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Chapter 16: A Pleasant Encounter
Summary: Freya and Anise are taking a relaxing dip in the geothermal pool outside their hut, when they see something very interesting...
Warning: sex, deepthroating, anal sex, double penetration
Pairing: OMC/Freya|Anise/OMC

There were small, geothermal ponds outside both Sam’s and Freya/Anise’s huts. They were natural, but had been sculpted somewhat. The bottom had been smoothed, and the rocks along the sides evened so there were no sharp edges. Water flowed into the ponds from a stream that purled over the low, rocky area above, and it cascaded into each pond in a small waterfall, that would flow over you if you sat in the right spot.

This was where Freya and Anise were sitting right now, enjoying the warm water immensely.

*This is really nice...* Freya observed, sleepily.

*Agreed.* Anise, who was currently in control, leaned back against the rocks behind the small waterfall, positioning herself so the pleasantly warm water flowed over them as much as possible.

They sat like that for a while, enjoying the relaxing water, and thinking back to what had happened in the hut a short time ago.

*They were certainly vigorous. Much more than I would have expected of someone fully human,* Freya remarked.

*I am certain they would not have managed so many times, had they not ingested the aphrodisiac, but still... I concur.* Anise smiled. *It was quite... satisfactorily. Especially when Daniel fucked our pussy, while Jack pounded into our ass. It was... most pleasing.* She sighed contentedly, and thought back to what had happened. *It is too bad there was no mirror there, I would have loved to see us enveloped so closely between them.*

*Yes... even so, Anise, I must admit I am still feeling a little horny, but they are both asleep. Exhausted.* She thought about how they had looked when she had crawled out of the bed, gently so as not to wake them. *They looked so cute! Cuddling closely together like that.*

Anise’s smile widened. *Indeed. It is a fond memory.* She sighed, feeling a tingling between her legs again. *I know the aphrodisiac is still affecting us, dear Freya. I apologize for not being able to do more to filter it out, but it is quite potent, and I more than suspect it was created by the Goa’uld who lived here, for it to affect a symbiote this strongly.*

*Probably. Not that I am really complaining. You know me - I enjoy mating more than most Tok’ra, and we are a passionate people.* She ‘groaned’ mentally. *Anise, we must do something about this growing need... and soon! Do you think they have any sort of pleasure devices or tools?*

*Or we could look for some local men to help us out.*

*Would Jack and Daniel understand? They are our mates, and I fear the Tau’ri see such things differently than the Tok’ra.*

Anise considered it. *They were thoroughly satisfied, and it is not as if we are leaving them. We will return to them, and be theirs, whenever they want. I cannot believe they would want us to remain celibate while they are on the Tau’ri, and we in the tunnels - and I somehow do not believe they will be ready to move to the tunnels.*

*You are correct, they cannot expect us to abstain for weeks. Or months!* Freya sounded horrified.

*Quiet! I hear someone approaching...* Anise smiled. *It sounds like those two brothers you were drooling over during the contest... Rhoak... and I am not sure what the other is called.*

*Drooling? No more than you, beloved! And the other brother is named Tarlok.*

Anise grinned. *Very true... and I should have trusted you to remember something like that! In any case, are you up for more?*

*What kind of foolish question is that? Very much so! This aphrodisiac is amazingly powerful, and we need something to slake this burning desire! They would do wonderfully.*

*As I thought.* Anise smiled and called out. *Who is there?*

*We know that already...*

*Shh, being coy can work to our advantage!*

“Honourable Freya and Anise! It is Rhoak and Tarlok. We have brought you a gift.” Rhoak lifted a fruit basket in the air, so she could see it, when she turned and straightened up.

“Come here, then!” Anise got up and looked at them, as they approached the side of the pool. While she had a towel lying beside the pond, she did not bother to cover up.

The two men looked at her, a bit shyly, as she was completely naked. They did not look away, though.

“Here is a gift we have brought,” Rhoak said, holding out the fruit basket.

“Yes, so you have.” Anise stepped out of the water and put a hand on the chest of Rhoak, and the other hand behind the neck of Tarlok. She smiled sweetly at them. “Your planet is very hospitable. I think you are exactly what I need right now. I trust you like what you see?”

“Absolutely!” Rhoak said.

“You are incredibly beautiful!” Tarlok exclaimed. He swallowed, then added, “Since there are two of you, we thought you might need an additional... offering.”

“Oh, how sweet of you!” Anise winked at them, and stepped up close to them, sliding a hand down the chest of each, down over their stomachs, and under their loincloths. “But why are these gifts still wrapped?”

It took Rhoak and Tarlok only moments to remove their loincloths - the only clothing they wore, aside from sandals, which they kicked off as well.

Both men were quickly getting hard, and Anise now squatted down before them. “Let us take a closer look at what you got...” She closed a hand around each cock, fondling them. She smiled as they sprang to attention.

*Oh, my! They are huge! How are we going to accommodate them?* Freya wondered, nervously. *There is no way I am going to swallow those!*

*Relax! They are only slightly wider than I - and they have no fins!* Anise remarked, mirth in her voice. *You were already a skilled cocksucker before we were joined, and together we are fabulous! There is nothing to worry about!* She slid her hands down to the men’s testicles, and caressed them gently. “How heavy and full they are! You must be aching for release!”

“Oh, oh yes, please!” Rhoak stammered.

Anise smiled and leaned forward to close her lips around the tip of Rhoak’s shaft. He gasped as she rapidly flicked her tongue, a naughty glint in her eyes. As she did this, she kept fondling Tarlok’s cock.

She slid down over Rhoak’s shaft, until he hit the back of her throat, then pulled back and repeated, bobbing her head several times. She drew away just as he reached eagerly for her head.

“Naughty boy!” She winked at him and crawled over to kneel before his brother, who had merely been standing there. “This is what happens when you misbehave! Let me show you how patience is rewarded!”

She wrapped one hand around Tarlok’s cock, and put her other hand flat on his stomach. She leaned forward and licked from the tip of his shaft to the base, repeating until he was thoroughly wet. She then licked his balls, paying special attention to the area under them. Tarlok was by now gasping, and his cock was painfully hard, but he managed to control himself, and did not thrust forward.

Anise now returned to the tip of his shaft, and wrapping her lips around the head, she sucked briefly. She then relaxed her throat and leaned forward, and in one, unbelievably long motion, she slid all the way down to the base, as the brother stared in disbelief.

Tarlok gasped, having never before experienced this. A moment later, Anise managed to stick her tongue out, while still deepthroating him, and she used the tip of it to lick at his balls. Tarlok whimpered, shocked that this was even possible.

Anise pulled back, in need of air, then smiled at them both.

“That is absolutely amazing! How is that even possible?!” Tarlok said.

Anise merely smiled, and again took him all the way into her mouth and throat, then repeated a couple more times. Pulling back, she grinned at Rhoak. “So, have you learned your lesson?”

“Oh, yes. I promise to be nice!”

She smiled as she saw a drop of precome appearing at the tip of Rhoak’s cock. She turned back to Tarlok. “Lie down on your back!”

Tarlok hurriedly did so. “Immediately!”

Anise kneeled beside his head, and swung one of her legs over, straddling his face. “Show me your skills!” She looked over at Rhoak and smiled. “Rhoak, come over here. I need something in my mouth!”

He hurried to her, and Anise carefully licked off the drop of precome that had appeared a moment ago. She suddenly gasped, and was briefly distracted by Tarlok’s skills, and she pressed her pussy against his mouth. Regaining some control of herself, she focused on the huge cock in front of her.

She flicked her tongue over the tip, then took the head in her mouth and sucked it. She encircled the tip with her tongue, twirling it around it, then licked his shaft thoroughly, from the head to the base. Rhoak groaned deeply, starting to get frustrated, but he kept himself in check this time, not wanting to risk a repeat of what had happened earlier.

*Let me take over... please?* Freya asked.

*Of course, dear,* Anise ‘stepped back’ and let Freya take control.

Freya looked up at Rhoak and smiled, then winked at him, eliciting another groan.

She returned to the task ahead, and eagerly continued where Anise had left off. She made sure his cock was completely wet, before moving on to his balls, laving them with her tongue one at a time, then sucking them gently in to her mouth.

Rhoak moaned and Freya sensed his frustration building. She decided it was time to give him some more stimulation - especially since this would also give Anise - and herself - pleasure.

Freya pulled back and again smiled sweetly and a bit naughtily at Rhoak. She was about to take a deep breath and start to engulf his huge cock with her mouth and throat, when Tarlok suddenly hit incredibly well. Her focus was taken entirely by the other brother, as he licked harder, faster, and she gasped. Then she groaned deeply, and seconds later she shuddered as she climaxed.

When she had recovered, she fondly stroked Tarlok’s hair. “You are very skilled. Keep it up - and you might get a very special reward.”

She turned back to Rhoak, and wrapped her lips around his shaft. He had waited patiently, and deserved her full attention. She took him into her mouth, until he hit the back of her throat, then pulled back, before repeating. After a few turns like that, she let him slide out and took a deep breath. This time she wanted to swallow him completely, and she pushed down over him, tilting her head and straightening her throat. She slowly slid all the way down until her full lips rested against the base of his cock.

She drew back, then slid down once more. She repeated the movement, again and again, each time letting him glide about half-way out before taking him completely inside again.

*That... that really hits the spot!* Anise commented, caught up in the enjoyment of the huge cock pushing forcefully against her most sensitive places, through Freya’s throat.

*Yes... I feel it. You are... sharing it with me. Glorious!* Freya ‘stuttered’ mentally.

*Of course... I am sharing it! Please, can you not move faster?* Anise begged.

*I can... but we need air. Sadly.*

She pulled back and drew in several deep breaths, before once more taking Rhoak in her mouth and sliding down to the base, again and again.

Rhoak was by now moaning and whimpering, but still he did not thrust forward. He was clenching his fists so hard that the knuckles were white, and he would clearly not be able to control himself for much longer.

Meanwhile, Tarlok was doing his best to pleasure Freya/Anise, and together with the intense sensations coming from Anise, it was pushing them both closer to orgasm.

Freya drew back and took a shaky breath, then looked up at Rhoak and smiled. “You have redeemed yourself. Such self control must be rewarded. Now, I wish to feel you thrust deeply into my throat!”

Rhoak made a hoarse sound and pushed forward, just as Freya put her lips around his shaft again. She relaxed her throat as he began to thrust, and easily took all of him each time.

*Yes!* Anise moved a tiny bit inside Freya, angling herself better. *He is stroking against me so wonderfully! So forcefully!*

Freya was too delirious with lust to answer. Rhoak made another hard thrust, and then he cried out, loudly, and his seed spurted down Freya’s throat, while he held his shaft deep inside her.

Together with Tarlok’s skilled tongue, the sensations became too much, and Freya/Anise came so hard they would have collapsed, had Rhoak not held on to her.

He staggered a few steps away, and Freya swayed back, supporting herself with a hand against Tarlok’s shoulder. Recovering some, she looked down at Tarlok and smiled at him. “That was really good. This is a talent you must promise me never to waste!”

Freya half-turned and noted Tarlok’s very hard cock, which was pointing straight into the air, wet with precome. “That must hurt... would you not like to come as well?”

“Oh - yes, yes please!” He looked at her eagerly.

She lifted herself off him and stood, pulling him along. She kissed him and stroked his chest, caressing his nipples and squeezing them gently. Tarlok hungrily returned her kisses, and touched and caressed her everywhere he could reach.

Freya put her arms around his neck, and pulled him backwards with her. “Come... lift me up on that large rock... the one covered with soft moss.”

Tarlok was about to do so, when he spotted her towel, lying on the edge of the pool. He picked it up. “Maybe we should use this as well. Those rocks look a bit sharp, and you have such soft and delicate skin.” He spread it out over the rock and smiled at her.

“So sweet... and considerate!” Freya smiled warmly at him, and threw her arms around him again.

They kissed for several moments, before he lifted her up on the rock.

“You wish to be placed like this?” Tarlok asked.

“Yes, this is good... and now I need you inside me!” Freya spread her legs and smiled invitingly at him.

Tarlok did not hesitate, but positioned his cock and pushed inside. It was a very snug fit.

*Oh! He is certainly huge! Had we not just come, I fear... this would have hurt badly.* Freya gasped.

Tarlok grabbed her hips and thrust forward again, sinking deeper this time.

*Probably... now, though... yes! Sweet Egeria! This is wonderful!* Anise ‘moaned’ her pleasure to Freya.

Tarlok thrust again, still slowly, doing his best to let her take him in her own tempo. Eventually, he hit bottom, and he held still for some time, wanting to make sure he did not hurt her. “Freya?” he asked, his voice more than a little unsteady.

She gasped and wiggled a little, then smiled and looked at him with heavy-lidded eyes. “I am fine... very fine. You feel wonderful!”

He gave her a relieved smile, and looked hungrily at her gorgeous body. He slid his hands over her stomach, and up to her breasts, which he caressed and kneaded. He flicked his thumbs over the already hard and very sensitive points of her breasts, making her gasp and squirm under him.

He swallowed at the lovely sight before him, of Freya/Anise moaning with her eyes closed and a rapt expression on her face. He glided one of his hands back down over her stomach and further down between her legs. There he put his thumb on her clit, and started stroking it, slowly at first, then faster and with more force, as he began to fuck her.

He grabbed her hip with his other hand, to get better leverage, as he took her. He moved slowly at first, pulling almost all the way out before sliding back inside again. Over and over.

Freya moaned and squirmed under him, bucking up to meet each of his thrusts. He picked up his pace, and thrust into her faster, harder - while still using one hand to stroke her clit. Freya wrapped her legs around him, and pulled him to her each time he entered her.

He was quickly losing control, and was now pounding into her hard. Freya gasped, and again arched her back, also very close to coming. He changed his angle a little, and she started thrashing under him, as she was pushed over the edge and came hard. Tarlok was not far behind, and soon he cried out as he spilled his seed deep inside her.

Freya lay still for some time, holding Tarlok’s hand which she had grabbed when she came. Tarlok was leaning against her, panting hard. After some moments he stood, and Freya let herself slide down from the rock. Her legs held, but were more than a little shaky. She smiled at Tarlok.

“I think we need a little bit of support for a moment, sweetie.”

“Of course.” Tarlok immediately put his arms around her, and they leaned against each other. He smiled at her, and they kissed.

Freya took a deep breath and smiled happily, then looked to Rhoak who stood nearby, looking a little lost. “Come... I think I would like a hug from you both. I want to feel you both against me.”

Rhoak quickly joined them, and for several moments, Freya/Anise stood between the two brothers, completely enveloped in their arms.

Freya felt Rhoak’s shaft had become hard again, and after a little while she extricated herself from the embrace, and looked at him. She smiled, pleased. “I see you are ready again. It really looks painful... and very impressive. You have not even had any of the agp’eros’poton.”

“It is because you are so unbelievable attractive and skilled,” Rhoak told her.

“You are such a charmer!” She looked around, and spotted one of the benches that stood here and there along the path from the nearby village. She took his hands. “Come, lie down on this bench so I can straddle you.”

“Yes, immediately!” He eagerly obeyed, lying down on his back.

*Let me. I want to show off our skill!* Anise insisted.

Freya happily acquiesced, and Anise came fore.

She straddled Rhoak, and slowly slid down over his hard - and huge - shaft. He was no smaller than his brother, but Anise was by now very well lubricated, meaning it went somewhat smoother this time.

Reaching bottom, she sat still for a few moments, before she began sliding up and down over him. Rhoak stretched his hands up and ran them over her body, paying special attention to her breasts, which he fondled. He smiled happily, clearly enjoying the sight of the beautiful woman who was riding him - just as he was enjoying the sensations she was causing in him as she rode him.

“You are so attractive!” he told her.

Anise giggled. “Thank you! You have a most magnificent body!” She closed her eyes, and continued riding him at a slow and steady pace.

She then slid down over him and seated herself against him, wriggling a little. She opened her eyes and smiled at him, gyrating her lower body slowly. Rhoak placed a finger between her legs, and started rubbing her clit.

Anise gasped, and closed her eyes for a moment, enjoying the pleasure that coursed through her.

Taking a shaky breath, she focused. She began tightening the muscles in her pussy, from the opening and inwards, then repeating, again and again. To Rhoak it felt like she was squeezing and fondling his cock with a hand, and he gasped and thrust upwards helplessly.

“How... how can you do this?” he stammered.

Anise smiled. “As a Tok’ra, I have perfect control of all my muscles!”

She continued doing this for some time, then suddenly she noticed Tarlok had approached them, and now stood just beside them, ogling her.

Anise giggled when she saw the hard erection he had. “And here I though I had drained your cock! What a pleasant surprise!” She got an idea. *Freya, you remember how pleasant it was to be taken by Jack and Daniel at the same time? Do you think we can take these two like that?*

*By Egeria, I want to give it a try!*

*Why am I not surprised? You are insatiable!*

*Then we are a perfect match!*

*Regardless... I concur.* Anise smiled at Tarlok. “I want you in my ass, now!”

Tarlok drew in a quick breath, clearly wanting it very much, “I... yes... but will it not hurt you terribly?”

“You are such a cutie! Tok’ra have the ability to lubricate all our orify. It is one of the many gifts we give to our hosts upon blending... but do be careful initially. You are very large... both of you.”

Tarlok swallowed and nodded. “Yes... Anise.” He went to stand behind her, between his brothers legs.

He put his hands on her butt, and admired her muscle tone. He pushed her buttocks aside, and spread her anus a little. Looking at it, he noticed it now glistened a little inside, and he stuck a finger a short bit in. Pulling it out, he studied it with amazement. “It is true. You have natural lubrication! I have never heard of such a thing!”

“Of course not - I doubt it exists naturally anywhere.” Anise gave him a pleased smile.

Tarlok used his fingers to scoop out a little of the lubricant, and spread it over his shaft, before he gently pushed the tip against her anal opening. When the head popped inside, he grabbed her hips and slowly pushed forward. There was very little room, and he could feel his brother move inside of Anise’s pussy. It aroused him greatly, and he had to use all his willpower to control himself.

When he had gotten almost halfway inside, the sensations were becoming overwhelming for Anise, and she was about to tell him to slow down.

Rhoak could of course feel the fullness as well, and sensed Anise’s concern. He reached up and fondled her breasts, squeezing her nipples.

Behind her, Tarlok grabbed her hips harder, and slammed forward, sinking all the way inside. Anise gasped, but to her surprise it did not hurt. She was so aroused that the fullness brought pure pleasure. She moaned as both of the brothers slowly started to move, pumping in and out of her - and stimulating her g-spot more than she had ever experienced before.

She soon started whimpering and groaning louder, completely incoherent and lost to the world around her. She would not have been able to keep her balance, had the brothers not held her tightly.

Rhoak slid one of his hands to her neck, caressing the area where he thought Anise would be located. While doing his best to stimulate her there, he thrust into her pussy in time with his brother’s pounding of her ass.

This intense, triple stimulation, soon became too much for her, and she cried out as she came, her orgasm so powerful she almost passed out for a moment. The intensity of her climax meant that the cocks of both men were squeezed even tighter, and both gasped and rammed into her one more time before they, too, came.

It was quite some time before any of them were able to move after that.

Chapter 17: More Pleasure