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Chapter 13: Comfort.

Summary: Sam and Martouf/Lantash seek comfort in each others arms, both from recent experiences and more distant ones.
Warnings: Explicit sex.
Rating: NC-17
NOTE: This chapter is nonessential for the story-line and can be bypassed if so wished.

They had decided to take the time off to eat and get a good nights sleep before continuing to go through the database.

The news they had read were not good, and it was constantly on all of their minds. They ate only sparingly of their food. Most of what they had was the Goa'uld version of MREs, and about as tasty, but at least it was food.

After eating and freshing up a little in the small on-board bathroom, they all went to their bunks to get some sleep. They really were quite exhausted, after having worked on the database for so long.

O'Neill happily crawled under his blanket, looking forward to some uninterrupted sleep for once.

Sam had just kicked off her boots and was about to go to bed as well, when she spotted Martouf sitting on his bed, looking very sad. She felt sorry for him. It must be hard for him and Lantash to learn that both Egeria and Jolinar had died so early here - and that the Tok'ra had never had a chance.

She went and stood beside him. "Martouf."  He turned to look at her, smiling bleakly and with a pained look in his eyes.

"Samantha." He moved over a little on the bed. "Please, sit with me for a moment?" His smile became a little shy, though it was still sad.

Sam nodded and sat down. After sitting in silence for some time, she put a hand on his arm.

"Martouf...I'm sorry Egeria and Jolinar were killed so quickly here. It realize it must be difficult for you - it must be calling up memories for you."

"I do know it's a different universe, but still..." He turned to look at her. "They never had a chance here! In our reality, there are still Tok'ra, even though you tell me so many have died." He swallowed. "I guess it all became a little much, all of a sudden. Lantash and I had only just truly accepted Jolinar was gone. You may think we are...pathetic, but she had been a part of our life for so long - when we learned she was dead, it was as if part of us was missing. As if our hearts had been torn out. It took a long time for the pain to lessen. Then, we are pulled a year or two through time to a future where a large percentage of the Tok'ra - of our friends - are gone. Dead."

"And on top of that we come here, to a place where the Tok'ra was destroyed before they even truly existed - where Egeria and Jolinar were killed before they could start the Tok'ra. I can understand why that would be hard to stomach - and that it would remind you of your other losses."

Martouf nodded. "At least we know they did become Tok'ra here as well. That is a relief for us."

Sam nodded. She sighed. "It was hard for me, suddenly seeing you again. I had finally begun to accept your death. I missed you, of course, but I had managed to stop thinking about it every day. To stop seeing your face as...I killed you." Sam got tears in her eyes. "Damn." She wiped them away quickly.

Martouf put an arm around her. "I am sorry you had to do that, I wish he...I...had not done that. I cannot say I would not ask you, because clearly I did. I must have been desperate...it must have been the only way."

"You were...you were in so much pain and begged me to end it. Begged me to stop you from destroying yourself and any evidence that might be found...anything that might be found to prevent future zatarcs."

"If there was even a chance at that, it would have been worth it. I am grateful to you for being the one to shoot me."

"I regret..." She stopped, looking down, having almost told him of her feelings. "Then, when Lantash died, I thought I was prepared for it. I wasn't. Both of you gone...the part of me that is from Jolinar didn't make it easier, but I was grieving on my own as well." She looked up again, fresh tears in her eyes. "I have missed you both so much. It is very confusing to have you back, but...I am grateful for it. I..."

She threw her arms around him, and he held her, drawing strength from her as much as she was from him. Just holding each other eased some of their pain.

Sam enjoyed the warmth from him, feeling his heartbeat...knowing he was alive. It was so strange, sitting here with him. The last few weeks had been very hectic and none of them had had the chance to sit down and think about all that had happened. They had just had to react to it and run with it, or they would have been killed.

Now there was time to reflect, and the strangeness of it all hit her. The feeling of him against her was oddly familiar, despite she newer having been so close to him before - except, perhaps when they had held hands in the desert so long ago.

She had always considered him a friend. Whenever she saw him, and especially was close to him, the feelings from Jolinar as well as her own attraction flared up. it was sometimes almost overwhelming.

It had confused the hell out of her. Then he had died, and it had left a hole in her heart. She had realised the feelings had not just been Jolinar's. She - Sam - loved him. She had cried herself to sleep many lonely nights over the lost opportunities, the fact that she had never even told him how she felt.

No one had known, and she had not allowed anyone to see her weakness after the death of first Martouf and then Lantash. What would that have helped? She could not stand the thought of her friends pity, and she really just wanted to forget.

She took a deep breath, enjoying the faint scent from him. It was very pleasant. She snuggled closer, suddenly feeling happy. She hugged him harder, then pulled back a little. He looked at her, confused, uncertain.

Sam leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. He froze for a moment, not expecting this at all, then relaxed. He turned and looked at her for a moment, questioningly. Then, when she did not move away, he leaned in and touched his lips to hers. She closed her eyes and returned the kiss, gently at first, then soon with more force.

Martouf slowly ran his tongue along her lips. She parted them and he deepened the kiss, while one of his hands moved down Sam's back, searching for the hem of her shirt.

Finding it, he slid a hand under it, touching her soft skin. Sam made a small sound into his mouth and began caressing him, moving her hands over his back.

Their touches and kisses quickly became more passionate, and suddenly Martouf pushed Sam down on the bed, pinning her under him. He admired her for a moment, as she lay there, smiling up at him. Sam pulled his head down for another kiss, and he happily complied.

She slipped a hand under his shirt, enjoying the feeling of his warm smooth skin under her fingers. He inhaled sharply as she suddenly drew her nails lightly along his spine.

Martouf gave her a naughty smile, then slid his hands up under her shirt again. He caressed her, then pushed the shirt up as far as it would go, before he bent to kiss her stomach. His hands began roaming over her breasts, teasing her nipples through the material of her bra, until they were hard peaks.

Sam ran her fingers through his hair, enjoying the softness. He looked up from what he was doing, smiling at her, then observed her expression as he lightly pinched one nipple, making her gasp out. He smirked and repeated the treatment on the other, before he slid a finger under her bra, pulling at it.

It took him only moments to figure out how to unclasp it, and he smiled triumphantly at her. She rewarded him by lifting herself up slightly and pulling her shirt the rest of the way off, allowing him to peel the bra completely off her.

He allowed himself a moment to admire the parts of Sam that was now naked, before he leaned down to kiss and lick at her breasts. He alternated between them, making sure to use a hand to fondle the one his mouth was not on.

Sam moaned and began pulling at his shirt. He immediately complied and pulled it off, dropping it to the floor. Sam let her eyes glide over his body, very much enjoying what she saw. Happy with her obvious approval, he smiled broadly before lying down over her again, kissing her deeply.

She wrapped her arms around him and began to run her hands down over his back, up his sides, then down again - wanting to touch him everywhere. She grabbed his ass and massaged it, enjoying the feel of his muscles. Pushing herself up against him, she felt his hard length press into her hip.

Martouf gasped out loudly and rubbed himself against her, suddenly unhappy with the clothing between them. He rose to his knees and impatiently unbuttoned his pants, pulling them down quickly and letting them fall from the bed to the floor, forgetting about them. Sam happily followed his example and soon wore only her panties.

"My sweet Samantha..." He got caught up in admiring her body for a moment, then kneeled between her legs.

He let his hands slide alowly, lovingly, up her legs, marvelling at the softness of her skin. Continuing his caresses to where her legs met, he found she was wet through her panties. He smiled mischievously and gently rubbed her through them.

Sam made a small sound and pushed against his fingers. In response, he slid his thumb under her panties and found her clit. He moved his thumb against it in small circles as Sam moaned and closed her eyes. She began to thrust up towards his fingers in a slow rhytm.

He continued pleasuring her for a little while, now and then dipping a finger inside her, always keeping his touches slow and light. Sam was getting seriously frustrated. Noticing, he smiled and pulled her panties down, throwing them aside.

Sam sat up and ran her hands hungrily over his chest, leaning in to kiss his nipples, one at a time. He sat back. Patiently, he allowed her to explore his body, touching here, kissing there...

He closed his eyes and shuddered in pleasure as she cupped his hard erection through his underwear, squeezing along it, first softly, then more firmly. She slipped a finger under the waistband of his underpants and pulled them down. Both of them were now naked, and she pushed him down on the bed and straddled him.

Martouf reached up and cupped both of her breasts with his hands, fondling them, teasing the nipples with his thumbs. Sam positioned herself over his manhood and slowly slid down over him, allowing herself to adjust to his size. Unable to control himself, he bucked up towards her, trying to get deeper in, faster. His hands found her hips and he would have pulled her down, if not Sam had put a hand on in his chest, pushing him back down.


He swallowed, his eyes roaming over her body, drinking it in. He breathed heavily, and controlled himself with some difficulty, grasping the sheets tightly as Sam wriggled a little and slid the rest of the way down.

Suddenly his eyes flashed, indicating that Lantash had taken over. He looked at her, the desire clear on his face.

"Samantha..." He moved a hand to one of her breasts, fondling it lovingly. "My beautiful Samantha..." A look of concern crossed his features.

"Lantash...I was wondering why you didn't take control earlier?"

"I worried you might not be..." he broke off, as he became caught up in touching her, "...completely comfortable with me in a situation such as this..." He looked at her, equal parts hope and worry in his eyes.

"Lantash...of course I want you, too!" She leaned down and kissed him, wanting to make sure he understood.

Relieved, he pulled her to him, kissing her until they were both out of breath. He caressed her shoulders and back, obviously enjoying the feeling of her skin under his fingers, then slid one hand between them and found her clit with his thumb. Sam made a small squeak and rotated her hips a little, rubbing herself against him.

Lantash smirked and held her gaze for several moments, as he continued to pleasure her. Sam alternated between rubbing herself against his fingers and moving her hips in small circles. Then, as Lantash changed his touches, Sam closed her eyes and began to slide up and down his length, slowly at first, then faster. Each time she reached bottom, she would rub against his pelvic area.

All of a sudden, Lantash took hold of her hips and rolled them over, pinning her to the bed under him. Sam opened her eyes wide and gasped in surprise, but did not complain in the least.

He kissed her deeply again, then trailed kisses from her mouth, down to her throat where he sucked gently, before kissing his way up her neck to her ear. He sucked lightly on an earlobe, then kissed her mouth again as he began to move. His thrusts became harder, faster, and he closed his eyes for some time, focusing completely on the sensations.

Control passed back and forth between Martouf and Lantash several times, as their rhythm increased and they thrust faster into Sam. She bucked upwards to meet every thrust, caressing his chest, shoulders, neck - everywhere she could reach.

As her hands found his neck, she suddenly felt Lantash move and press himself up against her fingers. She experimentally pressed back, a little more firmly, and was rewarded with a deep moan and a hard thrust. Pleased with what she had discovered, she touched him again, keeping a hand there as she used the other to caress his chest and nipples.

Sam had wrapped her legs around his hips, giving him better access to her. She was now very close to coming, and no longer cared if anyone heard her. Lantash started thrusting into her with short intense strokes, and Sam moaned loudly.

"Oh, god...Lantash!" She arched her body upwards and cried out as she came, writhing under him. Lantash groaned as her pussy contracted around him. He pumped hard into her one more time before he shuddered and gave in to his own release, collapsing on top of her. 

They lay like that for some time, waiting for their breathing to return to normal. Then, he kissed her before rolling off her and onto his side, pulling her close to him. She snuggled up to him, happy and wanting nothing but to stay here with him. He sleepily grabbed the blanket and pulling it over them before all three of them fell asleep.

They were all exhausted from the last several weeks of emotional stress, but tonight they slept soundly.


>> Chapter 14: Next Morning (PG-13). Sam and Martouf/Lantash have become lovers. How does their friends and colleagues react?