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Back home again on the base.

Many months more had passed, and word had finally come that Rosha and Jolinar were on the way home from their long and dangerous mission.

Both Martouf and Lantash were very nervous. They were sitting in their room, having been sent there by Zarin. For the third time in a row they had forgotten what they were doing and had allowed the crystal-making machine to run for too long, creating dozens of flawed tunnel crystals. Zarin had chased them out of the room and told them not to come back until they had figured out their relationship with Rosha and Jolinar.

*I fear that will be a long time.* Lantash said.

*At least we will not have to do crystal-duty for some time - it is intensely boring.*

*True, there is that.*

Hearing someone at the door, they both looked up and saw Rosha/Jolinar.

*Wow...they're even more gorgeous than in your memories...* Martouf looked at them with his mouth agape. *To any deity which may exist...please, please, please let them want us...*

*That is my hope as well, dear Martouf...for now, I think it may be better if I take control?*

*Yes, yes, of course.* Martouf's head bowed and Lantash were given control.

Rosha and Jolinar were still standing in the doorway, looking lost and sad. Their mission had been very dangerous, and they had very much looked forward to being with Nemura and Lantash again. While they had been able to smuggle information out from time to time, there had been no safe way of sending a message to them. They had been told of the death of Nemura only yesterday.

"Rosha? Jolinar? It is me, Lantash..." he got up from where he had been sitting on the bed and took a few steps towards them, looking very nervous.

Jolinar walked over to Lantash, slowly looking at him from his shoes to the top of his head, then back to his face. She gently touched his face, letting her fingers trace every curve. "Lantash..."

Lantash closed his eyes briefly and leaned into her caress, then sighed and opened his eyes. "I am so sorry that I could not save Nemura...he was too badly wounded..." he looked very sad.

Jolinar looked as if she was about to cry, then her head dipped and Rosha came fore. "We know you did your best - both of us know. We are very grateful that you survived. For that we thank your new host...I think Aldwin called him Martouf?"

"Yes. Please forgive him for not greeting you, but he is a bit shy and understandably worried about what you might think of him."

Rosha nodded. "We both understand." She put her arms around them, and Lantash reciprocated. For a long time they just stood there, holding each other close. They were mourning Nemura, but they were grateful the three of them were still alive, still had each other.

* is very nice to embrace them...I really do love them very much, just as you said...and I...I would very much like to...*

*Yes, I know. So would I, but we have to give them time...let them decide they want to continue the relationship...I hope...*

"Martouf became your host almost 8 months ago?" Rosha asked. She had decided she wanted  to know more about this new - potential - mate.

"Yes, he did. When we first attempted to flee Setona, just after Nephthys conquered that world." *Martouf, I think you should try to talk to them a little bit...*

Not really wanting to, Martouf finally agreed to it after some prodding from Lantash.

"Hello. I am Martouf..." he blushed deeply, and looked down. Lantash quickly took care of the flush, but not before Rosha and Jolinar had noticed.

"Hello, Martouf. I am pleased to meet you. I am Rosha...but you knew that already...don't be afraid of me and Jolinar - we won't harm you!"

Her head bowed as Jolinar took control. She also wished to meet this young man who had saved the life of their mate, by sharing his body with him. "Martouf...I am pleased to meet you. I am Jolinar...tell us a little about yourself. We know nothing about you, save for the fact that you are Setonan. And that you volunteered to be host to Lantash - something we are very grateful for."

"Err...I don't know...there isn't much to tell, really. I am the son of the first secretary of Setona. I have studied the natural sciences for a year at the university. I am 17 - though I will be 18 in about a month," he quickly added.

*17! Jolinar...he is a can we ever hope to continue this relationship with someone so much younger than us...*

*His age is not important...give him some credit. He volunteered as host after his world had just been conquered by Nephthys. He left his family, and his entire former life behind. And he seems to be coping well...besides, compared to me you are all very young, even Lantash...*

They sat there talking for a little while before Lantash again took over. He continued to speak with Rosha and Jolinar for a long time, then they just sat there together, enjoying being close again.

About a month later, shortly after they had celebrated Martouf's 18th birthday. It was now time for him and the other two new hosts to go on their first, real mission. They had picked an easy one, and Jolinar would be in charge of it.

During the time that had passed, Martouf and Lantash had spent much time together with Rosha/Jolinar. They had still not decided if they wanted to continue being mates, but they were getting to know each other and becoming good friends. That was an important first step.

*Jolinar...I am still unsure about Martouf. He is cute...and sweet...and yes, he is attractive, but it still bothers me that he is so very young. Or perhaps that I am so much older...I just don't know. I love Lantash very much...I can't bear the thought of ever losing him, or of not being his mate, but...and I do like Martouf...what do you think?*

*As I have said before, I do not care about the age difference - it is not truly relevant. I love Lantash as much as you do, and I want to continue being his mate. They are getting impatient, even though they try to hide it...they want to resume the relationship, both of them. Poor Martouf, he cannot help himself from feeling what Lantash feel. You know that I loved Nemura very much, and I always will love him...but I think that in time I may come to love Martouf as much or even more...which means that so would you. He is a very good match for Lantash - and for us. Soon we must decide. I think no later than when we return from this mission. I believe the only right choice - for all of us - is to take Martouf as our mate as well, and to continue the relationship with Lantash.*

Rosha sighed deeply. She had known Jolinar would say this. Deep down she agreed with her...she was just not ready to accept it fully - yet.

*You may be correct. We would most likely be very happy with them as mates, but...I feel as if we are betraying Nemura...and so short a time after learning of his death.*

*I have felt this way as well, but consider this; by not taking Martouf - and Lantash - as mates, we are betraying Lantash. In a way this is also a betrayal of Nemura, as he would want nothing more than happiness for his closest friend and soul mate. He would want us to continue the relationship with Lantash - and with the one he has entrusted his best friend with.*

*I guess I can see it that way...very well, I shall give it serious thought. After the mission - I promise.*

Rosha/Jolinar had now arrived at the chaapa'ai. The group with new hosts, Martouf/Lantash, Aldwin/Gerim, and Marid/Korra were waiting for them.

She smiled at them all, giving Lantash and Martouf a warm look. "This should be a short and easy mission. We are going to Telrak to negotiate with a trader. He claims to have obtained a large cache of Goa'uld weapons, technology, data crystals, and various other trinkets. They were stolen from one of Heru'ur's storage rooms, so the data crystals could very well contain valuable information. We can of course always use the weapons. If his claims turns out to be true, this would be a very useful trade. We are to meet our contact later today, and he will then arrange a meeting with the trader as soon as possible.*

Everyone nodded, and they turned to the chaapa'ai. "Martouf - you have learned the address to several of our safe planets. Please input the glyphs for one of them and open a wormhole."

Martouf walked over to the DHD, excited and nervous to be asked to do this. *Lantash - which one?*

*Anyone - you pick.*

He entered an address and pushed the big red center button. The chaapa'ai sprang to life and activated with the familiar 'kawoosh'. They all walked through. When the wormhole had closed, Jolinar entered the address for their destination, and they went through.

The planet appeared peaceful. No one was in the immediate vicinity of the chaapa'ai, but they followed a well-travelled road to a nearby village bustling with life.

Martouf looked around with interest. This was the first planet he had been to, where he would get to meet the population. It was very different from his home world. There were no modern technology. He thought back to his history classes. This place looked very similar to how his planet had been around the time when the Goa'uld had just left. It fascinated him to no end to see this live...until he suddenly realised his own world would probably be more or less like this in a generation or two. During the rest of the walk he was very subdued. They were going to an inn where they would meet their contact.

Later, when they had just finished dinner, a man approached them. They had all noticed him watching them from the corner. He had been there  since they sat down to eat. The man wore relatively nice clothes and seemed to be about 50. He looked quickly at all of them, then somehow realised Jolinar was the leader and turned to her.

"Welcome to our village, my lady. Dare I hope you might be traders who have come through the ring? Perhaps in search of...unusual merchandise?"

"Thank you...yes, perhaps we are." Rosha replied. "If the merchandise here truly are as exquisite as we have been told."

"Might it have been my dear brother Jofus who mentioned this to you?"

"Yes, indeed it was - when we met him on Kellana."

The man nodded, satisfied they were indeed the ones he was supposed to meet. Rosha seemed to have relaxed as well, which meant everyone else in her group did the same.

"Then I know just the right trader for you. I am Simmen of Oarid. Come to the back entrance of the old temple just south of the city, tomorrow at noon."

"We look forward to meeting, it is late and we have travelled far. We would like to bid you good night and retire for the day."

"Good night, my lady." He nodded to her, then to her three companions. "...and to you, young gentlemen."

"Do we not appear an unusual group of traders?" Aldwin wondered, after they had returned to their room. "A young woman with three even younger men as companions, one of which is only just barely an adult..."

"Not at all - and if they suspect anything I shall introduce you as my apprentices, learning the trade from their master." Jolinar giggled.

"Don't push it, Jolinar!" Lantash warned, then smiled mischievously, "...or we shall start addressing you as 'the old and wise one'!"

"Wise? - yes, but old? I can certainly do without that description - you can use that for Selmak, but not me!" she slapped Lantash playfully on his butt. "Behave, young one, or I shall have to spank you..."

Lantash got a naughty glint in his eyes, and was just about to respond, when Korra interrupted.

"Oh, yes, Lantash. Do show some respect for your elders..." he collapsed on the bed, laughing hard, while Jolinar looked as if she did not know whether to laugh or be angry.

*Give up, or they will never cease their teasing.* Rosha gave her symbiote a hug. *Besides, for a symbiote you are still very young.*

They sat for a while longer, enjoying the rare opportunity to just relax and have fun with their friends. Everything was going well. Hopefully, tomorrow they would be able to conclude their business. 

Next day. The Tok'ra had arrived shortly before noon, and had now waited about 30 minutes.

*Maybe he is not going to show up? Do you think he is suspicious of us?* Martouf wondered.

*Perhaps - traders in goods like these are always somewhat suspicious. If they were not slightly paranoid they would not live long. More likely though, he is observing us to make sure we are not up to something. They might fear we brought guards or perhaps even contacted the original owner of the merchandise. I have noticed someone over there in that ruin,* he indicated a small building with a fallen in roof, about 60 feet from the temple, *...from time to time, checking us out.*

A few minutes later a little group of men showed up. They looked scruffy and shady, but that was to be expected. Simmen was not with them.

"You are the leader?" one of the men asked Rosha.

"I am. You are a friend of Jofus's brother, Simmen?"

"Yes. You may call me master Argo...I hear you have shown interest in some of my more...unusual goods."

They continued talking back and forth like that for some time before 'master Argo' decided they were thrust-worthy. He indicated they should follow him.

The group walked for maybe 20 minutes along a partly overgrown track. It was obvious something heavy and bulky had been carried this way not long ago, as many of the branches along the way were broken off. The path led them to a cave opening which they entered.

Several of Argo's men lit torches and gave one to Argo. He led them through a network of tunnels, walking for almost 20 minutes before they came to a large room with several crates. It had been made by digging out and enlarging both sides of the corridor. The tunnel seemed to stop in the room, or perhaps it continued on, unseen behind an outcropping of rock at the back of the room.

"Everything in this room is part of the sale. Take a look at it. You either buy all or nothing."

Rosha nodded. "Of course. We quite understand..." she went over to the crates and started examining their contents. "There are many good weapons, both staff weapons and zat'nik'tels - about 20 of each, as well as a couple of boxes of various grenades. Though, perhaps there are a bit fewer than we had hoped... The rest is of little or no value to us...Goa'uld technology that we either do not know the use of or which can only be used by the gods... Still, we will honor the agreement and take it all."

"Excellent. Now, hopefully we can agree on a fair price for these goods. I am sure you will admit it is an unusual find...Goa'uld weaponry are not for sale every day."

"True." Rosha took off her backpack and removed a large piece of dark cloth from it, which she spread out across one of the nearest crates. She then began retrieving one piece after another of the most exquisite and expensive jewelry Martouf had ever seen. It even surpassed what they had offered to Zefina!

Rosha motioned to the other Tok'ra, and they each brought her their backpack. Not long after she had laid out many beautiful pieces of jewelry, several small figurines carved in precious stone, and a number of vials containing perfumes. To that she added several scarves made of silk so fine they were almost translucent - all richly decorated.

Argo looked at it all with a greedy expression on his face. These things were at least the value of the weapons he was selling, and far easier and less dangerous to sell. Much of what he was selling were Goa'uld gadgets and technology, which could only be used by the gods. Worthless in every way to him and any buyer he might find - including this group buying all the junk... As expected they only seemed interested in the weapons. He wondered idly if they would sell them again, or if they were involved with some kind of rebellion. Somehow he suspected the latter, which made them potentially very dangerous people to associate with... However, the reward was more than high enough and soon they would be rid of this dangerous merchandise. He shuddered and hoped they had not been followed...he suspected they had been seen leaving the planet where they had found the goods. The quicker this transaction were done with, the better. He looked through the jewelry and precious knick-knacks. He decided it was more than adequate payment.

"If you throw in one more of these necklaces," he indicated a thick gold chain with several emeralds, "then I will accept the trade, though I will loose some money on it...but I am feeling jovial and it is such a hassle finding thrust-worthy buyers nowadays."

*Not to mention the fact that you want nothing more than to be rid of this dangerous load of merchandise - besides, our jewelry more than pays for the weapons. The rest is of no value to him or any other buyer he might find...he wants to cheat us...* Jolinar remarked sarcastically to her host.

Rosha giggled internally, but looked outwardly calm. She took another necklace from one of the backpacks. They had expected to pay much more for this, despite what its value might be. The man must really be desperate since he did not try to haggle. Hopefully, no one would show up looking for him before the Tok'ra had time to get away with their catch. She smiled to Argo and placed the necklace on the table with the rest of the goods.

"Of course. Then we are agreed?"

"Certainly, my lady." He grinned. "My men will help you carry it all to the Ring of the Gods. From there you are on your own - though your men does not seem up to the task." He laughed and collected his payment. Then he turned to one of his men. "Josan...go check if the way is clear."

The man nodded and disappeared back through the corridors. He had not been gone for more than maybe 15 minutes before they heard noises and something sounding like staff blasts. Moments later Josan came stumbling back into the room, bleeding from a grazing staff blast to his side. "Jaffa...lots and lots of them! They're in the tunnels!"

Argo got a panicked expression and quickly shouldered the backpack he had put the jewelries in. He then grabbed a staff weapon, ran for the back of the cave and disappeared behind an outcropping of the rock. Another tunnel led from there to a back exit. Before anyone could follow, he shot the roof behind him, collapsing the opening into the cave-room and removing that way out as an option for the others.

"Traitor!" one of Argo's men yelled after him. "If we ever get our hands on you..."

Josan ran to the crate with the grenades. Rosha grabbed his arm.

"No! Even if the explosion in these confined spaces somehow fails to bring down the roof on our heads, the shock wave will surely kill us all."

"They'll be here in a few moments! If we try to use the staff weapons we'll have to stand in the middle of the corridor with nothing to hide behind - they can fire at us freely - and they're about 30 We are only four - and a young woman and three kids!"

Lantash had finally had enough of these people and turned angrily on Josan. "I am no child!" his eyes glowed briefly. "I have just about had it with you idiots!" Martouf sighed internally, having tried and failed to stop his fiery symbiote.

Somewhat taken aback by being confronted with what they perceived as a god in their midst, the four remaining criminals almost fell over each other in their attempt to get as far away from Lantash as possible.

Rosha sighed. Lantash had blown their cover, but she and Jolinar decided to make the most of it. Giving Jolinar control, she turned to Lantash and the others. "Grab the hand devices and come over to me here by the opening to the corridor. If we stand two on each side we can get cover from the walls and send as strong a shock wave as possible towards the Jaffa. If we work simultaneously, these small corridors should focus the combined wave enough to kill many of them, and push most of the rest back. The survivors will either flee or regroup and attack. I think the former. In any case, we have time to prepare." She then turned to Argo's men, allowing her eyes to flash a white golden. "You four - stand over there, keep quiet, and do not interfere, and you may still live!"

The four scared men just nodded and huddled close where Jolinar told them to stay. Lantash went to pick up the hand devices and handed one out to Jolinar and each of the other Tok'ra. They then hurriedly took up the positions she had ordered them to.

Martouf looked on in awe as Lantash quickly and without difficulty put on the intricate hand device. *I have seen one of those in a museum, and while our scholars knew some of what it was used for, they were never able to make it do anything, or even just activate it.*

* need naquadah in your blood to use it - and you also need to know how to use it. It draws some energy from yourself - less the better you are trained in its use - and it is controlled by the user's thoughts and feelings.*

Meanwhile, everyone had taken their places and waited for the Jaffa to approach. Martouf/Lantash were on the left side of the corridor, covered behind the wall. Marid/Korra and Aldwin/Gerim hid on the right side. 

As Korra put on the hand device and prepared to use it, he felt his hosts revulsion. *Marid?*

*I am sorry. The Goa'uld of our world used one of those to kill my best friend when he made the 'error' of trying to stop the Goa'uld from taking his wife as a slave. I have never seen one of those on anyone but a Goa'uld, and to see one on my own observe you put it on with such skill and ease...for a moment it was very disconcerting...*

*It is disconcerting for me as well, as the ribbon device is as much a symbol of Goa'uld oppression as the ha'tak. Our easy ability to use it also reminds us of the uncomfortable fact that biologically we are - as much as we hate to admit it - Goa'uld.*

*I should not be ashamed that you can use it. Your ability to pose as Goa'uld is what makes you able to fight them from within...and philosophically you are very distant from them.* He hugged Korra. *...and, after all, it is just a weapon, and I understand that in some cases it is better suited than most - like this.*

*Thank you.* Korra hugged Marid back, very relieved.

"Ready!" Jolinar whispered, and they all focused on the task ahead. Seconds later the Jaffa turned the corner at the end of the corridor. The Tok'ra allowed them to walk for a little while longer, until the majority had turned into the tunnel leading up to them and were in a direct line of fire. Then, when the first of them were about 30 feet away, the Tok'ra simultaneously sent a shock wave towards them. It worked even better than expected, killing the first 10 of the Jaffa and throwing the rest about 20 feet through the air and hard against the far end wall. They landed badly wounded in a large heap. They pulled themselves to their feet as quickly as their protesting bodies would allow them and limped away, carrying or supporting those of their comrades needing it. Recognizing the blast as coming from a hand device, they were convinced there was a very angry and extremely powerful god in the chamber ahead. They did not wish to provoke him or her further. They fled.

Relieved, Jolinar and the other Tok'ra relaxed and turned to the four terrified humans cowering in the corner of the cave.

Lowering the hand device, Jolinar dipped her head, giving Rosha control. She looked at the humans, weighing the options.

"You are not responsible for Argo's betrayal. I will pay you 10% of Argo's take if you will help us move the merchandise from here to the chaapa'ai."

"Ehrmm..." Josan stammered. "That is very generous of you, my Lady...Lord...but we are only humans...?"

"Relax. We are not exactly Goa'uld either...I would take the deal while it is still on the table."

Josan looked at his companions who were quivering on their knees. "We accept, my Lord."

Rosha sighed, not liking to be treated like a Goa'uld. She went to one of the crates, picked up a healing device and walked over to Josan. "Let me take a look at that blast wound..." she put on the healing device and turned it on, letting it pass a couple of times over the wounded area on Josan's side. The wound healed before their eyes. " that not better?"

"Thank...thank you, most merciful goddess..." he sank down to his knees, before Rosha grabbed him and pulled him up.

"I said we are not Goa'uld. We do not desire worship."

The man looked at her with surprise, then nodded.

Rosha had gone back to the crates and started to coordinate which things were the most important and should be carried out first. "We will have to go twice, as we only have 8 pairs of hands."

Heavily loaded, the group slowly carried their loads to the chaapa'ai. Arriving first, Martouf/Lantash put down the box containing various Goa'uld gadgets and went to stand by the DHD. When all of Josan's men had staggered past them, they quickly dialed an address, making sure no one saw the glyphs.

The goods were then carried through and placed behind some bushes nearby. When all the Tok'ra and humans were through, Martouf redialed the address for Telrak. Back there, all went to the cave to pick up the rest. Arriving back at the chaapa'ai, the wormhole was again opened. Rosha turned to Josan and the other humans.

"Thank you for your help. As agreed, here is your payment." She counted out several jewels and handed each of them some, as they stared in disbelief - obviously they had not expected to live, let alone get paid.

"Thank you, my Lord. It was a pleasure doing business with you - please come back soon."

"I might - but loose the title, as we are not Goa'uld."

The Tok'ra lifted the crates, groaning under the weight and staggered through the chaapa'ai.


As the Tok'ra slowly pulled the last of the crates out onto the planet of the Tok'ra base after having been to two additional safety planets on the way, Aldwin moaned.

"Right now I am starting to see the appeal of having slaves..."

*Interesting comment from a you really wish I were a Goa'uld? If you like we can change the nature of our relationship...* Gerim grinned.

Having arrived at the ring transporter, Aldwin reached around and slapped his neck, twice. "Bad symbiote!"

Realising what was going on, the others laughed. Several other Tok'ra had shown up and now helped them carry the rest of the crates to the transportation rings, and down into the tunnels.

Back down in the tunnels, the other Tok'ra who had helped carry the crates the rest of the way left with the merchandise, allowing Jolinar and the others to finally take a break. The weapons were a welcome addition, and the technology - and especially the data crystals  - were a great catch. It was all handed over to the science division. Hopefully the data crystals would turn out to contain some useful information.

Tired, and really just wanting to sleep, they went to be debriefed by some of the senior operatives. As usual it dragged on, and it was early evening when they were allowed to relax.

They walked down to the mess hall, as they were by now even more hungry than they were exhausted.

The chief smiled at them. "Welcome home from your first real mission! I hear it became more dangerous than anticipated...I am happy to see that you all made it home safely...and that you got a lot of exercise..." he grinned. "I got something special just for you. My host and I both agree that you need something to replenish you after hauling all that stuff." He started putting food on their plates and trays. Roasted desert fowl, potato-like roots, newly-baked hot bread with butter, and berry sauce. He even gave them several bottles of a semi-sweet sparkling fruit wine the Tok'ra made for special occasions. "Go and get started - I will bring you the dessert!"

A short while later, the chef arrived at their table with a large tray of delicious looking blueberry pies. He stood there looking at them for a moment. "Something is different about you...I don't know what..." he looked thoughtful.

Still feeling famished, and not wanting to wait, Martouf stretched out an arm to take one of the pies.

"Ah, yes...of course! I don't know why I didn't see this at first...your arms are longer...I wonder how that happened..." the chef starting laughing loudly, while Jolinar rolled her eyes. He grinned at her. "Sorry, couldn't help myself." He put the pies down on the table, slapping Aldwin on the shoulder. "Don't worry, I'm just joking." Laughing to himself, or perhaps to his host, he went back to the kitchen.

*Do not mind him - it is one of his favourite jokes!* Gerim told his host, sighing. *I do wish our arms did not hurt so much.*

Having finished the last of the roasted birds, the Tok'ra eagerly grabbed the pies. Martouf had already wolfed down one piece and took another slice. He looked at the fruit wine and decided to try it. He poured himself a huge glass of it, and interestedly studied the bubbles in it.

*We had something like this at home, but I have never tasted it - we were not allowed to drink alcohol until we were 18...*

*It is quite good, though I usually prefer not to drink too much alcohol...we have many other types which are far stronger. If you drink that - and I think surviving today merits a celebration - you would get quite drunk, if it were not for me. I am one of the best at filtering alcohol, though if we drink enough we will both get drunk, of course.*

*Can't you just...ah, I don't know...not filter it?*

Lantash hesitated. *I could, but...*

*Just let us feel it a little?*

Lantash sighed and gave in. It might be quite pleasant to be just a little drunk, for once.

A little later.

*Aldwin just poured himself another huge glass - he is starting to grin foolishly at every stupid thing any one of us says...*

*Yes, I have noticed. Gerim really should not agree to it. He knows very well he is not good at filtering alcohol, but perhaps he wants to be drunk...*

Martouf and Lantash had finished their glass, and were feeling a pleasant buzz from the wine. It would really be nice to relax their sore muscles in warm water bad they did not stay in the large room with Rosha and Jolinar, where they had a private pool. Since their - hopefully - mates had returned, Martouf/Lantash had stayed in a temporary quarter, without its own pool. They would have to use the common pools.

Getting up, they put their plates and such on a tray, so they could take it to the kitchen. "We are going to take a relaxing bath and then go to bed." Lantash said, yawning. "See you all tomorrow."

"We are tired as well...and a bath sounds nice." Jolinar got up. She and Rosha had talked much since they had arrived home from the mission, and they had made the decision to continue the relationship with Lantash - and his new host. Tonight was as good a time as any to tell them.

They walked back towards their rooms. When they were outside Martouf/Lantash's quarters Rosha turned to them and smiled. "Your temporary quarters are much further from the common pools than from our are tired - why don't you just use the private pool there? It is more than large enough for all of us, and it really is yours as well..."

*Do you think that...that they have decided they want to continue being our mates?* Martouf asked anxiously.

*Perhaps so...I dearly hope that to be the case. Tell her that we would be delighted.*

"That...that would be...most agreeable. Thank you." Martouf blushed deeply, despite Lantash's attempts to control it.

Rosha smiled to herself and Jolinar as they went into their room. Martouf/Lantash followed as soon as they had picked up some clean clothing.

Inside their room, Rosha went to the nearest chair and without concern started stripping off her clothing and dumping it there.

Martouf's eyes became huge as he saw her wearing only underwear, before he quickly averted his eyes.

*Lantash! Please take control! I am far too nervous...I have never seen a naked woman before - except in pictures...*

He grinned, then gave his host a friendly hug before taking control. *You are in for a treat then...Rosha is very beautiful - very attractive...* He put his clean clothing on a chair, before he started taking off what he was wearing, dropping it on the floor until he caught Rosha's warning expression. Sighing, he picked it up and threw it in the laundry basket. She smiled approvingly at him, then stepped into the pool.

Lantash slowly lowered his body into the water which was pleasantly warm. He leaned back against the side of the pool with only his head above the water, sighing contentedly. This truly felt wonderful to his aching body after carrying all those boxes!

After sitting in silence for a little while, Lantash opened his eyes and looked over at Rosha/Jolinar. They seemed to have relaxed against the side as well, sitting with closed eyes and a happy expression on their face.

Lantash stretched his back and winched slightly. *Sorry. Do you want me to block the pain? I generally prefer not to do that for more than a short while, but there is little else I can do, except speed up the healing, which I am doing already. Amazingly, it is one of the hardest things for us to heal in a hurry.*

*It is all right. The water is pleasant...Lantash. They really are very beautiful - and I love them so much...they must agree to be ours...*

*I think they will - why else would they invite us to bathe with them in private?* he said, while attempting to massage his right shoulder with his left hand.

"Does your shoulders hurt much?" Jolinar asked, having noticed what they were doing.

"Some," Lantash admitted.

Then perhaps I could massage them? If you - and Martouf - don't mind?"

*Sayyessayyessayyes...* Martouf babbled.

Lantash merely sent the equivalent of a 'of course - what did you think?' "We do not mind. On the contrary  - we would appreciate it..."

"Then come and sit here before us..." she crawled out of the water, and sat down on the side of the pool to better be able to reach.

Martouf would have flushed deeply if Lantash had not been in control. As it were, he alternated between staring at Jolinar and trying not to - which was hard, as Lantash was certainly looking and enjoying himself. Feeling their shared body's reaction, Martouf was glad that the water covered him from the waist down.

Lantash sat down on a bench just below the water, and in front of Rosha/Jolinar. As he did so, he managed to brush his back against her breasts.

Her skilled hands immediately started to massage their shoulders and back, but she carefully avoided the neck and the area along the spine, where Lantash resided.

Lantash enjoyed her ministrations greatly, but still wished she would touch him more directly. Martouf was unable to think about anything except for the fact that a woman - two women - that he loved insanely, were touching him.

Then suddenly they felt her hands seeking out Lantash, slowly sliding her hands over him, tracing the places were she could feel him best, and which he enjoyed the most.

Lantash gasped at the intense sensations, attempting to push himself up towards her fingers. Martouf echoed his reaction, shocked at the intensity of the sensations he shared. They truly both felt what the other did - and touching and pleasuring one was felt for both as well.

Deciding that Rosha/Jolinar would not encourage them if they did not desire them, Lantash turned around and grabbed hold of Rosha/Jolinar and pulled them down into the water with them. Jolinar giggled playfully and wriggled loose from his grasp, then splashed him with water. Martouf/Lantash splashed them back, and a small water fight ensued. This only lasted until Lantash again managed to capture Jolinar. He immediately pulled her close and kissed her passionately. Jolinar returned the kiss, then gave control to Rosha, so she also could enjoy kissing their mate. He kissed her thoroughly. Their long separation had been almost unbearable. Slowly, his tongue licked her lips.

*Martouf?* Lantash suddenly remembered his host.

*Mmmh?* Martouf had difficulty getting his brain to function, since Lantash were still kissing Rosha/Jolinar who had just pushed their tongue into his mouth. *If you're asking...I don't want're doing...fine...please con...continue...they were your mm...mates should...and I don't want a fool of experience...please, Lantash...*

Lantash grinned. *That is alright...enjoy!* He then turned to concentrate on his mates.

Continuing to kiss Rosha/Jolinar, entangling his tongue with hers, Lantash slowly let his hands slide up her arms and around to her neck, stopping for a little while to caress Jolinar, then gliding down over her back to fondle her buttocks. Pressing himself to her, he bent his head and started to kiss and suck at her throat, then moving to the side of her neck. Rosha moaned, having just gotten control. She decided it was time for her to be more active, and started to return his caresses.

As Lantash began kissing his way down to her left breast, and reaching it, started to lick and suck at her nipple, she felt her mind turn to clay and was unable to do much except enjoy being with their mate again. After having thoroughly kissed her left breast, he continued to the right, giving it the same treatment.

His hands were still on her bottom, and he now lifted her up and sat her down on the side of the pool, giving him access to the areas of her that had been underwater before. He held her close, kissing her stomach, then very slowly moving further down, kissing and nibbling the entire way. Rosha gave Jolinar control, and she immediately started caressing his hair, entangling her fingers in it. Lantash's hands pushed her legs apart, then his fingers started to explore her, gently and light at first. Jolinar moaned and in frustration tried to push herself against him to increase the contact. Lantash grinned and gave her what she wanted, bending close and letting his tongue follow the trail of his fingers.

Jolinar gasped and arched against him. She threaded her fingers through his hair, down to his shoulders, and then to grab his arms. Taking a deep, unsteady breath, she pulled him up to her and kissed him passionately. " has been so long...far too long. I need to be close to you, to feel you inside me...please...NOW..." she started sliding down into the water.

Lantash's eyes glowed as he quickly gripped her and pulled her fully down to him, then embraced her closely. "I...we, will be more than happy to accommodate you...." he said, voice slightly hoarse from desire, then again started kissing her, deepening the kiss much faster this time.

Meanwhile, Martouf was groggily attempting to give suggestions, which Lantash barely noticed. Martouf did not really mind - he just could not stop himself. His focus was totally on the woman...women, that he/Lantash was kissing and fondling. He was sure that he would have fainted or made a fool of himself a long time ago, if he had control...but he dearly wished Lantash would hurry up...Martouf felt as if he might explode if he did not soon get release from this arousal.

Finally Lantash pushed Rosha/Jolinar up against the side of the pool. She put her as around his shoulder and allowed the buoyancy and his hands to help her glide up and wrap her legs around him. His hands grabbed her hips and helped steady her as she straddled him. Slowly she allowed him to slide into her. His larger size reminded her for a short moment that her mate had a new host, but she soon forgot anything but the feeling of her beloved inside her. Moaning deeply she again kissed him until they were dizzy from the lack of air. Then, as she relaxed and allowed him to enter her more fully, she slowly started to thrust against him.

Loosing what little control he had left, Lantash groaned and drove into her at the same time as he pulled her towards him. Tightening her legs around him, she did her best to keep up with his thrusting, while keeping her hands busy stroking and caressing him. She alternated between his chest and the are of his neck where she could most easily stimulate Lantash.

He had really wanted this first mating in a very long time, to last just a little longer, and for a moment he tried - and failed, to slow down. Forgetting everything but his wonderful mates, he gave in. His strokes became harder and faster, and shortly after he came hard. Jolinar was not far behind. She hugged him hard and cried out, before she collapsed against his shoulder. Lantash leaning heavily against here as well, and they stood like that for a little while, just enjoying the intimacy. He slowly became aware of someone speaking, and realised it was his host. Martouf was expressing his happiness with the situation and wanted to repeat the experience - preferably very soon.

Lantash smiled at his eager host, assuring him that he wanted that as well - but maybe he would like to cuddle for a little while first, and maybe sleep some as well. It had been a hard day, carrying all those crates.

Rosha had been given control, and she gave Lantash and Martouf a long kiss before she decided it was time to get out of the water. "My beloved Lantash - and Martouf. You were wonderful..." she kissed them again, "I think perhaps we should get up and dry off? I am now feeling exhausted...both from the hard work today, and from this very pleasurable exercise...I would like to climb into bed and maybe sleep for a few hours...and then Jolinar and I think it only fair that you let us spend some time getting to know Martouf a little more intimately...I have some ideas...I think we need to use our hands and especially our tongue to do a thorough job of it..." she smiled a slightly wicked smile.

Returning the smile, Lantash explained to his host, *Both Rosha and Jolinar have truly incredible..ah, oral skills...* he showed Martouf a memory, making the young man gasp.

*If she did that to me I would surely faint...but I would like to try it...*

Lantash hugged his host, then gave Rosha another kiss before climbing out of the water, offering her a hand to steady her.

Taking it, she smiled approvingly as she now took a good look at him. "I definitively look forward to do a more thorough examination - to fully get to know my new mate - and to show my appreciation..." Following him to the bed, her eyes lingered on his ass, before moving on to the rest of him again. *...and I most certainly appreciate our mates body...*

Jolinar grinned at her host and gave her a hug. *Me too...*

Having quickly dried themselves off, they crawled to bed. Lantash pulled Rosha/Jolinar to him, and burrowing his face in their neck, he happily snuggled as close as possible to them. Rosha hauled the blanket up to cover them, and cuddled up even closer to their mates. "Good night, our wonderful Lantash and Martouf," she murmured, already falling asleep.

"Sleep well, both of you..." Martouf said, having been given control from Lantash, and relishing in the feeling of holding his loved ones. He kissed her neck before relaxing and joining Lantash and Rosha/Jolinar in sleep - dreaming of what they would do together when they woke up again.


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