Chapter 16 summary: Lantash pretends to be a minor Goa'uld, visiting his brother, in order to make contact with Korra who is undercover at Khepri's court.


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They dressed in their new clothes, and Lantash put on the hand device. After buying several lavish gifts, and hiring a group of servants to carry the presents, Sam and Martouf/Lantash left for Khepri's world.

The area just around the Stargate was very lush. It was obviously early summer and the trees were covered with light green leaves, and flowers grew everywhere. If there had not been a guards post with several alert Jaffa waiting for them, the place would have been perfect for a romantic picnic.

A man that was obviously the leader of the Jaffa immediately approached them, his men following closely behind with their weapons at the ready.

"Kree. What is your name and purpose with this visit, my Lord?"

"I am Lord Alim. Take me to Lord Khepri immediately, as I have business with him," Lantash said.

The Jaffa looked uncomfortable, but not quite ready to allow a strange Goa'uld access to his master.

"I apologize, but your name is not known to me. I do not doubt your importance, but I must respectfully ask the nature of your visit. I will then contact Lord Khepri and tell him you have arrived. I am sure..."

"Jaffa, kree! How dare you question me?" Lantash demanded, flashing his eyes and raising his hand device, letting it begin to glow softly.

The Jaffa bowed deeply. "I apologize, my Lord. We will of course take you to Lord Khepri immediately."

Sam had followed the exchange with interest and some trepidation. She was amazed at Lantash's boldness, and even more so at the fact that his audacity worked. It was a very fascinating look into the dynamics of Goa'uld society.

They had only walked maybe fifteen minutes before they left the forest and came out into an open terrain. The small city surrounding Khepri's palace could be seen in the distance, with the palace itself towering over the small houses. Sam estimated it would take them no more than ten minutes to reach the city, and then maybe an additional ten to get to the palace.

"So, you are Lord Alim, a friend of my loyal underling, Therkit?" Khepri said, looking rather uninterested. He assumed this would be another minor Goa'uld with no influence, who was hoping to use the familiarity with Therkit to increase his power by getting to work for Khepri. "What is your business here? I do not have any need of more underlings."

"I am not here to apply for a position, merely to visit my brother for a few days. Since Therkit is in your employ, I have brought a few modest gifts for you, to make up for intruding upon your hospitality during this brief time," Lantash said smoothly, bowing deeply before waving the servants forward with the presents.

"Hmm." Khepri looked at the gifts that were being offered. They were quite a lot more lavish than he had expected from what was obviously a nobody. Of course, they were no more than he deserved, if he were to allow this stranger to share his palace for a few days. If this Alim was indeed Therkit's brother. "I suppose it will not be too much of an inconvenience to let you have the use of one of my smaller suites, for a few days..."

"Thank you, my most gracious Lord. Tell me...when can I meet Therkit?"

"He is currently investigating an irregularity in one of my naquadah mines. He should return later today." Khepri turned to his First Prime. "Take these trinkets to the treasury and show Lord Alim to the emerald chambers."

It was several hours later before someone finally knocked on the door to Lantash's rooms. A Jaffa stood outside, announcing that Therkit had arrived, and was willing to receive Lord Alim.
"Good. Take me to him, immediately," Lantash said, giving Sam a sign to follow as well.

"I apologize, but I do not believe your lo'tar was invited, my Lord."

"She is also my me'tar, and I wish to show her to Therkit. Dare you try to interfere in matters between my brother and I?" Lantash exclaimed, angrily.

The Jaffa paled and bowed deeply. "Of course not, my Lord. I apologize for my stupidity. Please forgive me!"
Lantash seemed to think it over, then nodded magnanimously. "I will overlook this transgression this once. See to it that it does not happen again!"

"I assure you. It will not." The Jaffa bowed even deeper, looking extremely relieved.

The door closed behind Lantash and Sam, and they approached Korra.

"Korra, old friend. It is good to see you!" Lantash smiled at him, keeping his voice low.

Korra shook his head slowly, disbelieving. "Lantash...and Martouf. I had not thought I would ever see you again. Some time ago, I was informed of Martouf's death, and the last transmission from the tunnels told of Lantash sacrificing his life to allow the escape of SG-1 and Jacob and Selmak..."

"The transmissions spoke the truth about my demise," Lantash said. "However, Zipacna's Jaffa found me and my new host in time to revive us in a sarcophagus, and Martouf was not as dead as you were informed. He, too, was revived, and we are again together, as you can see."

"It is truly wonderful." Korra smiled, still looking as if he did not truly dare believe it. "I must admit it sounds unfathomable. Why would the Council proclaim Martouf dead if he was not?"

"Believe it! It's them, Korra. I'm sure of it," Sam said, smiling.

"Samantha Carter! It is good to see you as well. I apologize for not greeting you earlier, but the shock and happiness of finding my good friends alive, temporarily robbed me of my manners."

"Don't worry about it - I reacted the same way when I found out."

Lantash sighed. "There was a group lead by Ren'al, who misinformed the Council - both of Martouf's condition and about my ability to heal his injuries. It is a long story, but I will tell it to you as far as I know it. I know mostly what I learned while in Elliot, and what I heard when Ren'al's group talked outside my tank. It only made sense afterwards, when I found Martouf was alive, or I would have informed the first who walked into the room my healing tank was kept in. As it was, I believed the Council knew, and that Martouf was dead, so nothing I did would have made a difference."

"It must have been a shock seeing him alive, then."

"It was. Nothing has ever made me happier than taking him as my host again - no one and nothing shall be allowed to part us again!" Lantash said, determinedly. "Not for the next 500 years or so - at least!"

"I have difficulties believing some of our own would do such a thing!" Korra shook his head. "Come, sit down. I have ordered food and drink. Tell me your story. I assume you are here because you do not have a...GDO? to go to the Tau'ri, and because you do not know the coordinates of any of our bases?"

"Correct," Lantash said, as he and Sam walked to join Korra at the table.

"Unfortunately, I do not currently have the address for any of our bases, As you well know, most Tok'ra are on the run after the attack on Revanna, and no permanent places have been chosen for bases yet."

"That is what we feared. Korra, do you have any knowledge of what is happening on the Tau'ri world?" Lantash wondered, looking towards Sam.

Korra shook his head. "No, but it has been more than 10 days since I last received any information. At that time the Tok'ra either knew nothing about it, or did not deem it relevant to include in the dispatches the undercover agents get."

Sam sighed. "I guess I suspected that."

"Do not despair. I will enquire. Both about the Tau'ri and if there have been any semi-permanent bases or outposts constructed. Until I get this information, you are of course welcome to stay here as my guests."

Sam sat on the bed, looking out the window, into the darkness. It was raining heavily and she could just barely make out the lights from the village around the palace. The darkness and rain fitted her mood - she was getting very concerned about Earth, and the thought of spending what might well be as long as a week or more in this place was not exactly a pleasant one.

She sighed and straightened her short nightdress, trying to make it cover a little more than it did. She had bathed and was ready to go to bed, but she did not feel like it.

"That dress will not hide any more of your beautiful shape, regardless of how much you pull at it," Lantash said from behind her. "Martouf and I are thankful for that."

Sam turned to look at him, and could not stop herself from smiling. He had just been bathing, and instead of putting on his sleepwear, he was only wearing a towel wrapped around his waist. It did nothing to hide his growing erection.

"Lantash. You look...very handsome," Sam said, blushing slightly. "Very attractive."

"Thank you, my Samantha." He smiled widely, then sobered. "You seemed deep in thought just before. Am I correct in assuming it is concern for your planet?"

Sam nodded. "Yes...Lantash, what if Earth has been destroyed? Or conquered?"

"Then we will mourn together. However, let us not assume the worst, when we do not yet have cause to do so. From what I have seen, your people are resilient. They will survive. If you are worried for your own future, then know that you will always be welcome among the Tok'ra."
"Thank you." Sam gave him a bleak smile. "You're right of course. No reason to expect the worst has happened, when we don't really know anything."

Lantash sat down beside her on the bed, not caring that the towel opened and slid off him as he did so. He took her hand and squeezed it. "No matter what happens, Martouf and I will be here for you. Always. Never doubt that."

She leaned against him. "I will never doubt that. Thank you." She looked up at him. "Lantash...I have had some time to think, and...I have realised I love you too much to not be your mate. It may be hard to get things to work out, but I do intend to try, so...if you still want me, I would very much like be your mate." She felt her cheeks redden.

"You will? Samantha!" Lantash smiled widely. "Nothing could make Martouf and I happier than to claim you as our mate! We love you more than anything else!" He pulled her onto his lap and kissed her. "My Samantha..." He deepened the kiss, sliding his hands down her back, and over her ass to the hem of her very short night dress. He quickly pulled it off her, leaving her naked except for her panties. He looked hungrily at her. "I want you so much. Please, my beloved, allow me to pleasure you. Allow me to let you forget your worries for tonight, and just enjoy life..." 

Sam smiled warmly at him. "My sweet, beloved Lantash.... Yes, let us forget our worries for tonight." She gave him a quick kiss, before pulling her underwear off, throwing it aside. She then swooped in for another kiss, sliding her hands up his back, finding the places on his neck where she could best pleasure Lantash directly.

Lantash soon lifted her down from his lap and sat her on the edge of the bed. He grabbed several pillows and placed behind her for support, before he gave her a naughty smile and positioned himself on the floor, between her legs.

Sam slowly caressed his hair, tugging gently on it and closing her eyes as Lantash expertly began to pleasure her. He held her legs spread as he first kissed her inner thighs, then leaned in and placed a kiss on her mound. He grabbed her ass with one hand, kneading a buttock gently, while he spread her labia with two fingers. 

He flicked his tongue over her clit a few times, making Sam gasp, before he began making long, slow licks from her opening to her sensitive nub. Sam squirmed a little, wanting more contact and greater pressure. She tried pushing towards him every time he reached her clit, and he grinned and took the hint, focusing more directly on that spot.

He slipped one finger inside her as he began to alternately suck at her clit and flick his tongue over it rapidly. Sam groaned as he increased the speed and pressure, and at the same time added another finger, slowly pumping in and out of her. 

Lantash continued pleasuring her, changing the speed and pressure a little now and then, and making Sam moan deeply. She was squirming and wriggling a lot now, and was very close to coming. He dropped all finesse and just assaulted her clit with a frenzy of hard, fast licks while penetrating her rapidly with his fingers. Moments later Sam cried out, and he felt her pussy contracting around his fingers from her powerful orgasm.

Sam was still somewhat dazed when Lantash quickly lifted her up and pushed her against the wall beside the bed, entering her with one, hard thrust, making them both gasp from the sensation. Sam wrapped her legs around him and used the wall for leverage, as she began rocking against him in time with his fast, hard strokes.

He buried his face against her shoulder and kissed and sucked at the soft skin there, as he rammed his shaft into her again and again. Sam, barely recovered from her recent intense orgasm, was already getting close again, and Lantash was not far behind. It took him only a few more strong thrusts before he pounded into her one more time and cried out, shuddering against her. Sam was already coming, using her arms and legs to press herself as tightly as possible to him.

Sam slowly slid down to stand on wobbly legs, holding on to Lantash as he leaned against the wall, breathing hard for a few moments before he lifted Sam into his arms and carried her to the bed. He laid her down and joined her there, pulling a blanket over them.

They kissed each other warmly several times before snuggling close together and falling asleep.

The next day Korra had still not received any news from the Tok'ra - not that they had truly expected it. Even under the best of circumstances it took several days to get information back and forth to an undercover operative - if it was even possible, which it often was not, due to the security risks involved. Korra, however, was in a position where it was possible to make such contact - as long as it was done very carefully.

Meanwhile, Sam and Martouf/Lantash were his guests, or, more correctly, 'Lord Alim' was Lord Khepri's guest, but the Goa'uld was happy to leave his guest to his underling, 'Lord Therkit'.

"Samantha?" Lantash walked over to the window where Sam was sitting, looking out at the village that surrounded the palace.

It was the morning of the third day of their stay at the Goa'uld's palace, and they had just returned to their chambers after eating breakfast with Korra. There was still no news about Earth, and Sam was getting very nervous.

She turned around, smiling briefly at him. "Lantash. I was just thinking about how different this place is. Down there..." She pointed at the village, "...people are living a life as if it was the middle ages! Which it is, here. They are slaves! Property of Khepri." She shook her head. "If Earth is gone...I don't know if I can get used to living on another planet. I mean, I know the Tok'ra does not live like this, and they don't enslave anyone, but it is still a very different life, a different world. And...and what if Earth has been conquered? Will life there be like that?"

Lantash sighed. "Samantha, we do not know what has happened. Hopefully, Korra will soon get information about your planet's fate, and we may learn that nothing bad has befallen it." He looked out the window and sighed again. "Yes, many people in this Galaxy are slaves of the Goa'uld. That is what both our people's are fighting to change...and we will succeed! Even if it takes a great many years, we will not give up. The Tok'ra will not surrender, and the Tau'ri will not surrender. We will succeed - together." He sat down beside her and put his arm around her.

Sam put her head on his shoulder. "I very much want to believe your are right." She closed her eyes for a moment. "I am usually a fairly optimistic person, but right now it is a bit hard."

"I understand, and I agree. It has been less than two weeks since I learned that a great many Tok'ra - a great many of my friends - have died. Sometimes everything seems dark, and it is hard to keep fighting and believing in victory. However, there is light in the darkness. Martouf and I are both alive and together again - and we have you, Samantha." He smiled warmly at her. "We love you very much, and we always will."

Sam smiled back at him, feeling better. "I love you too, both of you. Never doubt that."

"Thank you, we will not." Lantash looked thoughtful, frowning and looking down for a moment before he took a deep breath and turned to her. "There is one thing we should thing that is of much importance to Martouf and I."

"Yes?" Sam asked, a little concerned at his seriousness.

"The life of a Tau'ri is short, and we do not want to lose you after only a short time, when we could possibly be together for many more years."

Sam swallowed. "You are talking about blending." 

"Yes, we would like to know if you have given it any more thought."

She was silent for a time, then she nodded. "Yes...I have thought about it some. I am not completely sure, but I do think I may one day agree to blend." She looked into his eyes. "I do not want to leave you, when we have finally gotten together. Yes, I will blend, but I don't know if I am ready, yet. Soon, though, I think."

Lantash looked very relieved. "Thank you very much for being honest...and for telling us this. We are both very happy to hear it." He kissed her.

Sam returned the kiss, which quickly grew more passionate. Lantash soon picked up Sam and carried her to the bed, where he sat down with her. They continued kissing and carressing each other, and he soon pushed her down on the bed. For the next considerate amount of time, all their concerns were forgotten in a haze of desire and love.

Chapter 17: Going Home