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Chapter 18: Thoughts and Desire
Summary: Freya and Anise are again relaxing in the geothermal pool outside their hut, thinking about their mates and their life.

Freya stretched luxuriously in the warm water, and smiled to herself. The two brothers had left some time ago, after satisfying her very thoroughly.

*Perhaps we should return to the hut. It is getting quite late.*

*True, it is really strange that everything is lighted by the polar lights. I have never seen them so strong anywhere else. It is a strange glow they give to everything.*

*It is beautiful, I think,* Freya observed.

*We will sit a little longer, and then we will return. I believe we have been gone for several hours. It is probably well after midnight, and Daniel and Jack may be missing us. If the aphrodisiac affects them as strongly as it does us, they may need us.*

*Right now I do not feel like mating. Unusual for me, I know.* Freya yawned. *They have each other, if their need should become too great.*

*From Jacob’s reaction to Delek’s advances, I suspect they may not immediately think of each other if the need arises - Jack in particular will not.*

*Yes, Jacob’s reaction was rather extreme, but then, it was Delek. He can be... somewhat trying, at times. But Jack and Daniel... they are good friends. Would not friends help each other when in need?*

*Do not forget, the Tau’ri are often less open minded about such things than the Tok’ra - they even feel nudity is abhorrent.*

*Well, regardless... we shall go to them very soon.* Freya scooted backwards a little and leaned against the rock face behind them. Now the warm water from the waterfall cascaded down over their body. *Ahhh.*

Next day.

O’Neill yawned and groggily stretched. He froze when he touched naked skin. Remembering where he was and what had happened during the night, he smiled and turned. “Freya...” He made a double-take. “Daniel?”

Daniel made a sleepy sound, which sounded suspiciously like ‘Anise’.

“I am here, beloved,” Freya said, smiling widely at O’Neill. She sat at the far end of the bed, leaning against the wall. “I was observing you. Do you know that you both look cute when you sleep?”

Cute!” O’Neill snorted. “Right!” Since he could not find his clothing - and it was only a loincloth anyway - he pulled one of the blankets to him and wrapped it around himself.

“I was considering cuddling up between you, but I was afraid to wake you,” Freya told him, getting a somewhat unhappy look.

“Jack?” Daniel mumbled. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing! You were just... snuggling. Again!”

“How do you know it’s me that moved closer to you?” Daniel asked, still sleepy.

O’Neill got out of bed, ignoring the comment. He was feeling exhausted, his throat felt like sandpaper, he was famished, and he needed to use the bathroom. Finding it, he disappeared into it for several minutes, feeling somewhat better when he emerged.

“This place got any food?” O’Neill wondered.

“No, I am afraid not,” Freya told him.

“Typical. Maybe the locals have thought about it and brought us some...” He went to the door and opened it. He smiled widely when he saw what stood outside in the shadow. “A fruitbasket! And a large one at that!” He carried it inside and held it up for the others, momentarily forgetting all the things that had made him grumpy.

“It looks delicious. Let’s eat some.” Daniel yawned. “And then I’m going to get some more sleep.” He smiled fondly at Freya. “I had a wonderful time last night.”

“Thank you, Daniel.” She smiled back at him, throwing O’Neill a quick, hopeful look.

“Yeah...” O’Neill admitted. “I guess it was... very nice.” He gave her a bashful smile, as he sat down on the bed beside the others, placing the fruit basket between them.

*I... think that is the fruit basket Rhoak and Tarlok brought us...* Freya observed, reaching for a very large banana.

*I agree, but I do not believe Jack and Daniel need to know.*

Freya peeled the banana and thoughtfully closed her mouth around the top. *No, I think you are correct.* She looked up and suddenly noticed that O’Neill and Daniel both had stopped what they had been doing, and that she now had their full attention. She smiled sweetly at them, and let the banana slide deeper into her mouth.

“Is it already morning?” Sam asked, sounding very sleepy. “I am exhausted!”

Martouf smiled at her, from where he was sitting on the edge of the bed - naked. “Actually, I believe it is close to noon, judging by the light outside, but I do not believe we are expected to take part of anything today. However, Lantash and I are quite hungry, so I thought I would go and see if I can find us some food.”

“Noon?” Sam sounded disbelieving. Then she smiled. “I’m not surprised you guys are hungry. You were, um, quite active tonight.” She blushed. “Well, I wouldn’t mind some food either.”

“Active is an understatement.” He smiled wider. “We loved every moment of it! You are wonderful, Samantha!”

Sam blushed even deeper. “I... enjoyed it too.” She sat up and scooted over beside him, and put her arms around him. “A lot.” She kissed him.

He returned the kiss, then sighed and rose. “I had better get that food now - or I will not get out of bed anytime soon.” He smiled, and went to pick up his loincloth.

Sam shamelessly ogled him, and he did not seem to mind in the least. “Hurry back!”

“Oh, I promise you I will!” Martouf said, conviction in his voice.

He had only walked a short distance from the hut, when he was approached by a couple of smiling girls, carrying a large basket each.

“You are Martouf and Lantash?” the oldest of the girls asked.

He nodded. “Yes.”

“We are bringing food for you.” She smiled at him. “With regards from Tinnok. He hopes you had a great night.” She held out the basket she was carrying, and so did the other girl.

“You can tell him we all did. It was... most pleasant.” He took the offered baskets. “Thank you.”

“We must hurry - we are late delivering the food. We still need to bring some for all the other visitors!” the other girl said, pulling on the first. “Enjoy your food! Oh... and there is also something in the basket for treating soreness - should your mate need it. I am told it is very effective and fast working!”

Martouf smiled as the girls ran off. He turned and went back inside the hut.

“That was fast!” Sam said, looking up when she saw him.

“Yes.” He closed the door after him and picked up the baskets of food. “These were brought to us.” He went to the bed and put the baskets down.

“Nice! Let’s see what they’re giving us.” She hesitated. “You don’t think they’re drugging us again, do you?”

Martouf shook his head. “No, I doubt that. We have done what they wanted already.” He smiled and leaned in to give her a kiss. “When we have eaten, would you care to join me for a bath in the geothermal pool outside? We can return for a nap... or other things... later.”

Sam’s cheeks coloured. “A bath sounds nice - yeah, let’s do that. Anything more... well, maybe when I’ve gotten some more sleep.” She removed the cloth that was covering the contents of the first bag. “Freshly baked bread! Cheese, jam, honey, butter... this is great! There’s also plates and knives.”

“The other one contains several kinds of fruit, as well as two bottles of fruit juice - and Lantash promises he will examine that carefully before you drink of it.”

Sam laughed. “Thanks - though I do agree with you. I don’t think they're going to drug us any further.” She crawled up to sit on the bed, with her back against the wall. “Come, sit beside me - and bring the food.”

“Of course, Samantha.” He smiled, and did as she asked, sitting down very close to her.

She smiled back at him. “This is nice. Very nice. Let’s do this again!”

Martouf put an arm around her. “Lantash and I would like that very much.”

They kissed, then turned their attention to the delicious food.

Chapter 19: Time to Talk