman!" Daniel said excitedly, forgetting about the waffles and jumping down to run to O'Neill. "Come, see!"

"Snowwoman!" Freya reminded him.

"All of you...bath! Now!" O'Neill ordered as he quickly caught Daniel before he could open the outer door. "Bath, young man - and then clothes. Now!" He looked at the pile of wet, dripping clothing beside the door, and regretted getting out of bed at all. He began picking up the clothes when he smelled something burning. The waffles!

O'Neill had barely taken care of the wet clothes, when the doorbell rang. He threw a tired look at the kitchen, still looking like a warzone, then went to check who was at the door.

"Hi, Jack!" Janet smiled at him.

"Ah, Janet, come in." He still felt it was a little strange for them to be on first name basis, but Janet had helped out with the children a lot, and somehow 'Doctor Fraiser' had become too formal.

"O'Neill." Teal'c said, stepping through the door after Janet.

"Teal'c!" O'Neill smiled at both of his guests. "Not that you guys aren't welcome, but what made you decide to pay me a visit? You only left last evening!"

"Do you not remember your promise? You would purchase sleighs for the children, in case it snowed while they stayed with you." Teal'c reminded him.

"Yeah...yeah, I do..." O'Neill looked tired as he remembered.

"I think Teal'c's looking forward to playing in the snow!" Janet whispered in O'Neill's ear, grinning. She suddenly wrinkled her nose. "What's that smell? Is something burning in the kitchen?"

"Ah...well, the kids decided they wanted to make waffles...and they had a few accidents..." He said, a little evasively.

Janet, followed by Teal'c, had already reached the door to the kitchen and now stood looking at the mess.

"Impressive." Teal'c remarked. "One would not think someone so small, would be able to create so much chaos."

O'Neill just sighed and sat down on the nearest chair.

"Janet!" Sam squealed as she came running, throwing herself at the doctor.

Martouf and Daniel followed just behind her, breaking into a spurt as they saw Janet and Teal'c.

"Teal'c! Janet!"

"Hi, kids. Where's Freya and Anise?" Janet asked, smiling as she greeted them.

"Here!" Anise yelled, as she exited the bathroom, pulling a shirt over her head as she ran.

"Hello, children." Teal'c smiled at them all.

"We thought we'd go with you to the store and pick up toboggans for you." Janet threw O'Neill a mirthful look. "I think Uncle Jack here could use some rest..."

Martouf got a guilty look. "Yes...we wanted to make waffles for him."

"I'm still hungry." Sam said. "But I also wanna go get a to-bog-gan!"

"Oh...and Jack, can we have a dog?" Daniel asked, suddenly remembering 'Voodoo'.

"Well, it looks as if you've already made more than enough waffles for us all - why don't we eat some of them, then you clean up the kitchen...and then we can go to the store?" Janet suggested.

"Do we have to clean up all that first?" Daniel moped. "I'm tired!"

Janet kneeled down beside him. "Yes...that's part of cooking. You have to clean up after yourself afterwards. Okay?"

After eating the - surprisingly edible - waffles - O'Neill had taken a nap while Janet and Teal'c helped the children clean up in the kitchen.

"We're ready to go to the store! Are you sure you don't wanna come?" Sam asked.

"It's gonna be awesome!" Daniel added, excitedly. "We're gonna get the fastest, coolest toboggan you've ever seen!"

"And then we'll all go to the sledding hill at the park, right?" Martouf asked eagerly.

"I'm not sure, sweetie." Janet looked out the window. "It's 6 PM and it's dark outside now. I think it'll be better if we waited until tomorrow. Aren't you tired?"

"But I want go sledding now!" Martouf insisted, looking unhappy.

"The sleigh will run whether it's light or dark, won't it?" Sam said. "Why does it matter if it's night or day?"

"Yeah, it'll be fun to ride downhill fast in the dark!" Daniel looked happy.

"It sounds dangerous..." Anise frowned.

"It is dangerous." Janet said. "We're waiting until tomorrow."

As if on cue, Sam, Martouf, and Daniel started crying. "You promised." They all sniffled.

"Good luck with that." O'Neill told Janet. "I'll be making pancakes for you guys for when you come back from the store - and hot chocolate that's...ah, a bit less well-done..."

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