Note that the last chapter has two versions, one that is NC-17 and one that is PG-13.


Chapter 5 summary: Sam and Jolinar goes to Washington to be interrogated by the NID.


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The next day an apprehensive Sam/Jolinar was escorted to Peterson Airbase by Colonel Maybourne and several guards. From there they were flown to Washington where they were to meet several representatives of the NID.

*Who are these people and why are they in command? Are they the leaders of this world?* Jolinar wondered.

*Most certainly not! They're not even leaders of this country. For various...political reasons, someone called Senator Kinsey leads a group called the NID. They claim they wish to protect Earth, but they are not happy with how Stargate Command is handling things. They believe we are endangering Earth and that we should steal what technology we can find around in the Galaxy, in order to use it against the Goa'uld.*

*While they are probably correct in their assumption that you are in danger from the Goa'uld - you are journeying out into a hostile Galaxy with very little experience - I most certainly do not appreciate that the NID wishes to steal technology. That is what the Goa'uld does...*

"Maybe we should tell them...ah, well...most likely they'll just say it's one of the redeeming qualities of the Goa'uld, or something.* Sam noted sarcastically.

*At least it seems we are landing now - I find your airborne transportation vessels unsafe in the extreme.*

*We call them 'airplanes'. Don't worry. They're safe - usually...they only crashes once in a while...* Sam teased her.

Jolinar mentally rolled her eyes at her host.

Maybourne and the guards came to escort them to the waiting car, and they were taken to an office in the basement under Pentagon.

"Welcome, Captain Carter, Jolinar..." Kinsey said.

"Kinsey!" Sam exclaimed, not sounding happy at all. "I should have realised it would be you behind this!"

"Now, now...Captain. We're on the same side here. We just want a word with you...or with Jolinar, more correctly. Though we are of course also very interested in this knowledge you apparently have about the future..." Kinsey said.

"Even you must be able to understand that I can't give you any information that might quite possible be misused and which could change the future in who knows how many bad ways!"

*Well...the future has already been changed in a good way...* Jolinar remarked. *Though I do admit that these people are likely to use such information in a way which we would not appreciate.*

*That's for sure!* Sam bowed her head, giving control to Jolinar.

"You wish to talk to me regarding the Tok'ra and my knowledge about the Goa'uld?" Jolinar said.

Kinsey jumped slightly, hearing her talk with the symbiote voice.

"Yes, among other things. You have your host's knowledge as well, do you not?"

*Ooh...he is afraid of me...useful...*

*Yes, and he seems to want to get to my knowledge of the future through you. Bastard!*

*If that is so, then he has sadly misjudged the Tok'ra. Not that I'm surprised...*

Jolinar took a deep breath and prepared herself to explain this misunderstanding to Kinsey and Maybourne. It was going to be a long meeting!

The meeting was actually only the beginning of almost two weeks of interrogations, interrupted only by trips to a laboratory where Sam/Jolinar were poked and prodded by people wanting to learn as much as possible about symbiotes. Every day they would be taken to meetings with different agents from the NID, and sometimes Kinsey or Maybourne would be there as well.

Finally, their tormentors seemed to decide they had learned all they were going to learn, given that they could not directly torture or kill Sam/Jolinar. Apparently they had realised this would destroy the possibility of an alliance with the Tok'ra - something even the NID had come to realise the importance of. Thus, eventually Sam and Jolinar were released and allowed to go back to Stargate Command. Sam would even keep her position.

*Finally! I thought they would never stop!* Sam complained.

*I must admit it took them extraordinarily long to realise I would never give them any information my host had said they could not have - for reasons I completely agree with you on. Are they stupid, you think?*

*Ignorant, certainly, but I fear not stupid enough. They will continue to give us problems, no doubt.*

Jolinar 'nodded'. *I am actually surprised they agreed an alliance with my people would prove beneficial - and that they allowed us to leave.*

*Well, we did give them enough hints about the Tok'ra and what they had done for Earth in my old reality. They even ended up believing in the difference between the Tok'ra and the Goa'uld. You gave them much useful intelligence about the Goa'uld as well. Still, I think most of the reason for their decision to let us go was pressure from the SGC and other, friendlier governmental instances...or maybe it was simply your charming personality...* Sam joked.

*Haha...I admit I lost my temper from time to time, but I was not the only one who did - remember?*

*Yeah, I remember. Damn I hate Kinsey...*

*Yes, he is a slimy snake. I do not understand how he could have been elected by humans?*

*A lot of people aren't too bright.* Sam grinned. *I did love his reaction when you glowed our know, when he was standing really close and threatened us. He had apparently forgotten we were not human...anyway, let's focus on something else. We will presumably be going to Cimmeria immediately after our return. SG-1 will no longer be on stand-down, and we have even been allowed to rejoin it. Temporarily, at least.*

*That is good. Afterwards they had better allow us to contact the Tok'ra.*

They leaned back into the seat on the airplane taking them back to Peterson Airbase and Cheyenne Mountain. Still exhausted from their ordeal, they soon fell asleep.

Well back at the SGC, they were officially welcomed back on SG-1. It was celebrated with a BBQ- and movie night with the team. While they had been in Washington, Daniel, O'Neill, and Teal'c had visited Chulak and saved Teal'c's son Rya'c before he was brainwashed by Apophis. He - and Teal'c's wife, Drey'auc - were now living with the people in The Land of the Light. It had been difficult to convince Drey'auc to leave her new husband, Fro'tac, but she had finally admitted she still loved Teal'c. Neither she nor Rya'c wanted to live on Earth, though, so Teal'c would visit them when he got the opportunity.

After this success, Daniel had gone to Abydos, together with Teal'c, in order to get Sha're before it was time for her to give birth. Amaunet was still sleeping, and Sha're now lived on the base. She was free to go about the place, though always in the company of a guard. The intention was to take her to the Tok'ra and have them remove Amaunet after the child was born. Until the Tok'ra and the Tau'ri had a treaty, she might have to spend some time in a holding cell, after Amaunet woke up, but at least she would eventually be free of the Goa'uld. Both Daniel and Sha're were very happy about this. Sha're had even been allowed to join the BBQ at O'Neill's place this evening, to celebrate together with the others.

Tonight they all relaxed and enjoyed being together again as a team. The awkwardness was gone - at least between Daniel, Teal'c, and O'Neill - and Sam/Jolinar started to feel at home as well. Tomorrow they would go to Cimmeria . As far as they had been able to figure out, the attack on the planet should not happen until the day after that, so there should be time to contact the Asgard. However, they had not been able to remember they day with absolute certainty, so it was an educated guess. Sam and Jolinar needed the break, though, so it was considered an acceptable risk.