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Chapter 17: More Pleasure
Summary: Sam and Martouf|Lantash find out that it takes a long time for the aphrodisiac to filter out.
Warning: sex
Pairing: Sam/Martouf|Lantash

It had been more than an hour since they last had sex when Martouf woke. He moaned softly and caressed his again very hard cock. He looked at Sam in the dim light of the room, and smiled, thinking of the several times they had already come together that night. The aphrodisiac was very powerful indeed, and despite climaxing four times in the last five hours, he again felt an overpowering need to mate.

He pulled the blanket partially off Sam, and looked hungrily at her beautiful body. She groaned in her sleep and shifted, causing the blanket to slide off her completely. Martouf gasped at the sight of her completely naked body, and pumped his hand around his shaft a few times, as he pondered whether to let her sleep or wake her up.

“Martouf...” Sam sighed, and turned over on her stomach.

“Yes, beloved!” Martouf said, his voice rough from arousal. He immediately realized she was still sleeping - but obviously dreaming of him.

She moved her body, and was now squirming against the bed and moaning. It was obvious her dreams were as erotic as Martouf’s had been. When she raised her ass and moaned Lantash’s name, he gave up on trying to control himself. With a half-strangled moan he mounted her, thrusting into her very wet pussy.

Sam made a satisfied groan, and pushed her ass up against him, causing him to sink in deeper. Martouf pulled almost all the way out, then thrust into her again, hitting bottom this time. He vaguely sensed Lantash waking up as he began to rock into Sam, slowly building speed.

“Gods! Yes! Harder!” Sam gasped.

Lantash added his - similar - demands, and Martouf happily complied. He changed the angle a little, causing Sam to make a low, satisfied groan.

Pleased with her reaction, he continued making short, hard thrusts like that. “This... is what you like?”

“Yes!” Sam exclaimed. “More!” She was soon moaning almost constantly and tearing at the bed sheets. She pushed up against him, hard, each time he entered her. “I... yess. So... close...”

Feeling his own control nearing its end, he grabbed hold of her hips, and started ramming into her. Sam cried out almost immediately, and started thrashing under him as she came. Martouf gasped, and slammed into her a couple more times, before joining her in ecstasy and spilling his seed in her.

Martouf held on to her and rolled them over on the side, snuggling up to her and kissing her neck. “My wonderful Samantha...”

Sam half-turned and kissed him. “This was just what I needed. Thank you!” She sighed. “I wonder when this damn aphrodisiac will stop affecting us?”

“I don’t know.” He was quiet for a moment. “Lantash says it has - slowly - begun to break down and filter out of our bodies. He estimates... at least several more hours, but probably not as long as until morning, before we are back to normal.”

Sam groaned. “I’m going to be so sore tomorrow! As wonderful as it is to have sex with you - and it is wonderful - I think I’d like for us to be able to make that choice ourselves, and not have to have sex!”

Martouf kissed her neck. “I agree. Though I think there would be times when I would choose to mate with you almost as often as this. Tok’ra are very passionate, you know - and you are very attractive.”


He smiled. “Perhaps, but that is how you like me.”

“True,” Sam admitted, yawning mightily. “I’d also like to get some sleep - if this damn drug would let me!”

“Then we should sleep now. It will probably be another hour or so before we are again overwhelmed with desire for each other.” Martouf grinned.

Sam made a long-suffering sound, but she still gave him a kiss before turning back on the side with her back to him, and cuddling up to him again.

Martouf put his arm around her, and lying close like that, they fell asleep.

Chapter 18: Thoughts and Desire