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Chapter 9: Egypt.

Summary: Egypt has once again become one of the main center's of Goa'uld civilization. What will Lantash and the others find there?
Warnings: None
Rating: PG-13

The trip to Ra's new capital in Egypt was a short one in a Teltac. It actually took longer to take off and to land than it did to fly the distance. Arriving there, they landed openly on an official runway after receiving permission.

It was obvious this was a busy spaceport, and no one gave them a second look as they walked through the area.

Officially, they were here because Lantash was looking for possible ways to build his power - for stronger Goa'uld to ally with. They checked in to a guesthouse for minor Goa'uld. It was luxurious, but not nearly as opulent as the places reserved for even minor System Lords. This suited them well, as they did not wish to draw attention.

They stayed there several weeks. Teal'c went to talk with the Jaffa of some of the other minor Goa'uld and tried to - carefully - get information from them about the state of the Galaxy, pretending to be from a backwater planet.

The rest of SG-1 did their work as servants for Lantash, and tried to talk to the other human servants - both those working at the guesthouse and those belonging to some of the Goa'uld staying there. None of them learned much, as they had to be very careful.

They did learn that the Jaffa and most of the human slaves were extremely loyal and completely convinced the Goa'uld were gods - or perhaps they were just too terrified to say or do anything else.

Meanwhile, Lantash tried to ingratiate himself with the more powerful Goa'uld, keeping up appearances as a new Goa'uld setting out on his journey towards becoming a System Lord, while simultaneously keeping his ears and eyes open for any useful information.

Sam and Teal'c would usually accompany him when he went to visit the various Lords - giving them an opportunity to see what they could get out of the Jaffa and human slaves there.

It was almost two weeks later when Lantash finally returned with some potentially good news.

"Ra has a database of the history of everyone of consequence - most everyone else as well - including their biography and history of events in the Galaxy for the last many thousand years. I am not surprised - the Tok'ra in our reality have managed to get hold of small parts of it from time to time, but I am pleased to hear he has one here as well. It would also contain information about all known queens."

"If we could just get a copy of that, then we'd have all we need." O'Neill grinned. "How do we steal it?"

"Think of all the information!" Daniel's eyes shone at the thought.

"Unfortunately, it will not be easy to get to it. Since it contains many secrets Ra uses to keep everyone under his power, it is hidden and not even acknowledged to exist. I found out about it by listening to rumours at a meeting between some of the Goa'uld underlings."

"OK, what do you suggest, then?" Sam asked.

"I have managed to get invited to an audience with Heru'ur. He is Ra's closes ally. If I can become his underling, I will be allowed to participate in functions at Ra's court. Hopefully, an opportunity will present itself."

The meeting with Heru'ur went well and Lantash became his newest - and lowest - underling. However, he did not care that his position was the lowest of the Goa'uld at that court, rather he was pleased he would now automatically be invited to at least some of Ra's events.

It did not take more than a few days before he and another minor Goa'uld was ordered to follow Heru'ur to Ra's palace, in order to assist him with a business arrangement. When Lantash and Teal'c came back in the evening, Lantash told them what he had learned. He was fairly certain he knew how to gain access to Ra's database of Galactic secrets, but he needed some kind of diversion.

He also needed an excuse to leave the planet afterwards, as he and the others would not be able to just disappear. That would make Heru'ur, and in turn Ra, suspicious and they would soon be hunted. That would give them too much trouble, so that had to be avoided.

The perfect opportunity to copy the database came a few weeks later, when Ra announced he would be having a celebration on the occasion of him finishing his newest palace.

It was basically an excuse to have an all-out orgy, which Lantash told them Ra had been famous for. All Goa'uld who were remotely allied with him - or just friendly - were invited, and it would be a very bad idea not to show up. 

Hopefully, Ra and everyone else would be engulfed in the entertainment and too drunk or high to pay attention to anything else. This would give SG-1 and Lantash/Martouf a chance to hack Ra's computers and get to the database.

The only problem would be the Jaffa who were completely loyal and who did not drink - and who also did not take part in a Goa'uld celebration. However, they would likely have other tasks to occupy them in such situations.

As luck would have it, one the day of the celebration, Heru'ur discovered someone had been stealing naquadah from one of his mines on a distant planet. Lantash was given the task of investigating, as no one else wanted the job. It would be tiresome and not particularly glorious, and it held few, if any, prospects of gaining power.

They would have to leave the planet the very next day, right after participating in Ra's celebration. They could, of course, not refuse an invitation from the Supreme System Lord, over something as trivial as a minor financial issue.

All Goa'uld were expected to show up bringing gifts and wearing their finest clothing - and accompanied by a small entourage to show off their wealth and power. Lantash did not really have the means to procure anything Ra would appreciate, but with the help of Daniel they had found an ancient Japanese sword, in a small museum Daniel had once visited.

Daniel did not like the idea of giving it to Ra, but it would be a barely adequate gift and they needed something to avoid punishment.


>> Chapter 10: Ra (PG-13). It is time to attend the celebration thrown by the Supreme System Lord Ra. Warning: Non-graphic violence. Character death (minor).