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Chapter 10: Ra.

Summary: It is time to attend the celebration thrown by the Supreme System Lord Ra.
Warnings: Non-graphic violence. Character death (minor).
Rating: PG-13

They were waiting in the hallway outside the huge throne room where Ra was accepting all his gifts and where the celebration would also take place. The fact that Lantash was pretending to be a very minor Goa'uld, meant they would have to wait for a long time.

O'Neill was carrying the sword. When they stopped, he stumbled over the edge of a very thick carpet and almost dropped the blade. He grabbed it at the last moment.

"Careful! Ra will not appreciate it if we chip his gift!" Lantash warned.

"And it would be a shame, too, because it's unique and really..." Daniel began.

"Cut the crap." O'Neill was irritated. "Have you seen what the others are bringing? Exotic animals...young men and women wearing...very little, but very expensive looking clothing - and golden chains...slaves, I guess? Large boxes of gold, silver, and jewels... And what do we have? An old sword! Don't ya think Ra has all the old weapons he can ever want?"

Lantash sighed deeply and was thankful no one was standing near enough to hear O'Neill's exclamation. "Colonel, please be careful what you say. If anyone should hear you talk like that to me, I would have no choice but to punish you severely, or risk all our lives." He looked unhappily at the weapon. "However, you are quite correct. Ra does indeed have all he could ever want of almost anything. That is the problem. There is nothing I can afford that he will appreciate. However, this sword is exquisite enough that he will not punish us, and that will have to be enough."

O'Neill shrugged. "OK, good enough, I guess."

Eventually, they reached the throne room and was allowed to approach Ra. They slowly walked towards him, then stopped at the permitted distance. Sam, Daniel, and O'Neill prostrated themselves on the floor before Ra, while Teal'c kneeled and bowed his head. Lantash took a few more steps forward, then bowed deeply.

"Supreme System Lord Ra, I your humble servant, Lord Ranesh, bring you this valuable antique sword, which I hope you will honour me by accepting." He indicated the weapon.

As agreed on, O'Neill stretched the sword out in front of him, offering it to Ra.

The Supreme System Lord studied them with some amusement. He was in a good mood after all the gifts he had received and after all the other Goa'uld had had to humble themselves before him. It was something the proud Goa'uld hated more than anything else, and so it was an extra pleasure for him.

"I see you got the small 'starter pack'..." Ra smirked. "The Jaffa looks strong and muscular and your lo'tar is very attractive. You made a good deal there." His gaze slid slowly, hungrily, over first Teal'c, then Sam. "I guess the younger of the two human male slaves is your spare, but why did you buy the older? Take my advice and get rid of him. He looks badly behaved. The others...tempting..." Ra yawned. "Oh, yeah, the sword. Taking your youth and inexperience into consideration, I'll accept it, despite it really not being a gift worthy of a Supreme Lord." Ra suddenly looked more closely at the sword, then turned to one of his underlings. "Bring it to me. Immediately."

The Goa'uld hurried to take the sword from O'Neill and give it to Ra who studied it carefully.

"Truly...it is a fifth sword in the same group...it completes my collection! While a modest gift, I shall treasure it! I always thought Apophis had it hidden away somewhere, just to annoy me. Hah!" He smiled to himself, then looked up at Lantash. "You are dismissed." He waved off Lantash who made sure to thank Ra profusely, before he and the others left to wait with the assembled Lords and servants.

"Ra seemed...um...interested in several of us..." Sam said, looking uncomfortable. "Could he demand you give any of us to him?"

Lantash pondered this. "I do not know if it is different here, but generally, no. At least not Teal'c and you, Samantha. To ask for someones First Prime and especially someones lo'tar would be to encroach on that Goa'uld's personal space. It would have been very bad form and socially unacceptable. Of course, I am very low ranking, and Ra is the Supreme System Lord and so answers to no one, but still...he could not afford to alienate such a large group of uncertain allies. I would say no. You are quite safe as my property. All of you."

O'Neill rolled his eyes. "Well, if nothing else, we learned Ra has bad taste!"

Finally, the last of the guests had offered their gifts and paid obeisance to Ra. Music started playing and the curtains hiding most of the vast room were pulled away to reveal an overwhelming, confusing display of entertainment.

Hordes of servants milled in, bringing tables and chairs for the more important guests that were to sit in the middle of the room, dining together with Ra.

Lantash and his group were placed at one of the outer tables, near the far end of the room, close to the door. This suited them perfectly, since the idea was for Daniel to sneak out and download Ra's database.

Only one of them would be able to get away, and Lantash would be missed. Daniel and Teal'c were the only others who understood enough Goa'uld, but a First Prime could hardly sneak around unseed - or leave his Lord unprotected for long. Thus Daniel was the logical choice.

Of course, Lantash was the only one of them who would sit and eat at the table. Teal'c would stand guard, and the others would be ready to serve him.

As the first of many dishes was served, music began to play, and scantily-clad dancers, both men and women, entered the many small stages spread out over the room. They began to sway and dance, moving to the music in a way that was anything but subtle.

While the Goa'uld slowly ate their way through the many dishes, several magicians walked around the room and performed small tricks to entertain the guests.

Besides the personal slaves each Goa'uld had brought, there were countless of servants bringing food and drink. These were all young men and women, and like the dancers, chosen for their beauty. Also like the dancers, they wore very little, and now and then one of the Goa'uld would fondle an ass or other body part of a slave that caught their fancy. These servants would return later, to offer other services, if so desired.

After what seemed like many hours - and probably were - the dinner was finally over. Slaves quickly cleared everything away, including the tables, then arranged many smaller tables and chairs around the place, for the guests to sit while they enjoyed the main entertainments of the evening.

Ra had spoken a little now and then, and he now lifted a hand to silence everyone. The Goa'uld were quickly notified by one of their servants, tasked specifícally with keeping an eye out for this. Being so impolite as to continue talking while the Supreme System Lord was speaking could be very dangerous.

"My fellow Goa'uld...after enjoying this meal, you will now get to witness the best entertainment that can be found anywhere in this Universe!" Ra put one arm around a young boy and the other around a young girl. "You will see wild and ferocious animals! Pretty - and horny - human slaves, looking forward to please you in every way imaginable...and some unimaginable!" He laughed. "There will be exquisite music and dancers! Strong wine! Delicious cakes and hors d'oeuvres! The best opium and cocaine found anywhere!" He smiled arrogantly. "Let it begin!"

First the animals entered. Several obviously hungry tigers and lions were lead in by nervously looking animal trainers - all humans. Last followed one man who was coaxing a huge snake to follow. It resembled a reticulated python, but was much larger than any found on Earth - and much too big to be carried.

None of the animals seemed more than barely tame. Their handlers had the tigers and lions in chains and all of them carried pain sticks and whips, which they would use if the animals attempted to jump any of the guests.

The assembled Goa'uld - and their servants - looked on with a mixture of fear and excitement, some more the one than the other.

After the predators had been brought in, several prey was lead in as well. The tigers and lions all sniffed the air and became restless. The snake licked the air and looked with determination at a big goat that was braying loudly.

Suddenly, several things happened at once. One of the goats made an attempt at fleeing, but were stopped by one of the human handlers, using a pain stick. This was clearly the wrong way of going about things, and the goat panicked, resulting in the rest of the goats and other prey animals running off in all directions.

The hungry predators tore free from their human masters and soon everything was chaos in that corner of the room.

Sam observed it from the far end where they were located - and again felt deeply grateful Lantash did not merit sitting closer to Ra - and the action.

Several Jaffa had immediately placed themselves between Ra and the panicking animals and he managed to portray a look of calm and confidence.

The big snake had been cheated out of the goat it had had its eyes on, and went for the nearest other acceptably sized meal - which turned out to be Lord Ares. Before the Goa'uld had a chance to react, the constrictor had coiled around him and was quickly squeezing the life out of him and his host.

The nearby guests stared at the scenario in shock, then hurriedly moved further away, having no wish to risk their own life by helping someone that was ultimately a rival.

The human in charge of the snake tried desperately - and futilely - to get the animal to let go of its prey. Before his horrified eyes, the snake swallowed the Goa'uld.

"Well, we never liked him anyway..." Ra announced from his throne. Then he grinned. "Oh, did I mention this? The domains of anyone who should die during these evening events, are, of course, forfeit."

The other Goa'uld all grinned nervously, then glanced inconspicuously behind them.

A growl was heard, and one of the tigers closed its jaws around the shoulder of Lord Moloc, simultaneously letting a heavy clawed paw fall on his other shoulder.

Moloc panicked. Unable to free himself from the tigers grip, he tore out of his host and jumped into his terrified lo'tar, just as the tiger closed its jaws around the head of his former host.

The lo'tar fought for a brief moment, then felt the control being taken away from her.

Badly shaken, but relieved to be safe, Lord Moloc supported himself against the table as he - with a disgusted expression - watched the tiger finish the last of his former host.

The handlers had by now gathered the predators - who had eaten the rest of the prey animals and were thus reasonably peaceful - and lead them out of the room. Everyone could relax.

Ra laughed at the scenario. He gestured to his lo'tar, who quickly left after having received orders. He returned shortly after, carrying a golden object which he gave to Ra.

The Supreme System Lord clapped his hands and everyone became quiet.

"Lord Moloc...accept this small compensation for your unfortunate accident - and as a reward for your impressive speed."

Everyone laughed as Moloc bowed and accepted the gift - a small gold tiger statue. He had no option but to thank Ra profusely. Afterwards, he walked back to his seat, wearing a less than pleased expression.

When he reached his chair, he hungrily looked around for his dessert, which was no where to be seen. He spotted Nerus, with three plates in front of him, just cleaning the last of them.

"Nerus!" Moloc snarled angrily. "You have eaten my dessert!"

"Yours? Now, I'll admit that I ate Lord Ares's dessert, but you will agree he has no use for it anymore..." Nerus grinned. "Oh, and I also ate Lord Moloc's dessert, but I haven't touched yours, my Lady..."

Moloc looked like he was about to explode. It did not help that several of the other Goa'uld were snickering. He turned to the nearest servant and yelled at him.

"I am starving! Bring me food, immediately!" He turned to Nerus. "I am Lord Moloc! And do not forget it or I shall have your fat belly slit!"

"Tsk, tsk...if you are Lord Moloc, then you have already had a full meal. You cannot possibly be hungry anymore. If you continue eating like that, you will soon make me look slender..."

"Idiot!" His stomach growled. Perhaps it had been a mistake to punish his lo'tar and not let her eat anything before this dinner.

Ra raised his voice slightly. "If you are finished with your petty bickering, the rest of us are ready to move on to the next diversion."

"You know, I'm actually beginning to enjoy this particular kind of idiocy..." O'Neill commented in a low voice. "Those creatures are doing a pretty good job. Perhaps we should hire them."


>> Chapter 11: Goa'uld Entertainment (R). Ra has prepared diverse entertainments for his guests. Unfortunately, his tastes are a bit more depraved than most. R. Warning: Non-graphic sex (multiple partners, various combinations of males and/or females). Non-graphic violence. Mention of torture, rape, and bestiality. Note: Our heroes are only observers to most of this.
NOTE: This chapter is not essential to the story-line. It is only there to show how depraved and evil Ra and the other Goa'uld are.