Christmas Shopping

Sam noticed her team-mates on their way out. "Where are you all going?"

"Shopping for Christmas gifts." Teal'c said.

"You wanna come?"

"Uhm...I suppose so, Daniel. Though I don't have many to buy...I didn't think any of you had either."

"Well...we're buying gifts for Cassie. What about you?"

"I have..." Sam calculated, "...9 to buy for..."

"9! That's...a lot!"

"Yeah, well. There's Cassie...and Mark...and his wife and kids..."

"That's only 5..." O'Neill pointed out.

"Dad's stopping by...and Selmak will want a gift as well...and dad told Martouf about our Christmas traditions, so he's coming too. So I need a gift for him - and Lantash, of course."

"You're buying Christmas gifts for the snakes? That's just wrong." O'Neill grumbled.

"Actually..." Daniel blushed and threw O'Neill a sideways glance. "Last time Anise was here, she brought me a very interesting Minoan-style vase...I was thinking about getting her something for return...and I would need something for Freya as well, of course. That's only fair."

O'Neill rolled his eyes. How could he deserve two team-mates like that - as well as Teal'c? The universe sure had a twisted sense of humour!