Chapter 2: You Are Back?

"Why are they still unconscious?" O'Neill wondered, indicating Sam and Jolinar.

Some hours had passed, and Aldwin and Martouf had used the healing devices to heal the injuries of the humans. They had all freshened up a little, and had something to eat and drink, and then spent some time relaxing. Physically, they were feeling better, but the experiences from Netu were still haunting them. On top of that, there was the fact that Sam was now host to a resurrected, probably Goa'uld, Jolinar.

Jacob and Selmak were the only ones that slept, and that was only due to their extreme exhaustion.

"They should not still be unconscious," Martouf said, getting up from where he had just sat down. His expression was tense, and he and Lantash had spent the last several hours discussing, their thoughts going pointlessly around in circles.

If Jolinar was indeed Goa'uld again, then they would have preferred she had not been resurrected at all. To face a symbiote who was their mate in body, but very much not in soul, would be even more painful than it had been learning she had died. There was also Sam - how would she handle suddenly being host to Jolinar again - a Jolinar who was a Goa'uld. They worried deeply for her wellbeing.

Martouf ran the healing device over Sam and Jolinar again, as he had done many times over the past hours.

"Well?" O'Neill asked.

"Still no change." Martouf shook his head. "There is no physical reason why they should be unconscious. If I didn't know any better, I would say they were blending, but that does not make sense. "

"Why doesn't that make sense?" Daniel said.

"Goa'uld do not blend. They just take what they want."

"Maybe the device caused it?" Daniel suggested.

"That is as good an explanation as any." Martouf looked a little bit more hopeful. "We must hope that is the case - and that Samantha does indeed hold all of Jolinar's memories."

"I thought they weren't accessible?" O'Neill said.

"Maybe not to a human, but to a symbiote they are. If they are blending, Jolinar would reabsorb her memories, and become herself again. She would be Tok'ra," Martouf explained.

"Does that mean she'll leave Carter?" O'Neill asked.

"If that is what Samantha wishes, then yes."

"Of course she wishes that!" O'Neill snorted, then relaxed back against the wall again. "Well, let's hope old Jolly gets her memories back, then!"

It was perhaps an hour later, when Sam made a small sound. Martouf was at her side before she had fully awakened.

"Samantha? Jolinar?" He asked, nervously.

"Can you tell if Jolinar is herself? If she's Tok'ra, I mean?" Daniel asked, softly, joining him.

Martouf sighed. "No, not with complete, absolute certainty. Samantha carries Jolinar's memories, which means any symbiote she is host to has access to these memories, as well as Samantha's own. Jolinar could certainly impersonate both Samantha and... herself, as Tok'ra. However, as well as I know her, I have to believe that something would seem... off to me if she did that. I want to believe that I would know it, if she were not truly herself again. Besides, I do believe they have blended, and in that case Jolinar will have absorbed her own memories from Samantha... she will be herself!" He spoke the last part with conviction - as much to convince himself as anyone else.

"It sounds right... I guess you'll just have to wait and see when you talk to her. Still, I assume it won't convince the rest of the Tok'ra - or others..." Daniel threw a look in the direction where O'Neill was sitting.

"No." Martouf shook his head. "Only a full examination by Tok'ra healers, and... interrogation by Tok'ra experts, will do that."

*Samantha?* a hesitant voice spoke in Sam's mind.

Sam tried to speak, but found she did not have control of her body. *You're a Goa'uld!* she thought venomously at the presence in her mind.

*No! I am not a Goa'uld! I am...*

*Jolinar. You are Jolinar!* Sam sounded disbelieving. *How?*

*Yes, I am Jolinar... but I see what you mean. It would seem... I have been dead for almost 1 years!*

*You have. I have no idea how you can be alive again!* Sam suddenly remembered something. *That odd device in the corner of the room - I think I remember... from you, that it's some sort of healing device or machine? It sent out a beam that hit me just before the ring transporters activated. I blacked out almost immediately, and didn't wake up again until now. Do you think it could have revived you? Or... regrown you, or whatever.*

Jolinar was quiet for a while. *Regrown me must be the correct term. The only thing left of me would have been the tendrils I sent into your brain. I do not know how I did not become a Goa'uld, if I was regrown from those!* She shuddered.

*What do you mean?*

*The cells in the tendrils do not contain updated genetic memory like those in the rest of the body, only what we are born with.*

*And you were originally Goa'uld.* Sam immediately realized. *Actually, you were a very powerful System Lord. Why do I even know this?*

*Yes... ah, Samantha, it would seem we are fully blended. That explains why you know about my past... and I, yours. Incidentally, I must have transferred the entirety of my memories to you when I, ah, died... and now I have them again.*

*Fully blended? Yes, I see what you mean. The alien device probably caused that too, when it... regrew you.* Sam 'sighed'. *That means you can't leave me. At least not without me going crazy with loneliness. Right?*

*That is essentially correct. Why are you not angry... or angrier, at least?* Jolinar sounded very surprised.

Sam pondered it for a few moments. *Partially because I have missed you, partially... I don't know. I don't think I have had time to realize what it means. This is all a bit sudden, and the damn drug they fed me is still making me woozy... or maybe it's you coming back.*

*No, it is the 'blood of Sokar'. You got a very large dose, probably because the naquadah in your blood counteracts it somewhat. They would have had to give you as much as someone with a symbiote would have been given, but you did not have that protection, of course. I am neutralizing it and filtering it out, but it had already effected you, and it will take some time yet before you... we, are completely well. It may even have contributed to... making us blend - it blurs the boundaries between memories, thoughts, past, and present - among other things.*

*Maybe... Jolinar, give me control. I promise I will get used to you having control, but I need time. Besides, the others doesn't know you are here, yet.*

*Yes, they do... and Martouf is calling to us both. My sweet, dear Martouf and Lantash!* Jolinar gave Sam control. *Talk to him - but please let me talk to them soon... if they will even talk to me.*

*Why shouldn't they want to?*

*I took an unwilling host. I did... questionable things to escape Netu.*

*He knows about Netu... as you know. I can't believe he would be angry at you for that. There was nothing else you could have done!*

*Rosha thought there must have been. Regardless, Lantash will be angry with me for taking an unwilling host.* She sighed. *Now, talk to them.*

Chapter 3