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Chapter 14: Next Morning.

Summary: Sam and Martouf/Lantash have become lovers. How do their friends and colleagues react?
Warnings: None
Rating: PG-13

Next morning. Sam woke up and stretched, feeling well rested. She froze when she felt naked skin against naked skin - then she remembered what had happened and smiled.

She snuggled closer to Martouf, and he sleepily pulled her to him. Sam half-turned in his embrace and kissed him. He returned the kiss, a little groggily. Opening his eyes, he smiled.

"Good morning, Samantha."

She smiled back at him. "Good morning." She kissed him again. "You sleep well?"

"Very." He found her lips again, then deepened the kiss as his hands began to explore her back. Sam made a small sound and started touching him as well, sliding a hand over his chest.

"Ah, the little love-birds are awake. I'm happy to hear you slept well. Now, perhaps you would like some breakfast? Prepared by those who were kept awake during much of the night!"

They looked up to see O'Neill - with a less than pleased expression on his face.

"Um..." Sam felt her cheeks flush. "Good morning, sir."

Martouf looked at O'Neill with an annoyed expression on his face. He was not happy with the interruption.

"I'm sorry if we awakened you, but our mating was not prolonged enough to have deprived you of a significant amount of sleep."

O'Neill merely grunted something in reply and left for the larger room.

Using make-shift walls, the Teltac they had divided it up into several small rooms and one large room before they left on this journey. The largest room was used by Sam, Martouf/Lantash, and Daniel when they researched the database. It doubled as a small mess hall.

Sam and Martouf hurriedly dressed, now and then throwing each other shy, but happy glances. Martouf quickly stole a kiss before they joined the others for breakfast. Lantash - who had just woken up as they entered the mess hall - immediately grabbed Sam and thoroughly kissed her good morning as well.

When Martouf had yelled at him for a while, telling him others were watching, he quickly gave control back to Martouf, who blushed and let go of an equally red Sam.

"Hi, Sam, Martouf." Daniel smiled at them, amused by their embarrassment.
They greeted him, Teal'c, and O'Neill, then noticed the 'breakfast'.

"I thought you said you'd made breakfast. This just looks like more of those Goa'uld MREs." Sam wrinkled her nose.

"And there's no coffee. Sorry." Daniel looked apologetic. "There isn't more left of what we bargained for on Earth."

They all sat down, the mood around the table somewhat tense. When they had eaten for a little while, Sam rolled her eyes and put down her fork.

"This is ridiculous! OK, I'm sorry we woke you up, but you're being childish!"

O'Neill grinned. "See? I told you! Carter would be the first to crack!"

"You said no such thing! You said Lantash would get mad at us in no time!" Daniel argued. "I was betting on Sam!"

"You were doing this on purpose?" Sam glared at them, shocked.

Martouf bowed his head, giving Lantash control. "You were causing my Samantha discomfort with your foolish games!" He said, angrily.

"Your Samantha? A bit presumptive, eh? Relax. We were just having some fun. Which reminds me...Carter, when we get back, you can either explain to General Hammond why Daniel, Teal'c and I need an extra day off to relax - or you're on for cake-baking duty for our monthly team nights for the entire next year!"

"In your dreams!" Sam rolled her eyes. "Besides, I thought you hated my cooking skills?!"

"A year should give you time enough to practise. Your cakes might be good around Christmas...and Lantash? You and Martouf just volunteered to bring beer and pizza!"

Lantash just stared at them, unsure if they were being serious or were making fun of them. He recovered and decided to assume the latter. Mostly, at least.

"I doubt the Tok'ra high council would appreciate having one of their people lent out on a permanent, monthly schedule, for such a frivolous activity."

"Well, if we do team night at Carter's place, you can indulge in other frivolous activities which you obviously seem to enjoy!" O'Neill retorted.

Teal'c had been observing their bickering, wondering at this odd human behaviour - which Tok'ra apparently shared. Suddenly he remembered something he wanted to ask Sam.

"Major Carter, following last nights disturbance, I am left wondering. Who is your god?"

Sam groaned. "Let's eat...and Lantash? I don't mind you referring to me as 'my Samantha'. The same goes for Martouf." She smiled at him and he kissed her, looking happy.

The others rolled their eyes and all finished their breakfast.

After breakfast, O'Neill pulled Martouf aside and motioned for him to follow. He did, less than enthused.

"What is this about, Colonel? If it's about Samantha, then you can forget it. I'm not letting her go!"

"I wasn't about to ask you to. I've see how the two...three of you have been looking at each others these weeks." He sighed. "Listen, I'm only going to say this once. I may not have been too fond about you two - or the Tok'ra in general - but I'll admit that has changed as I've gotten to know you and also learned you have done good things for this Galaxy - and Earth. However, Carter is my responsibility and if either of you ever hurt her, I swear I'm gonna rip out both your spines!"

"I must admit I'd have expected to get this speech by her father - not you."

"Jacob's not here. I'm her commanding officer, so that - sort-of - puts me in the same position. Besides, she's a friend. Not that Jacob won't probably give you a speech of his own when he gets the chance..."

Martouf nodded. "I understand. I will protect her to the best of my abilities." He bowed his head and gave Lantash control.

"I understand your concern, O'Neill. We both promise to take care of her.. We would never hurt her or allow her to be harmed in any way, as long as it is within our power."

"Good. That's settled then. Let's get back before Carter comes looking for you - to check I'm not being too hard on you."


>> Chapter 15: Solving A Puzzle (PG-13). Arriving on Heru'ur's distant planet, Lantash and the others begin to work on finding out who has been stealing naquadah.