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Chapter 2: Fighting.

Summary: Teal'c comes to the rescue - and gets help from someone surprising.
Warnings: Non-graphic violence.
Rating: PG-13

Teal'c had tried getting to the Stargate, as he had been ordered to, but found it was heavily guarded. Determined to rescue his friends, he instead snuck back to the ruins and managed to get all the way up to the lab building undetected. He had then dispatched the two Jaffa standing guard outside.

Inside, he had met no opposition at first. This Goa'uld had few Jaffa, and most of them were currently occupied with either guarding the Stargate or patrolling the area. If Teal'c could just free his friends before these Jaffa discovered anything was amiss, they might have a chance of getting away.

The building contained few rooms beside the laboratory, so Teal'c had no problems locating the right one.

There were currently only one guard outside the door, and Teal'c wasted little time killing him. He now had free access to the laboratory.

He approached slowly and opened the door as quietly as possible. Fortunately, the mechanism functioned smoothly and it made no sound. He peered inside.

The room was fairly large. He could see his friends inside some sort of enclosure, the force field shimmering. He estimated the distance to it to be perhaps 25-30 feet. Unfortunately, much of it was open space, with nothing to hide behind.

In the middle of the room sat some sort of platform with what appeared to be a large three dimensional viewer. It was partly obscured from where Teal'c was standing, so he could not make out what it was showing. At the other end of the room he saw a man who was obviously Goa'uld - no one else would willingly dress like that.

Unfortunately, Teal'c did not have a clean line of fire, but would have to enter the room. This meant he would no doubt be discovered quickly, and the Goa'uld was certain to have at least a hand device and probably other weapons as well.

There was no other way. Teal'c would have to risk trying to reach his friends undetected, then shoot the Goa'uld when and if he could.

He took a few steps inside, then ducked behind some kind of tall console, that partially covered him. It was one of the few safe places he could hide. Peeking his head out, he realised the angle to the Goa'uld was still no better than before. Well, at least he would be relatively safe as well.

The viewer was no longer hidden behind anything, and Teal'c could clearly follow the events it showed. It was almost as if he was looking through a window or force field at something that actually happened, as if it took place in an adjourning room.

He saw a man walking away from a Stargate, and to his surprise he recognized him as the Tok'ra Martouf.

Teal'c raised an eyebrow, but decided it was a mystery for later. Some kind of surveillance recording, no doubt. He had seen them at the SGC, but no where near as lifelike as this.

He stepped out from his hiding place and very carefully walked towards the enclosure with his friends. He was not yet sure how he would free them, but he was confident he would find a way once he got there.

When he had traversed a little over half the distance, a cracked stone tile on the floor made a sound as he stepped on it. The Goa'uld immediately looked up and saw him.

"Teal'c! Shol'va!"

Teal'c quickly lifted his weapon and fired, at the same time as he dived for the partial protection of a small, strange-looking apparatus.

The Goa'uld moved as well, but not quite fast enough and the weapon's fire grazed his right shoulder.

Segomo cried out and had to support himself against the console in front of him. Teal'c immediately took advantage of this and fired again, but only hit the machinery as the Goa'uld ducked.

A small explosion was heard, followed by a crackling noise. Out of the corner of his eye, Teal'c saw the force field around the three members of SG-1 flicker, then flare brightly before it turned off. Either he had hit something with his shots, or the Goa'uld had happened to touch something when he ducked. In any case, his friends were free!

Sam, Daniel, and O'Neill ran towards Teal'c and the exit, meanwhile trying to hide behind what little cover there were. More crackling sounds could be heard, followed by a few flashes. It was followed by the sound of some kind of machine shutting down. By now it was obvious, Teal'c had hit something important.

When they were almost at the door, two Jaffa stepped through it, immediately pointing their staff weapons at SG-1, who stopped.

Segomo had mostly regained himself and now approached them, his hand device at the ready. He was furious.

"You shall regret this!" His eyes flashed as he angrily turned to Teal'c. "Shol'va! You will watch your friends die slowly, before I torture you to death!"

"My only regret is not killing you."

"Fool! I am a god! Gods cannot die!" He turned to his own Jaffa. "I shall start with the female. Keep an eye on the others!"

The Jaffa activated their staff weapons and held them at the ready. They were prepared to fire if SG-1 attempted to fight back in any way.

Segomo lifted the hand device and began the process of ribboning Sam to death.

However, he had barely begun when a zat'nik'tel shot hit him from behind and he fell to the ground.

The two Jaffa quickly turned to see a man in tan clothing. They shouted angrily and fired their staff weapons, missing badly in their confusion and shock at seeing their god crumble to the floor. Further explosions at the back of the room proved that the blasts did hit something.

Before the Jaffa had time to gather their wits, the new arrival shot the one to his left, then quickly the one on the right. Both the Jaffa began to fall.

"Martouf!" Sam exclaimed, gaping at him.

"Hello, Samantha." He bowed his head in greeting, a puzzled expression on his face. He quickly greeted the others, as he leaned down to pick up the staff weapons before the Jaffa could regain consciousness.

"Weren't there supposed to be some kind of barrier preventing people from coming through to our time?" O'Neill demanded. "Not that I'm not happy you saved our asses..." He added, as he accepted one of the staff weapons from Martouf.

Teal'c received the other, and Sam and Daniel each got a zat'nik'tel. 

"Actually, we already knew this was possible, since Segomo pulled me - the other Sam - through from the recent past...the shots Teal'c fired earlier must have hit something that caused a tear in the stasis field just in front of Martouf. We were just fortunate the machine shut down moments later, or who knows what might have happened." Sam explained.

Teal'c and Martouf had lifted up the awakening Goa'uld and were in the process of taking off his hand device when 10 Jaffa - the rest of Segomo's guard - ran into the room, weapons at the ready.

"Surrender, human scum! You are outnumbered." The Jaffa leader ordered, then turned towards Teal'c. "And that goes for you as well - shol'va!"

"But not me?" Lantash said, having taken over control from Martouf.

The Jaffa were momentarily taken aback, hearing the voice of a symbiote, and being used to it being only Goa'uld who talked like that. Lantash used their confusion to shoot one of the Jaffa with his zat'nik'tel. He then quickly jump out of their line of fire, and to reasonable safety behind a large piece of machinery.

"Fools! He is a Tok'ra! Kill him!" Segomo yelled.

During the commotion, both O'Neill and Sam had activated their weapons and managed to get shots off. O'Neill hit one Jaffa in the chest, killing him, while Sam was pushed just as she fired, and missed with her shot. Teal'c knocked out one of the Jaffa with his staff weapon, then jumped the leader. 

While Teal'c wrestled with the Jaffa leader, Sam had ducked behind the piece of machinery where Lantash was hiding. They nodded at each other and jumped out at the same time, on each their side of the apparatus, firing their zat'nik'tels. Two Jaffa fell as Sam and Lantash made it back to safety.

O'Neill had lost his staff weapon, but had snagged a knife from the Jaffa he was tangling with. The Jaffa had his hands around O'Neill's neck, but he managed to stab the Jaffa with the knife. It was a superficial wound, but enough to get the Jaffa to loosen the grip so he could get some air.

Daniel had gotten away during the confusion, and now snuck up behind the Jaffa with a metal bar he had found, hitting him over the head. The Jaffa fell as a rock. Daniel quickly snatched the zat'nik'tel he had dropped before.

"Thanks..." O'Neill carefully touched his neck, before he had to jump aside, as one of the Jaffa fired his staff weapon at him. The shot went wide.

During the fight, Segomo had managed to get away. He realised the fight was going badly and his Jaffa might not win. It would be better to hide somewhere else for a little while...

Putting the hand device back on, he hurried to one of the consoles and angrily started pushing buttons. Much of the equipment was damaged and would take time to repair, if it could even be done. Furious, he punched at some more buttons, until finally he managed to activate the machine he wanted. Perhaps it was time to go with plan B. He grinned evilly.

Teal'c had managed to kill the Jaffa leader, and Sam and Lantash had stunned one more each. The Jaffa Teal'c had knocked out in the beginning of the fight sat on the floor, looking confused. Five other Jaffa were unconscious. That left only two standing.

"He's doing something to the machines!" O'Neill said, having suddenly discovered Segomo was gone, and spotted him typing in commands. "We'll have to stop him before he makes us go away or something!" He started running towards him.

Teal'c knocked the nearest standing Jaffa to the ground and followed, having seen Lantash stun the second one. Sam, Daniel, and Lantash quickly ran after Teal'c and O'Neill. Behind them, one of the Jaffa staggered to his feet.

"He's going for the mirror!" Sam shouted, seeing Segomo's intent. "We can't let him flee to another reality!"

"Get down!" Lantash yelled, suddenly hearing the sound of a staff weapon activating behind them.

They all threw themselves to the ground in time not to be hit, and the shot flew past them, hitting the modified quantum mirror. Just then, Segomo reached for it, activating it. A flash emerged, and the whole area near the mirror flickered.


>> Chapter 3: Through the Looking Glass (PG-13). SG-1 and Martouf/Lantash does not even get time to fully realise they are in another reality before they get captured.