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Chapter 13: Pleasing Discoveries
Summary: Jack O'Neill, Freya|Anise, and Daniel celebrate their wedding in their joining hut.
Warning: sex, multiple partners
Pairing: Jack O'Neill/Freya|Anise/Daniel

Grinning, O’Neill stumbled into Freya/Anise’s hut after her and Daniel. His entire focus was on Freya/Anise, and he had completely forgotten any hesitation he might otherwise have had, due to another man being there too. Besides, it was Daniel, not some stranger.

Right now he just wanted to fuck, and Freya was very attractive - he did not even mind that Anise was there too. Actually, O’Neill thought, the fact that they were, in fact... two women, was actually kind of interesting. Hot, even.

As soon as the door had closed behind them, Freya/Anise turned to face Daniel and O’Neill. She smiled invitingly at them, and quickly untied the sash, then pulled the dress over her head.

Daniel gasped, and O’Neill made a hoarse sound, as she suddenly stood before them, naked.

“You like what you see. Good!” Anise said, grinning. She kicked off her sandals and made a come hither movement with her forefinger. “Come here, sweeties... I need to fuck, now!”

O’Neill had been momentarily taken aback when he realized Anise was the one in control, but she was not behaving like she usually did. She was smiling and inviting - not to mention naked - and his cock was so hard it was starting to ache. She had a fantastic body.

“Of course, Anise - it’s rude to make a lady wait!” O’Neill tore at the band that held his loincloth up and managed to undo it. The clothing fell to the ground, as he stepped up to Anise and grabbed her, pulling her to him and kissing her. She threw her arms around him and happily reciprocated, rubbing her body suggestively against his.

O’Neill gasped and pulled her with him to the bed, where he pushed her down on all fours in front of him. He kneaded her ass, making her moan and wriggle her body.

“Come on! Mount me! I need your cock in me! Now!” Anise demanded.

“Yes, ma’am!” Grinning, O’Neill positioned his hard shaft, spread her wet labia, and thrust forward.

Anise groaned deeply and pushed back, making sure he entered her completely. “Yes! Harder! More!”

“Hey!” Daniel suddenly said, having just stood there, lost in ogling Anise. “I wanted to go with you from the beginning, Jack didn’t - and now you’re having sex with him instead?”

“I intend to mate with you both, silly! I’m sure this... aphrodisiac will be strong enough that we will need several turns!” She giggled. “It is wonderful! Harder, Colonel O’Neill!”

“Call me... Jack!” he groaned. He had completely forgotten about Daniel, and he was not about to stop what he was doing, just because his friend might feel he had first take on Anise.

“Jack, harder!” Freya said, having been given control. She looked back at Daniel. “Come here, Daniel... sweetheart.” She beckoned him. “Stand here... in front of me - and... remove your clothing!”

“Uh... yes?” Daniel hesitantly approached her, and began untying his loincloth. He looked at the people having sex. It was pretty hot watching them, actually.

“Get naked, now! I want to taste you!” Freya ordered.

“You’re... you’re sure?” Daniel swallowed, then quickly got his clothing off. “Of course you’re sure!”

Freya giggled, then gasped as O’Neill made a particularly hard thrust. “Tok’ra have a ‘special spot’ that... you can stimulate - and which brings great pleasure... to both symbiote and host.” She eagerly reached for him.

“Special spot?” Daniel blushed, but stepped closer.

“Yes,” Freya said, “Closer!” She closed her eyes and moaned as O’Neill hit a good angle behind her.

Daniel stepped up to her, and Freya immediately took his cock in her mouth, and swallowed him. He gasped in surprise - and pleasure. She started sucking him, sliding up and down his shaft, and getting a ravished look on her face when he hit her deep in the throat. Clearly, he was banging against Anise’s ‘special spot’.

O’Neill grabbed hold of Freya/Anise’s hips as he started pounding her harder and faster, getting closer to coming. Meanwhile, Daniel was fucking her mouth, and was just as close to coming. He had never before been with a women who could deepthroat him so fantastically, and watching Jack fuck Freya/Anise was surprisingly erotic.

“Freya... I’m... I’m coming!” O’Neill shouted, ramming his cock into her hard.

Freya groaned around Daniel’s shaft and sucked him harder, as O’Neill pounded into her. Daniel cried out and grabbed her head, pulling her to him and thrusting his manhood deep into her throat. The combination of the two sensations caused Freya - and Anise - to come hard, and Daniel came as well, from the wonderful feeling of her mouth and throat around his cock.

They all tumbled to the bed together, and dozed off.

Chapter 14: Fulfillment