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Chapter 11: Drugged
Summary: During the wedding rituals, the married pairs and groups are given a drink which has some interesting effects...

They had eaten a light, but filling and delicious meal, accompanied by generous amounts of the local fruit wine. After a short bathroom break, it was time to continue the joining ceremony. All the people getting married - with the exception of Teal’c - were a little drunk, and giggling happily. Even the Tok’ra seemed to be affected - the locals appeared to have noticed their higher tolerance, and made sure to give them more to drink.

The local high priest, Sa’lohk, and Tinnok, had both risen and now stood on a small platform at the front.

“As you all know, it is now time to perform the second part of the ceremony. Sa’lohk will be presiding.” Tinnok bowed to the high priest.

A local chorus starting singing some sort of hymn, and Sa’lohk stepped forward with an important expression on his face. He raised his arms. “Blessed soon-to-be-joined! It is now time for the traditional, shared drink of agp’eros’poton! Each woman will take a cup, and drink from it, then hold it for each of her mates to drink from as well. Drink deeply! Remember the order! The cups are now filled. The woman drinks half a cup. Then she lets one of her mates drink the other half. If she has more mates, the cup is refilled, and all is repeated for the next mate!”

“Any idea what it is we’re drinking?” O’Neill asked, eyeing the cups suspiciously.

“It’s probably just some ritual drink,” Daniel said, shrugging. “Fruit juice, perhaps?”

“It smells like it,” Martouf agreed, having stuck his nose close to one of the cups.

“Okay, so we should be fine?” O’Neill wondered, still not convinced.

“I really don’t think they’re going to give us something harmful, sir,” Sam said.

“It would seem contradictory to their wishes,” Teal’c agreed.

“Drink, friends!” Tinnok said, walking up to them. “The agp’eros’poton will not harm you, I promise you that.”

Sam shrugged, and lifted the rather large cup. She hesitantly took a sip. “It tastes rather nice...” She smiled.

“Drink!” Tinnok urged. “You should drink half the cup!”

Sam nodded, and drank, until she had done so. She then held it out to Martouf/Lantash. “Martouf, you should drink the rest, I think.”

“Of course, Samantha.” Martouf quickly emptied the cup.

Around them, the others were all doing as they did.

A young woman came and refilled the cups of all the women who had more than one mate.

Sam smiled, starting to feel a bit giddy. “You know, I think this is alcoholic...” She again drank half the cup.

“It is, but only slightly,” Lantash told her, having taken control a moment ago.

Sam held out the cup to him. “Drink, Lantash, sweetie...” She giggled.

Lantash raised an eyebrow, surprised that she would behave so free when her friends were there also. “Thank you.” He allowed Sam to pour the rest of the contents of the cup into his mouth, and he quickly drank so as not to spill the liquid. When he had finished it, he frowned, suddenly getting a suspicion. “Wait! This is...”

Before he could continue, he was interrupted by the high priest, who started talking to them all again.

“You have now shared the agp’eros’poton!” Sa’lohk said, a very pleased expression on his face. “The ceremony is complete, and you are mates! In a very short time, you will feel the urges. Pleasure and happiness to you all - and a bountiful harvest!”

“That damn drug...” O’Neill began, realizing the same as Lantash just had.

“Is an aphrodisiac. Affirmative,” Lantash said, getting a tense expression. “A very strong one.” He threw an involuntary look in the direction of Sam. She was starting to squirm as well - just like everyone else.

“I knew there was some sort of trap! There always is!” O’Neill exclaimed, angrily. “I will get them for this!”

“Of course it is an aphrodisiac,” Tinnok said, looking at them with confusion. “It is not its only effect, but it is an important one. Do you not wish to ensure all first matings are as pleasurable as ever possible?”

O’Neill just snorted and did not deign to answer that. He groaned as the drug’s effect slowly increased.

Jina and Miera were smiling invitingly at Aldwin and Gerim, who were giving them shy looks.

Nissa, the woman who had chosen Teal’c, approached him with an eager expression on her face. “Come, husband - it is time to fulfill the promises!”

“You have another husband, do you not? Should you not go to him first?” Teal’c wondered.

“Rian, yes, but he will remain here with me. You will not. He will be mine when you have left.” She frowned. “Do you not burn for me?”

“I... feel a mild... tingling, that is all,” Teal’c said.

Tingling!” O’Neill exclaimed. “I feel as if my blood is on fire!”

“I concur. I...” Lantash swallowed. “Am having a hard time thinking of anything... except mating.”

“The drug has not reached full effect yet,” Tinnok explained. “Still, it should affect you much more already, Teal’c.”

“Perhaps Jaffa have a natural immunity,” Teal’c said.

“To my knowledge no adult individual is immune.” Tinnok frowned.

“Lucky you, Teal’c!” Daniel sent Freya/Anise a lustful look.

“Indeed.” Teal’c raised an eyebrow.

“Just feel fortunate your symbiote is not yet mature, because I assure you, symbiotes are not immune!” Lantash exclaimed. He looked to Samantha again, and swallowed. “Samantha... I am feeling more aroused than I can ever... remember feeling. Please... go with me to...”

“We can control ourselves!” O’Neill ordered, angrily. “Aren’t you guys... supposed to be able... filter stuff out. Control your hosts...”

“There are limits! We are not gods!” Lantash told him, hotly. “This drug I cannot filter or neutralize, it will have to... run its course.” He groaned. “Samantha?”

She nodded, licking her lips as she looked at him. “Yes, oh yes - I want you. Very much!” She threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately.

“Take them to their hut!” Tinnok ordered, pointing at Sam and Martouf/Lantash. A small group of strongly built men did as he ordered, leading the amourous people away. He smiled. “The recipe for the drug was created by the gods in the ancient times, and is indeed powerful.”

“We were supposed to pretend being married!” O’Neill called after them.

“Pretend all you want - at least Daniel is going to help me quench this fire. Are you not, Daniel?” Anise begged, giving him lusty looks.

“Gods! Yes!” Daniel exclaimed, almost drooling as he looked at her.

Anise smiled and took his hand, then looked to O’Neill, and gave him an inviting wink. “The offer is still open if you want...”

“Ah...” O’Neill looked as if he was unsure what to answer. The drug was clearly making it hard for him to think.

Anise gave Freya control, and she held out one hand to him - while Daniel was now pulling impatiently at her other. “Please... Jack? I want you very much...”

O’Neill made a hoarse sound. “Damn it all! Yes! I’ll come with you. Did you really think I’d let Daniel take you away like that?” He took her hand, and let them lead him away. A small part of him was wondering if he had gone crazy, but a larger part of him was busy looking at Freya’s ass. It was a very nice ass.

Aldwin groaned as the effect of the drug intensified. He and Gerim had been the last to drink it, so it was not until now they were beginning to be too horny to control it. They felt they needed to suppress the effect, in order to assure that their two young mates would be satisfied thoroughly, but Jina and Miera were now both becoming very aroused, so perhaps Aldwin and Gerim could allow themselves to be so as well.

Jina and Miera both licked their lips and leaned against Aldwin. Jina kissed him, while Miera stroked his naked chest.

“You are so attractive, Aldwin. We want you, both, so very very much...” Jina whispered.

“Yes, come with us. Let us find pleasure and love together!” Miera said, taking Aldwin’s hand and pulling.

Jina took his other hand, and pulled in the same direction as Miera.

Aldwin followed willingly, a foolish grin on his face.

“Teal’c? Will you not come with me?” Nissa begged. “Your friends have all given in to the temptations to mate, and I... I want you. So very much...”

Teal’c nodded, giving her a smile. The drug may not be affecting him much, but Nissa was a very beautiful woman, and he was always weak when it came to beautiful women. “I shall accompany you, Nissa.”

Chapter 12: Love and Pleasure