Rascals II - Chapter 5

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It was several days later, and all the children were now back again on the base, after their little vacation at O'Neill's place.

"I don't need to go to school!" Martouf complained. "I already did."

Lantash took over. "I have more than 570 years experience and my genetic memory contains more than a human teacher can ever know!"

"Maybe, but you can't access your genetic memory yet, right?" O'Neill countered. "That damn alien device turned you into a kid symbiote - and didn't you say most of your genetic memory is inaccessible until you're a teen symbiote?"

"Yeah, but I will have it when I need it - and I have my own memories as well...and they're in my head too! It's just...those that are in my genetic memory from Egeria and such...they're the ones I can't ac-cess yet. "Besides, I can ac-cess Martouf's memories of school!"

"Which wasn't on Earth." O'Neill pointed out.

"But my school was!" Sam said. "So I don't need to go, right?!"

"Me too!" Daniel added.

"I am a great scientist!" Anise insisted. "And Freya is a very competent historian!"

O'Neill rolled his eyes at them all. "Listen, kids. It doesn't matter if you think you need to go to school or not, okay? They could only enter you into the system as children, and all children your age are supposed to go to school, so you're going to go to school. C'mon - it'll be fun!"

Because of the knowledge the children had, combined with the fact that they could not be trusted to not suddenly talk about aliens or offworld travel - and because two of them were aliens themselves, and only Daniel did not have naquadah in the blood - they would have to attend school on the base.

A room had been set aside, and a teacher had been found - one who had the appropriate level of clearance, and who had signed the non-disclosure agreements.

"Okay, guys. Your teacher, Miss Thompson, should be here shortly. She was unfortunately delayed, so I haven't had time to debrief her, but you just be nice, and I'll talk to her later today, after the mission. Okay?" O'Neill told the children, as he was hurrying to get ready.

"We're always nice." Daniel insisted, and the others quickly agreed.

O'Neill rolled his eyes and left the room.

He was going on a short reconnaissance mission with Teal'c, and the rest of the new SG-1. The team had finally been put together after he had turned down the first many applicants Hammond had sent his way, but now he could no longer put it off. Just before Christmas, they had reached the point where they had to admit that Sam and Daniel - as well as Martouf/Lantash, and Freya/Anise - could not be turned back into their adult selves by anything but time. They had to grow up again.

With Sam and Daniel on indefinite leave, SG-1 consisted only of O'Neill and Teal'c.

McKay had been a temporary member on the few missions the smaller SG team had taken during the time while they still thought Sam and Daniel would be able to rejoin them soon. It had not been a particularly pleasant experience, either for McKay, or for O'Neill and Teal'c, as they had not gotten along well.

For the permanent SG-1, they needed an archaeologist, a scientist, and preferably a soldier, in order to get a team with approximately the same skill-set.

The choice for the first role had eventually fallen on a young Tok'ra archaeologist, one of Freya/Anise's apprentices. This also fell when in line with the goal of getting better relations between the Tau'ri and the Tok'ra.

His name was Soltof/Gimbad, and he reminded O'Neill very much of Daniel as he had been when he had gone on his first missions. O'Neill would have forsworn that he would ever accept a Tok'ra on his team, but after his experiences this half year, he was no longer as antagonistic towards them as he had been, and had to admit to liking several of them. He suspected Soltof and Gimbad would end up among those.

The new SG-1 still needed a scientist and a soldier, and the choice had fallen on Jennifer Hailey, who was both a brilliant astrophysicist, and a soldier. She did not have Sam's experience, but she would learn.

This way the team still had the same composition as before. The new archaeologist even had some fighting skills, as well as the extensive experience all Tok'ra had about the Galaxy. He also had the Tok'ra knowledge of Goa'uld technology, and he could pretend to be a Goa'uld, which might be useful in some situations. Of course, the fact that he was Tok'ra could also be a disadvantage, if they were captured by a Goa'uld or ran into people who hated the Goa'uld and thought him one of them, but the advantages would seem to win out.

"We forgot to bring an apple!" Daniel suddenly exclaimed.

"Why do we need one?" Freya looked at him, frowning.

"For the teacher, of course!" He looked at her as if she was a dim-wit.

"The teacher requires a bribe in the form of fruit?" Lantash wondered.

"It's not a bribe! It's a gift! To show our appre-ciation...and to make her think favour-ably of us." Daniel explained.

"So...a bribe." Lantash insisted. "How disappointing!"

"One of us should have saved the apple we got for breakfast." Sam said.

"Yeah." Daniel got up and walked to Lantash's bag, which were standing on the floor beside him. "I know you didn't eat yours." He began going through the bag.

"Hey! It's mine!" Lantash snatched the bag from Daniel. "No teacher with question-able ethics are going to get it!"

"It's your fault if she hates us now!" Daniel insisted.

Just then, the door opened and Daniel quickly sat down.

"Good morning, kids!" The teacher said, entering the room. "I am Jennifer Thompson, but you can call me Jennifer." She smiled at them.

"Good morning, Jennifer!" They all answered obediently. 

"Hmmm..." Jennifer said, "I was told there were going to be six kids?"

"Yup, six kids!" Sam repeated. "You're right."

"Okay, well, I'm guessing I'll meet the rest of you later." She smiled again. "I'm going to call out your names, and you just answer when you hear your name, and then I'll quickly learn who is who." She took out the list with the children's names on. "Daniel Jackson."

"Me!" Daniel said enthusiastically, raising his arm.

"Samantha Carter." Jennifer said, continuing down the list.

"Major Samantha Carter. I'm usually called Carter, or Major."

Jennifer laughed. "Major? Of course, sweetie." She shook her had slightly, not really surprised the child would react like that, given that she and the others had been living on a military base for many months. What kind of place was that for a kid, anyway? "Um, what do you prefer, then? Carter?"

Sam thought it over. "Well, if you're going to be my friend, I guess you can call me Sam. Daniel always does, and sometimes Freya and Anise. Martouf and Lantash call me Samantha, and O'Neill calls me Carter. Teal'c usually call me MajorCarter."

Jennifer laughed. "I'd like to be your friend. Sam it is, then." She looked at the list again. "Martouf..."

"Me." Martouf said.

Jennifer frowned. "No other name?"

He shook his head. "No, we only use one name in my...culture."

"Okay, then. You're going to have to tell me more of your culture some time." She smiled. "Next one...Lantash. Uh, I'm guessing that's a boy's name?" She felt a little awkward, having no clue really - why had they not even told her about the cultures of these children? Only that four of them were not from the US? She saw one of the children nod his head, or at least bow his head as if he was nodding slowly. "Okay, Lantash is a boy, so he's clearly not here." She smiled at Freya/Anise, the only child present she had not yet heard the name of. Or so she thought.

"I'm Lantash."

Jennifer made a small jump, then grinned at the boy. "How did you do that, Martouf?"

"I am not Martouf. I am Lantash." He started getting annoyed. "Why did you think I wasn't here? You didn't even give me time to answer first!" His eyes flashed.

Jennifer gasped. "H...how...what..."

"You didn't get the memo, did you?" Daniel said, understandingly. "Jack always complains about that too."

"I am Freya." Freya said, getting impatient that she was not being asked. "I am host to Anise." She bowed her head.

"Hello. I am Anise." She looked thoughtfully at the shocked teacher, then felt she needed to explain. "It means 'noble strength' in Goa'uld."

"Uh...that's...that's nice..." The teacher frowned.

"She's clearly not interested." Lantash told Anise. "You know little of humans." He stuck his tongue out at her.

"I...I think I need to...uh...go talk to someone for a moment." Jennifer gave them weird glances and seemed very uncomfortable, as she got up and started for the door. "I'll be back in a moment. Why don't you...ah...take a book each from the table and look in?" She fled the room.

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