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Chapter 11: Goa'uld Entertainment.

Summary: Ra has prepared diverse entertainments for his guests. Unfortunately, his tastes are a bit more depraved than most.
Warnings: Non-graphic sex (multiple partners, various combinations of males and/or females). Non-graphic violence. Mention of torture, rape, and bestiality.
Note: Our heroes are only observers to most of this.
NOTE: This chapter is not essential to the story-line. It is only there to show how depraved and evil Ra and the other Goa'uld are.
Rating: R

O'Neill looked up as hordes of beautiful young slaves, both men and women, entered the room. They began to spread out, some offering themselves to the guests, some making groups of two, three, or more, and began to have sex on the couches placed here and there.

Lantash had seen similar things before, though never on as big a scale as this. Teal'c, too, had been present at parties were various excesses had taken places.

However, Sam, Daniel, and O'Neill had never experienced anything remotely similar. Before their shocked eyes a scenario much like that which might have taken place in ancient Greece or Rome, played out.

Everywhere, hedonism was celebrated with wanton debauchery. The young male and female slaves would offer themselves to any of the Goa'uld who wanted their services - some chose one or two, many picked several, while others seemed to prefer to watch while the slaves performed various sexual acts in front of them.

Sam looked around, feeling a blush creep up her face. She tried to find something innocent to focus on, but she was not having much luck. It was pretty much an all-over the place orgy that was going on.

One of the nearby groups consisted of a woman and three men. Sam studied them with some interest, secretely considering how it would feel to be the center of attention like that.

The young woman was lying on a divan-style coach, while one of the men sat behind her and caressed her upper body, paying special attention to her breasts. Another man was lying between her legs, showing her his - if her facial expression was anything to go by - considerable 'oral skills'. The third man was currently massaging her feet, but as Sam watched they all changed positions, and she quickly looked away as two of them clearly prepared to mount her at the same time.

Looking in the opposite direction, she spotted three girls together. Again one of them was the center of attention - currently, at least. Another was kissing her deeply, while the third was between her legs, alternating between pleasuring her friend with her tongue, and using what appeared to be a large phallic object on her. Sam hurriedly looked away from this group as well, hoping to find something to focus on, that was not erotic.

As she glanced around the room, she realised that was going to be very difficult. Various combinations of male and female slaves were having sex. Sometimes they were together with one or two Jaffa, sometimes with a Goa'uld, and sometimes it was just the humans.

A few places a way, she saw one woman together with two male Jaffa - she seemed to be enjoying herself, despite the sizes of those Jaffa. In Sam's opinion that had got to hurt. She unconsciously pressed her legs closer together and let her gaze continue on to the next couch nearby.

Here two of the female slaves were having sex with what was obviously a Goa'uld. He still wore some of his ridiculous clothing and was currently thrusting into one of the women, while the other was sitting behind him, trying to keep pace and using her tongue to lick at his balls. She was having a difficult time, Sam could see.

Around the room, several of the Goa'uld, both male and female, where enjoying the services of often several slaves. The odd thing was that the humans seemed to like what was being done to them - or perhaps they were just really good actors.

She looked fascinated - and worriedly - on as a Goa'uld with the most massive shaft she had ever seen, pounded into a small woman. She was moaning and trashing, obviously enjoying it.

Sam shook her head in shock and disbelief and turned to Lantash who was observing the scenario with some interest - when he was not looking at her. He blushed a little when he noticed she was looking in his direction, then quickly remedied it.

"Why do they all seem to like it? The slaves, I mean." She whispered.

"They would usually have been given strong aphrodisiacs - not for their sake, but to ensure they will give the Goa'uld a good show - and to make the Goa'uld feel like they are great lovers. It's good for their self-esteem, I guess." He smiled wryly. 

Sam nodded. She glanced at Daniel, O'Neill, and Teal'c, who all seemed to be absorbed in what was going on. She rolled her eyes at them, but had to admit it was difficult not to look, whatever your opinion of what was happening.

She noticed she recognized one of the female Goa'uld - from Jolinar's memories, she realised - namely Amaterasu. Aside from Ra - and Yu, whom she spotted at the other end of the room, looking bored - Amaterasu was the first Goa'uld that had the same host as she did in their home reality.

Amaterasu had found three young slaves - two muscular male slaves and one petite female slave, who were all doing their best to fulfill her wishes. The woman sat behind her, half-leaning against some pillows, and held her closely, touching and fondling her wherever she could reach. One of the male slaves was currently thrusting into her, while the other was standing beside them, waiting for his turn, presumably.

It was obvious the female Goa'uld was unhappy about something, and she yelled at the other man. He bowed deeply and ran off, only to return shortly.

Sam followed them with some interest, trying to figure out what it was Amaterasu wanted - the distance was too great for her to hear what they were saying.

When she saw the man who had just returned, take something from a small jar and apply it to his shaft, then kneel behind his friend, she suddenly realised what Amaterasu wanted. Whether she hoped the additional stimulation would make the slave thrusting into her increase his vigor, or whether she just thought it might be funny to see if it would make it harder for him to concentrate, Sam did not know. 

She was interrupted in her contemplations as a slave approached their small group. He bowed to Lantash and offered his services, obviously finding the 'Goa'uld Lord' pleasing to look at.

Lantash raised an eyebrow and just shook his head. The man left, looking somewhat dejected.

The slave was soon followed by a young woman, wearing a very provocative outfit that revealed more than it hid. Sam had to admit she was very beautiful. She, too, approached Lantash to see if he was interested.

He looked at her, obviously admiring her shape, but told her no, giving Sam a quick glance. The woman left to offer herself to a Goa'uld at a nearby table.

Several young female slaves, and a few male, offered themselves to Lantash. He rejected them all, starting to look a bit annoyed. He told them he wanted to drink tonight, and nothing else - and that they were to leave him alone or... He had raised the hand with the hand device at that point, and no further slaves had offered themselves, taking the hint.

Sam noticed Lantash looking at her regularly, with an intense expression on his face. She suddenly remembered what she had learned when the...other version of him had died. Lantash loved her, as much as he had loved Jolinar. She realised he did not want to have sex with any of the slaves, and especially not in front of her...even if it meant he appeared suspicious, turning down all the slaves.

She suddenly felt guilty, but also flattered. She looked at him, and smiled when his eyes met hers. He smiled back, then quickly looked away and glanced around the room, making sure no one had seen him smile at his 'lo'tar'. Sam felt her heart beat faster, and threw him another look. The clothing he wore actually suited him, even if it was a little strange.

After the orgy had been going on for some time, a break was called for some 'official' entertainment. Ra proclaimed that his former favourite had fallen from grace, and that he would be punished.

Moments later a handsome young man in chains, was lead into the room. The Jaffa guarding him stopped in front of Ra, who looked coldly at the young man. The former favourite looked down, an expression of grief on his face.

"You are no longer suitable for a god. From now on you will belong to my Jaffa, to use for their pleasure, if they so wish. Of course, for a human, this is still an honour, even if it is far removed from the privilege of being allowed to service a god. Today you will be officially handed over to my Jaffa. Of course, receiving pleasure from someone who has previously been used by a god, is a great honour. The honour will fall to this Jaffa..." Ra indicated a huge man who was kneeling to the left of him.

All colour seemed to drain from the young slave's face as he recognized the Jaffa as the one known and feared by the nickname 'the Pole'. He dearly hoped he would survive this.

On a sign from Ra, the Jaffa and several other guards lead him to a bench in the middle of the room and chained him to it. 'The Pole' followed, a huge grin on his face. The young man now seemed resigned to his fate, but kept looking towards Ra with a heart-broken expression. It was very obvious he was still infatuated with his evil master, despite what was going to happen.

Sam turned away, feeling very sorry for him. How could Ra behave so cruelly towards someone who clearly adored him? What had the young slave done?

"Lantash...why is Ra punishing that poor kid?" O'Neill asked in a low voice, barely keeping his anger under control.

Lantash sighed. "I would guess the Ra here currently prefers - shall we say - younger sex slaves. It was the same in our reality. Presumably that man did nothing, except become an adult." He tried, not completely successfully, to hide his anger and disgust with the Goa'uld. "However, I doubt 'our' Ra would have done something quite like this. As evil as he certainly was, he knew better than to randomly punish a loyal slave for something they could not with any reason be blamed for. He would have found another position for such a loyal servant, since trusted men are scarce. However, humans seem to be valued much less here, so..."

Most of the Goa'uld had watched the punishment with detached interest, except a few who had seemed genuinly bored. When it was over and the limping slave was lead out, SG-1 and Martouf/Lantash hoped there would be no further scenes like that. However, they soon found they had felt relief too quickly.

Ra announced the hated Apophis's lo'tar had been captured, and now would suffer for her master's transgressions. He promised all of them great entertainment. The young woman was lead into the room. She held her head high and looked scornfully at Ra. He merely laughed at her.

"Foolish human! You shall be executed for your defiance!" He turned to the group of Jaffa. "Tie her down and bring in the huge prize bull I acquired a week ago. Make sure he is...ready..."

The expression on the lo'tar's face faltered as she began to suspect what would happen. Ra had a reputation for perversions. She closed her eyes and prayed to Apophis, hoping she would not loose her faith. Hoping she would die quickly.

The punishment of Apophis's lo'tar took place on a small platform, located just in front of Ra, so he and his closes allies - and most powerful Goa'uld - would be in the best position to enjoy it.

As so often before this evening, Sam and the others were eternally grateful they did not merit a spot close to Ra.

"I thought you said a lo'tar was protected! That poor girl!" Sam whispered to Lantash, her back turned to the whole scenario. She just wished she could close her ears as well.

"They are - unless the one capturing her or him is the enemy of their master. Then they will often suffer greatly, as a kind of 'proxy' for their Lord. A lo'tar - and usually a First Prime as well - is considered to be completely trusted and loyal to their master, so no one would attempt to dissuade them or make them betray their Lord."

Sam nodded, still too horrified to talk. Thankfully, the screams from Apophis's  lo'tar had ceased. Sam hoped there would be no further entertainment of that kind tonight. She took a deep breath, steadying herself. 

The Goa'uld did not seem troubled at all by what they had just witnessed. They continued right were they had left off, eating, drinking, and otherwise enjoying themselves. If anything, the level of debauchery had increased.

Daniel shook his head in disbelief as he noticed a Goa'uld mounting yet another slave. He pointed discreetly to him.

"Do you see that Goa'uld over there? The one that is...ah...making love with the red-haired woman?"

Lantash followed his look. "Yes? Unless his host is different here, that is Lord Min."

"Ah...Min is the Egyptian god of fertility. He is usually shown with an erect phallus." Daniel nodded to himself. "That explains it, I guess. I suppose he must choose his host very carefully. I wonder if he takes some kind of drug?"

"He picks the one with the biggest manhood...why would he take a drug?" Lantash wondered.

"To, ah..." Daniel flushed a little. "You know...to be able to perform like that. I mean, that is at least the fifth or sixth slave he has had sex with tonight!"

O'Neill did a low whistle. "That is impressive!"

Lantash looked puzzled. "The only thing exceptional about Min is the size of his member. All Goa'uld - and Tok'ra, of course - can otherwise easily perform like he does. If anything, so much food and drink has slowed him down."

"OK, now I know you're bragging!" O'Neill rolled his eyes.

"By no means. It is very easy for a symbiote." Lantash smirked a little. 

Sam threw him an interested look, and suddenly had a vivid memory flash from Jolinar. He was absolutely not exaggerating! Sam's cheeks became red.

Since everyone around them seemed to be getting drunk or drugged - or be absorbed in one orgy or another - they decided it was time for Daniel to sneak out and complete the mission they had come here to do.

The others wished him good luck, and he quietly slipped out. None of the Goa'uld noticed anything.

While Daniel was gone, they needed to keep servants and others that might notice he was missing, away. Therefore, Lantash pretended to be completely absorbed in the bottle of whiskey he had demanded - and which Sam had fetched, pretending to be terrified her Lord would get angry. She had played her role well and the staff in the kitchen had felt sorry for her, and given her a whole bottle, instead of insisting she bring him a few glasses at a time.

They were clearly very happy most of them did not have to work with a Goa'uld on a daily basis and were only hired for this party. They were understanably pretty shocked by much of what had happened in the throne room.

Sam would make sure Lantash had the drink and food he wanted, and Teal'c and O'Neill would just stand there, ready for whatever.

Lantash drank the whiskey as slowly as possible, even spilling some whenever he could get away with it. The drink was not bad at all, and he was very good at filtering out alcohol, but he had no wish to get even slightly drunk tonight. They might well need to be prepared for anything - fleeing, for instance - if Daniel was discovered.

When almost two hours had passed, they were getting very worried about Daniel. O'Neill suggested they should send someone to look for him, while Lantash tried to convince him it would be too dangerous. Sam noticed someone approaching, and quickly warned them.

O'Neill straightened up and stood at the ready, as a good servant. Lantash turned to the approaching Goa'uld - Lord Min - to hear what he had to say.

Min let his eyes slide slowly - and appreciatively - over Sam, before he addressed Lantash.

"Lord...Ranesh, is it? I could not help noticing your lo'tar. Since you do not seem to be interested in her - or anyone else - I thought I might offer my services in 'breaking her in' for you."

Sam looked worriedly from Min to Lantash.

Lantash frowned. He felt a flash of anger - and jealousy - but quickly suppressed them both. He smiled politely. "No thank you, my Lord Min. Your reputation precedes you. While it would be a great honour, I have no doubt, that if she should survive, no one but yourself would ever be able to attain pleasure from her. Surely not my humble self."

Min smiled, pleased at the flattering. "I do seem to have that effect on many of the weak humans..." He spotted someone entering the room. "Ah, that one is yours as well, is he not?"

Lantash turned to see Daniel stumble into the room, looking drained.

"Yes, he is."

"Perhaps I could play with him? No...I see someone else has beaten me to it. No fun left there for the rest of the evening, I fear!" He smiled again. "Oh, well. There are always plenty of humans..." He turned around and left, to the relief of all of them.

"What happened, Daniel!" Sam said in a low voice, shocked and concerned. "You've been gone for ages - and you come back looking like...well..."

Daniel sank down in a chair, exhausted to the point of not caring who saw it.

"One of those cursed Goa'uld...I think her name is Bastet...caught me when I was on my way back here. She pulled me into a room and demanded I...um...serviced her. I have never met a woman that was so hard to satisfy! I mean..."

"Did you get the database?" O'Neill interrupted him.

"Yes, and thank you for your concern!" Daniel looked hurt.

"Sorry." O'Neill looked more than a little shameful. "This..." He indicated the room and all the Goa'uld in it. "It's getting on my nerves, ya know?"

Sam sent Daniel what she hoped was an encouraging smile. "Daniel...I'm really sorry. I wish there was anything we could do..."

"Unfortunately, there is little we can do, Doctor Jackson." Lantash said, looking unhappy. "Bastet is a System Lord and very powerful. Since you are my slave, I could possibly have stopped her, had I been present, but...a seemingly master-less human? It is the sad truth that she - or any other Goa'uld - would have the 'right' to abuse those, even in our universe. A right they have given themselves and which I very much hope we can take from them one day."

Daniel nodded, too tired to care right now.

"Will they be able to trace your theft?" Sam wanted to know, suddenly fearing Daniel might have been seen.

"No, I don't think so. I did exactly as you and Lantash said."

Lantash nodded, satisfied. "Good. Now we just have to survive until we can leave without insulting Ra."


>> Chapter 12: Back in Space (PG). Thankfully away from Ra, SG-1 and Martouf/Lantash tries to decrypt the database they have stolen. PG