"Where are you going, kids?"

Sam looked at the man, whom she vaguely recognized as Major Peterson - one of O'Neill's guards, probably. It was dangerous times, and who knew when or where the Ori might show up. "We are... SG-1 - and we're going on a mission!" she lied, a proud expression on her face.

"On a mission?" Peterson asked, frowning.

"Yes," Daniel helpfully added. "Jack is taking sooo long, talking to the Council! We're going topside to play until he's ready to go!"

"Oh... okay, I guess. Are you allowed to go to the surface alone?"

"Yes, this planet is safe," Martouf told him, truthfully.

Peterson nodded. "Off you go then - but don't go too far, and be back soon, okay?"

Martouf hit the center button on the DHD, and the Stargate activated. "Okay, let's go! Quickly!" He threw a worried glance in the direction where he knew the guards were hiding.

They all ran through, and as soon as the wormhole had closed, Martouf dialed a new address, this time for the world where SG-1 had set out on their adventure for the Sangraal.

"What's this planet called?" Daniel asked, looking in the direction of the village. "It looks like it's in a med-ieval time period."

"No idea," Martouf said. "Come on! Let's hurry before they realize we're here."

"How did you know what planet it was then? Did you see the address?" Sam wondered.

"No, I heard them say the address. I told you," Martouf said, impatiently.

"You have names for the gate symbols?" Sam asked, interested.

"Yes," Freya told her.

"Nice," Sam observed.

"So did the Ancients. Maybe it's trans-lated from that?" Daniel speculated, as they hurried on towards the nearby village.

"Uh, hi?" Daniel said, looking at the tall man dressed in simple, but colourful clothing, who had stopped what he was doing when they stepped onto the street.

"Yes, young one?" He smiled at them all. "I am Mochan. Are you here on your own?"

"Yes," Martouf told him.

"We're looking for a friend of ours," Daniel explained. "Maybe you can help us find him? Uh, my name is Daniel, by the way."

"Greetings, Daniel - and Daniel's friends." Mochan looked thoughtful. "About two weeks ago, there was a group of adventurers dressed in clothing such as yours. Is he one of them?"

"Yes, he is." Sam nodded. "My name is Major Samantha Carter."

"You're not a Major anymore," Daniel insisted.

"Yes I am! I am just... on extended leave!"

Freya rolled her eyes at them, then made the small bow the Tok'ra used when they greeted people. "I am Freya, host to Anise."

"Don't talk about Anise!" Sam hissed.

"Our friend... he was captured by an evil woman. We are here to rescue him," Martouf said, quickly, trying to distract Mochan from what Freya had said. He pointed at himself. "I am Martouf... Lantash."

"You are very young for going on such a dangerous mission. Do you not think you should let someone else to handle this?" Mochan asked.

Sam shook her head. "No, we are the best for this task!"

"You shouldn't always judge someone on how they look," Daniel told him.

Mochan nodded slowly. "That is very true. Come, I shall tell you what little I know, and then we shall talk to a friend of mine, who may know more."

"They didn't know much at all! Only that Ba'al was there with Jaffa, and then three days later SG-1 came!" Daniel complained.

"And that someone named Osric followed SG-1 to help, but that he never returned," Sam reminded him.

"Yes. We need more info," Daniel insisted. "I mean, we know they found the Sangraal, or at least Merlin's lab, but that they were transported away to another planet first."

"Do you think they are worried about us? I mean Jack, and Jacob... and Janet?" Freya wondered, looking concerned.

"We left a note, so they know we went to save Cam," Daniel said.

"Perhaps we should try and complete the 'quest'?" Sam suggested.

"What would that help? There is nothing more to find! Mitchell was taken by Adria, probably to another place enti-rely," Martouf said.

"He is correct. We must learn where Adria is now." Freya looked unhappy. "We have no way of finding out!"

"Yes we do. We should go talk to the Free Jaffa. Bra'tac will help us," Sam insisted.

"He'll just have us sent back home," Daniel said.

"Don't be so negative! We'll convince him!" Sam gave him a push on the shoulder.

"Hey!" Daniel exclaimed. "Stop that!" He pushed her back.

"Stop it both of you!" Freya told them. "Let us go talk to Bra'tac. Our situ-ation can only improve!"

"Agreed, but where is he? Dakara has fallen, and so has Chulak," Martouf reminded her.

"Yes, but I'm sure Bra'tac is still on Chulak, in hiding maybe?" Daniel suggested.

They looked at each other, and shrugged.

"I guess it is as good a place to start as any." Martouf dialed the address for Chulak, and they stepped through.

"Do you know where we can find Master Bra'tac?" Daniel asked.

"That traitor is not here!" the Jaffa snarled, and turned on his heel.

"Not the best start..." Sam observed.

"Let's try the one over there - the one training with his ma'tok staff," Martouf suggested.

"He looks fierce... do you really believe that is a good idea?" Freya said, a concerned look on her face.

"Why not?" Martouf walked over to him and made the small half-bow the Tok'ra used when they greeted people. "Greetings, sir. May I ask you a question, please?"

The Jaffa stopped his training and glared at Martouf. "No. You are a child and a human - my time is too important to waste it on you."

He began his training again, ignoring Martouf and the other children.

Martouf gave him an angry look and was about to say something, when someone called out to them. They all turned to see a male Jaffa with a beard - and a forehead symbol that had clearly been burned away.

"Rak'nor?" Daniel asked.

"Yes. Come, children." He nodded at the Jaffa that was training. "I shall handle this, Foh'lar."

"As you wish." Foh'lar shrugged, clearly uninterested.

"We can talk undisturbed here," Rak'nor said. He looked at them, frowning slightly. "You are clearly of the Tau'ri, given your clothing, but I did not know they allowed their children to go on missions alone?"

The children looked at each other, then Sam spoke.

"We're friends of Teal'c. I'm Major Samantha Carter - I know you've heard of me! I think we've met, even!"

"Yes!" He looked at her, somewhat shocked. "In that case we have met, though you looked different then. You are the ones that were... transformed. Made into children."

"Yes, that's right. I'm Daniel - and you've met me too!"

"We're Martouf... Lantash, and that's Freya Anise," Martouf told him, uncertain if it was safe to tell one of the Free Jaffa that they were Tok'ra, despite the fact that the two groups were at least starting to get along better.

"What are you doing here, alone?" Rak'nor asked. "It is dangerous! This world has pledged itself to the Ori!"

"Oh!" Sam exclaimed. "We didn't know! I mean, we did know it had surrendered in battle, but not that you had started worshipping the Ori!"

All the children immediately got concerned expressions, and started throwing worried glances everywhere, almost expecting a Prior to show up at any time.

"What else were the people to do? It is not everyone's fate to fight and die for what seems to be a futile cause!" Rak'nor exclaimed.

"Um, we're looking for Bra'tac - we hoped he could help us," Daniel said, keeping his voice low.

"So you're not an Ori worshipper?" Sam asked.

"Of course not!" Rak'nor said, hotly.

"Cam... that is Colonel Mitchell of SG-1... he's missing," Martouf explained, whispering. "Adria have him."

"And we are going to rescue him," Freya added.

"Adria! The Orici? You are insane if you believe you can help him!" Rak'nor said, nervously looking around to make sure no one else was listening. "I cannot help you!"

"Don't you know where Bra'tac is? He's your friend, isn't he?" Martouf insisted.

"Yes, he is," Rak'nor admitted. He sighed. "I shall tell you where he is, but then you must leave. Return to the world of the Tau'ri, and let grown warriors attempt the rescue, if you can find anyone crazy enough to do so!"

"We'll leave," Daniel promised, not saying they would go to Earth. "Where's Bra'tac?"

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