Rascals II - Chapter 8

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Several weeks later.

The situation had been tense, after an ashrak had attacked the alpha site, killing several Tok'ra, Tau'ri, and Jaffa, and almost causing the alliance to break, when everyone started accusing each other. It had been a close call, and both the Jaffa and the Tok'ra had decided it was probably safer for everyone if they did not stay at the same base. They had stopped short of breaking off their cooperation with each other, but there were no longer an actual alliance between the Jaffa and the Tok'ra.

Earth still had alliances with both the Jaffa and the Tok'ra, though, but it had taken a lot of arguing from especially Jacob/Selmak, Yosuuf/Garshaw, and Bra'tac to achieve that.

O'Neill did not doubt that the Tok'ra would have probably withdrawn further from the alliance, had it not been for the goodwill that had come from Earth and the Tok'ra working so closely together as they had on the problem with the alien machine, that had turned some of both their people's into children. Of course, it also helped that Garshaw had been one of them, and that she now looked even more fondly at Earth, after having stayed there for a while. They had been able to - partially - return her to normally before the alien device had broken completely down. She was now a teenager, but the Tok'ra Council had at least accepted her back.

Jacob/Selmak were resting in the infirmary, after having broken a leg. Selmak had of course already healed it, but Janet insisted they stay for a little while afterwards, so she could see that all was indeed well.

However, Jacob was only glad to stay for a little while, since this gave him time to talk with his - now again little - girl. Sam, of course, was ecstatic.

There was also a problem they needed to take care of. Sam's brother, Mark suspected something was wrong when he heard nothing from Sam for many months. Especially when Sam had not visited or even called around Christmas. While they did not talk often, they did usually get in touch now and then, and always around holidays. When Jacob had visited Mark and his family, and he had made some very vague excuses about Sam not being able to be there, Mark had become very suspicious.

He had asked several times more, and had finally been told that 'Major Samantha Carter has sustained some injuries while carrying out her duty, but will recover completely in time. Until then she cannot receive visitors or contact her family.'

This had only made Mark more suspicious, and Jacob/Selmak had talked with Hammond about it. A decision had been made, and Mark would be given limited clearance, meaning he would be able to meet Sam and be told what had happened to her...or some version of it anyway. The meeting would take place at Stargate Command, in order to assure containment of the information, should he react badly.

Now the question was...what could they tell him without admitting to the existence of the Stargate, aliens, and alien worlds?

"Carter...your Dad's here." O'Neill said.

Sam looked up from the LEGO she and the others were using to construct a miniature Stargate - including a Stargate team, Tok'ra, villagers, and Jaffa attackers.

She smiled widely and got up, running quickly to Jacob and throwing herself into his arms. "Dad!"

"Hi, Sammy!" He smiled and crouched down and hugged her.

"Jacob!" Martouf, Anise, and Daniel yelled as well, then jumped him also.

Jacob grinned widely and hugged all of them. "Hi, kids. How're ya doing?"

"Great! Look!" Martouf pointed excitedly at the LEGO. "That's us...going to the planet Rohl'wa, and saving the popu-lation from the Jaffa!"

"That's nice." Jacob studied the model.

"That's you, Dad!" Sam said, pointing to one of the little figures in beige clothing.

"That's me?" He took the figure, looking more closely at it. It had clothing that faintly resembled a Tok'ra uniform, at least in colour. The figure had no hair or hat on - and he had a mustache that had been partially painted over, making it resemble the mustache Hitler had sported. Jacob frowned, while Selmak giggled hysterically in his head. He sighed deeply, putting the figure down. "Listen, I came here to talk to you about Mark..."

"My brother?" Sam looked surprised. "Didn't you tell him I was sick and wanted to be left alone?"

"Well...in a way, though not quite." Jacob smiled. "Seems he didn't buy the cover story and is being suspicious. George and I have decided he's going to meet you and get - part of - the real story."

"That's great! Are William and Lisa coming too?" Sam wondered excitedly. "That's his kids." She told Martouf, Daniel, and Anise.

"No, Mark's coming alone."

"Why?" Sam pouted. "It would be fun to see William and Lisa now!"

"His wife and children will have to wait until we see how your brother reacts, Carter." O'Neill said.

"Remember, the cover story is that the military was testing a new weapon that would incapacitate, but not kill, our enemies. Something went wrong, and our team of scientists...that's you guys...got turned into kids. Okay?" O'Neill said.

"O-kay..." Sam nodded slowly.

"No mentioning the chaapa'ai, right?" Lantash asked.

"Right, and you let Martouf talk, or use his voice."

Lantash nodded. "I remember."

"It is wrong to im-per-sonate your host." Anise pointed out.

"Listen, sweetie, you know why, and it will be just like an undercover mission. You sometimes do it if you have to, on a mission, right?" O'Neill said.

"If there is no other way, yes." Anise reluctantly agreed.

"Good. Hold that thought." O'Neill turned to Daniel. "Then we come to you. No talking about alien cultures or alien machines, or anything...and if there's a strange device in a room together with Sam's brother, then you don't touch it. Get it?"

"Yes. Why are you always telling me this? Why never the others?"

O'Neill rolled his eyes. "Why do you think? Who is it that always touches things we're not supposed to? Who caused this whole mess in the first place?"

"Did not."

"Did, too! Daniel, if we were in Paradise, you'd get us all thrown out again. You'd probably get the snake to eat an apple!" He shook his head. "Never mind. Sorry." He patted Daniel on the head. "Just behave, all of you. Okay? Try to pretend you're normal kids...from Canada."

"I thought we were the brilliant team of scientists who suffered the effects of the military's newest toy?" Daniel said, still sulking a little.

"Right. That too." O'Neill smiled tiredly. "And go wash your hands and face."

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