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Chapter 15: First Times
Summary: Aldwin and his symbiote Gerim spend their wedding night with their new mates.
Warning: sex, multiple partners
Pairing: OFC/Aldwin|Gerim/OFC

Giggling, and very eagerly, Jina and Miera pulled Aldwin along, into their joining hut. As soon as they were inside, the sisters started sliding their hands over Aldwin’s naked chest and shoulders.

Aldwin gasped and fought desperately to control himself against the lust that was coursing through him. He closed his eyes as Jina and Miera began stroking his butt through the loincloth.

Deciding he needed to relax and stop trying to control himself, Jina smiled confidently to her her sister. “Miera, do you see that bottle of wine over on the table? Fetch a glass of it for our dear mates, will you?”

Miera smiled and hurriedly did as Jina asked, returning a short time later with a glass of the strong fruit wine. “Here, Aldwin,” she said, pressing the glass into his hand.

“Uh, thank you.” Aldwin smiled a little shyly and accepted the glass.

As he took a long drink from it, Miera touched his butt again. She slid her hand along the hem of the loincloth, and grabbed hold of the band that held it up. She untied it just as her sister kneeled before Aldwin, eager to look closely at his shaft.

Aldwin’s loincloth fell to the ground and Jina smiled widely as she saw his large, hard cock. She immediately wrapped a hand around it.

“How wonderfully hard it is, yet delightfully soft to the touch!” Jina said.

Miera kneeled down beside her, and Aldwin gazed at them both, swallowing thickly.

Miera reached out and hesitantly touched his shaft, then carefully stroked his balls. “Wow, they are so large and heavy!” She licked her lips.

Aldwin had just taken another drink from his glass, hoping the alcohol would wash away his and Gerim’s shyness, when Jina spoke.

“I wonder how it tastes. I would really like to know...” She leaned forward and licked the tip.

Aldwin swallowed his wine with a gulp and gasped.

Miera moved closer to her sister and leaned towards Aldwin’s shaft. “Let me try!”

Happy to share with her sister, Jina moved aside a little to make room. Miera gave the head of Aldwin’s cock a long lick, then wrapped her lips around it and flicked her tongue over it.

Aldwin hurriedly placed his glass on the small table nearby, as Jina bent down to take one of his balls in her mouth.

Aldwin gasped. “Are... are you sure you are virgins?”

Jina sat back on her haunches. “Alas, yes, but we have spied on our sister and are frustratingly familiar with many of the practical aspects.”

Aldwin closed his eyes as Miera took more of his cock in her mouth and sucked on it. “By Egeria! You are not exaggerating! Have... have you decided which one of you... goes first?”

Miera let Aldwin’s shaft slide out of her mouth. She smiled at him. “According to our mother, Jina was born a few minutes before me. Thus, she has been deprived the longest. It is only fair that she is the first.”

Aldwin gently stroked the hair of both of them and smiled at them. “Then you should lie down on the bed, Jina, on your back.”

Eagerly, Jina hurried to do as he asked. Aldwin lay down beside her, propping himself up on one elbow so he had one arm free to touch her.

He started caressing Jina, sliding one hand over her breasts, stroking her nipples, making sure they both got the same amount of attention. They quickly became hard points under his touch, and Jina moaned as he rubbed them a little harder.

Aldwin slid his hands down over her stomach, and further down between her legs. JIna closed her eyes and gasped as he found her clit, and touched it, making light strokes over it.

He leaned over her and kissed her, slowly and thoroughly, as he began pleasuring her more forcefully. Jina gasped into his mouth, and pressed her body up against him.

“Yes, Aldwin!” she exclaimed, as she became even more aroused, and forgot what shyness she had felt before.

Aldwin looked up for a moment, and noticed Miera was sitting on the bed, on the other side of her sister, looking at them with big eyes. He smiled at her, and stretched out his hand towards her.

“Come, Miera. Lie here beside us, while I caress your sister.”

She took his hand and he pulled her closer to him, kissing her too as they leaned over Jina. Miera lay down beside her sister, and Aldwin returned to fondling Jina.

He again kissed her deeply, while stroking her between her legs. She quickly became very aroused indeed, arching her back and becoming more vocal. Aldwin rubbed her clit harder, and her moans increased, and she was also moving her head from side to side.

*She feels very wet now, Aldwin. Please... we are in need, and I am sure she is ready,* Gerim told him, sounding a bit desperate.

*Do you want control, Gerim?* Aldwin wondered.

*No, you are doing well. Just, please... do something about our aching shaft! This aphrodisiac is powerful indeed!*

*With pleasure, but we must go gentle...*

*No, at this point I do not think she cares - or even wants that! She is as affected by the drug as we are. Take her!*

Groaning, Aldwin pushed Jina’s legs aside and spread her folds, then thrust into her. In one, fluid motion, he entered her and sank into her to his balls.

Jina gasped loudly as he hit bottom, then groaned and bucked against him, proving Gerim was correct. “Oh! Yes! Take me! Take me hard!”

Aldwin started moving, slowly at first. He put his hands under her ass and grabbed hold of her buttocks, then thrust into her, again and again.

*She feels wonderful under us, around us!* Aldwin gasped to his symbiote.

*Yes! She... is moving so... pleasantly under us, arching up to us, squirming as we take her hard, thrusting into her and making her ours...* Gerim rambled.

Aldwin faintly noticed the other sister was caressing his back, and suddenly he cried out and groaned deeply, as she accidentally stroke Gerim just right.

He increased the speed and strength of his thrusts, making Jina moan loudly and grasp for the sheet, tearing at it. She bit her own lip, then began uttering something incomprehensible.

Aldwin felt he was getting very close to coming, and considered whether he should change the angle or perhaps slow the speed, while he was still able to control himself at all, when Jina suddenly climaxed, her pussy contracting around his cock.

He gasped loudly and his eyes flared, as he lost control and pounded into her several more times. He cried out and slammed into her one more time before coming hard, releasing copious amounts of seed in her.

Beside them, Miera smiled happily and clasped her hands together. “Will it be long before you are ready again?”

“Of... course not,” Aldwin gasped. His eyes flashed as Gerim took control.

“We are Tok’ra!” he said. “It will only be a little while.”

Giving Jina a kiss, he pulled out of her and moved to where Miera was sitting. He kneeled before her and kissed her warmly.

She threw her arms around him and eagerly pushed her tongue into his mouth. She slid her hands down over his back, and to his ass, caressing it.

Jina smiled at them. “My, you are certainly eager, my dear Miera.” She slowly sat up, clearly not really feeling like moving yet. “Let me help you prepare him.”

Miera moved aside a little and sat back on her haunches, giving her sister some room.

Jina smiled at Gerim, then put one hand on his already semi-erect shaft, and the other on his butt. She kneaded his ass lovingly while also pumping his cock.

Gerim gasped and closed his eyes, focusing only on the intense pleasure she was giving him.

“Wow!” Miera exclaimed, as Gerim’s shaft quickly hardened and grew to a size even larger than it had been before.

“The effect... of the aphrodisiac... has not yet peaked!” Gerim moaned as Jina increased the speed and pressure of her pleasuring of his cock.

“Yes, Miera, it is magnificent, is it not?” Jina said.

“I... am happy... you are pleased!” Gerim gasped.

“It is indeed magnificent... it is huge! I... am not sure it will fit! Will it not hurt terribly?” Miera asked, worriedly.

“No, only for a moment, then it becomes wonderful!” Jina assured her. “I suddenly remember... mother’s favourite position! You will straddle him, and then you can control the depth and speed of penetration!”

“You... have less privacy here than we do in the tunnels!” Gerim said. “Regardless, Jina... is correct.” He lay down on his back and beckoned Miera. “Come, sit here.”

Still a little worried, but also very eager, Miera straddled him. She put her hand around his cock and positioned it carefully against her opening. She gasped as the tip of it touched her, and looked down at it. “It will never fit! It looks like a huge pole!”

Jina put one arm around her shoulders and another around her waist. “Relax. All will be fine.”

Mira nodded shakily, not looking very convinced.

Gerim briefly slipped a finger between Miera’s folds. Finding her very wet, he put his hands on her hips to steady her, as she slowly began to lower herself.

Jina smiled and winked at Gerim, making a downward motion with her hand. Understanding what she meant, he pulled down as she pressed, and Miera sank down over him until his cock was buried in her to the hilt.

She made a half-strangled cry followed by a gasp. “That was very naughty of you! Both of you! My god, you are huge! I am so, so full!”

Jina grinned. “Aw, that is what you secretly wanted! I know you! Now get that cute little ass moving!” She gave her a slap over the butt.

Gerim squeezed her hips and pushed up against her, doing his best to control himself. Miera was wet and tight, and the aphrodisiac was affecting him greatly, so it was not easy.

Miera gave her sister an aggrieved glance, but finally nodded, admitting they were correct. She slowly started moving, lifting herself up and sliding down over him again. The pain had subsided almost immediately, and now the pleasure was growing fast.

Each time she slid down over him, Gerim thrust upwards. He had moved his hands to her breasts and was fondling them lovingly, as Miera continued her slow steady sliding up and down.

Meanwhile, Jina kept a hand on Miera’s lower back, and the other on Gerim’s upper arm.

Gerim soon became impatient, and grabbed Miera’s hips, trying to increase her speed.

With a growl he rolled them over so he was on top, and began taking her hard.

Miera gasped and moaned deeply. “Oh, gods... yes! This.... is wonderful!”

Jina watched them with a rapt expression. She felt her own lust beginning to rise again, and slipped a hand down between her legs and began fingering herself, while biting her lip.

Gerim now felt himself grow close to coming, and changed the angle a little. This made Miera mewl with pleasure and tear at the sheets under her.

*I... I am going to come...* Gerim told Aldwin.

His host was completely caught up in the pleasure, and was unable to reply anything coherent. He just sent feelings of love to Gerim.

Seconds later, Gerim cried out as he came hard, spilling his seed inside Miera. She moaned and writhed under him, very close to coming as well.

“So... so very close... Please, I need...” She moaned and pressed herself against him, trying desperately to alleviate the frustration.

Without slipping out of her, Gerim got a hand between them and found her clit. He rubbed it hard, and Miera came almost immediately. The force of her orgasm made it feel as if her pussy massaged his shaft, and he gasped as more semen flowed from him.

Beside them Jina gasped and made a strangled sound as she came again, her fingers buried between her legs.

They all collapsed together in a heap, and soon fell asleep.

Chapter 16: A Pleasant Encounter