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Chapter 6 summary: SG-1 and Jolinar goes on a mission to help the Cimmerians against the Goa'uld.


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Next day, as SG-1 were getting ready to leave for Cimmeria, there was an unscheduled activation of the Stargate, followed by something hitting the iris. A quick analysis proved it to be the Sagan-box given to the Cimmerians. The attack was already happening and they had miscalculated the date!

"Damn! I thought for sure we had the right day!" Sam exclaimed.

"We could not remember it with certainty. This was always a possible outcome." Teal'c said.

"We should have left immediately yesterday afternoon - as soon as Sam had arrived!" Daniel looked very guilty.

"Stop it, guys! You couldn't remember. Don't beat yourself up about it. If it weren't for Kinsey and those other idiots from the NID we would have gone there already!" O"Neill said.

They hurried through the gate. Since they had immediately recognized the signature from the Sagan-box as the one the Cimmerians had received, and since they were already geared up, they would at least arrive some hours earlier this time. Hopefully that would mean more saved people.

Coming out of the wormhole, the same devastation was visible as they remembered. This was expected, as the area around the Stargate would have been the first to be hit by the attackers. Perhaps it would look better in other places. When they had looked around for a short while, Gairwyn showed up. She had been waiting for them close to the Stargate.

After talking to her for a short while, they agreed to go see if Kendra was still alive. She was a former Goa'uld host, who might have useful information, if she were still alive. They also wished very much to save her. Besides, if nothing else they would be able to pick up a hand device and a healing device, which might prove useful.

When they arrived at Kendra's place, they found that she was already dead and buried, just as she had been last time. She must have been one of the first to be killed.

"Kendra and her family resided here. Hopefully, she is now with Thor. She was a good friend - and used her knowledge only to heal, and this was her reward."Gairwyn looked distressed. "They've killed maybe a fourth of our people already, and they will soon kill more if they find them." Gairwyn indicated the things left on Kendra's grave. "It's customary to leave a person's favorite items outside their grave to take with them on their journey to Thor. These items are of no use now to any of us. They belong with Kendra."

Sam looked at Kendra's belongings, noticing the ribbon device and the healing device.

* my old reality I took those - and learned I could use them because of what was left over from you.*

*We should take them. The hand device will work somewhat better than other weapons against Heru'ur, when he is using his personal shield. At least we will be able to 'push' him away.*

Kinetic energy. The shield does not make him immune to the laws of physics...just like the Kull warriors.*

*Exactly. We should also take the healing device. It is not unlikely we may need it.*

*I always had a hard time controlling that - even more so than the ribbon device.*

*Understandable. Some of the functions of the hand device is actually quite crude. The healing device, on the other hand, requires more detailed knowledge. Fortunately, I have much experience in using both.*

*OK, then.*

Sam picked up the ribbon device and tried it on - mostly to see if it felt any different.

"Sam?" Daniel looked at her.

The ribbon device began to glow immediately.

*That was much easier than I remember - and I feel more in control.*

*You are blended with me and have gained some knowledge from me about its use. Also don't forget you have tried it before yourself.*

"You possess the power!" Gairwyn said, with some fear in her voice.

"What?" Sam looked over at them.

Daniel did not quite know what to say. It would probably not be a good idea to tell Gairwyn about Jolinar just now.

"Well, that would make sense - seeing have something in common with Kendra. She retained the ability to use Goa'uld technology because she used to be host to a Goa'uld. Sam have had experience..."

"Kendra said it took her years to master the magic of the power."Gairwyn looked at Sam. "You must be a fast learner."

"Are you ready to move out of here?" O'Neill said, interrupting them. Sam/Jolinar and Daniel felt immensely relieved to be interrupted.

"Samantha Carter possess the power! She can use Etin technology!" Gairwyn told him.

"So? Why does that surprise you?" O'Neill shrugged, then saw the expressions on his team mates faces. Of course - it would probably not be a good idea to tell Gairwyn about Jolinar. ", I mean...really?"

"Concentrate. Show him." Gairwyn said to Sam.

*Damn! I had hoped she would not ask. If she should find out about you...* Sam concentrated briefly and activated the device, sending out a short burst and hitting the ground.

*Nice. You have talent. As for would she find out?* Jolinar gave her host a hug.

"Hey, hey! Watch where you're pointing that thing!" O'Neill jumped a little, surprised despite his foreknowledge of her ability.

"Sorry." Sam quickly took of the ribbon device and put it in her pocket.

"Do you also have the power to control the one that heals?" Gairwyn pointed at the healing device.

"Eh, maybe." Sam picked it up and slid it on. It activated immediately, glowing faintly.

"Impressive! Now, guys, we can't keep hanging around here. We should find a place that's a little less public." O'Neill looked around worriedly.

Gairwyn took them to a large cave where her people was hiding. They had a brief run-in with one of the men who was understandably angry at them, blaming them, quite rightly, for the attack since they had destroyed Thor's Hammer. After convincing him they wanted - and probably could - help them, O'Neill and Teal'c went off together with him to see what they were up against. Meanwhile, Sam/Jolinar and Daniel stayed with Gairwyn and her people.

Sam/Jolinar walked around and used the healing device to heal a few of the villagers while Daniel talked to Gairwyn. He was trying to get her to mention 'the Hall of Thor's Might', so they could go and contact the Asgard. He remembered that was the name Gairwyn had used when they were here before.

"Gairwyn... I doubt Thor's angry. Now, he may just be far away. That's why he left the hammer to protect you know of any other way to contact him?"

"No...though there is a place called the Hall of Thor's Might. If only we could gain access to that we should be safe. Thor has placed all his powers there in order to help us, to defend us."

Yes! Daniel thought, almost smiling. "Where is this Hall of Thor's Might?"

Not long after, O'Neill and Teal'c returned from their scouting mission and explained about their meeting with Heru'ur. Just as they had known it might happen, he was building 3 pyramids - landing pedestals for Goa'uld mother ships, and the Stargate was now heavily guarded. Everything seemed to be unfolding exactly as they remembered. Unfortunately. Soon the Ha'taks would arrive and death gliders would start bombing them.

"OK, then I guess it's time to go check out 'the Hall of Thor's Might' and see if we can contact the Asgard." Daniel sighed.

"Good. You and Sam go there. Meanwhile, Teal'c and I will lay some explosives, see if we can slow the enemy attack."

"Yes, sir." Sam said, following Daniel and Gairwyn.

After walking for some time, they heard Jaffa behind them. Looking, they spotted a group of three Jaffa. This was bad! Sam sent a few shots from her rifle in their general direction, before she hurried after Daniel and Gairwyn. Just as they were all about to take cover behind some shrubbery, one of the Jaffa shot at them with his staff weapon. It hit Gairwyn with a glancing blow on the shoulder. She yelled out and fell to the ground. Sam and Daniel quickly grabbed her and pulled her to safety.

"Leave me." She groaned in pain. "It is not...much further. Follow the...follow the path through...there." She pointed weakly.

"We're not leaving you." Daniel said.

Sam dipped her head, letting Jolinar fore.

She immediately grabbed the hand device from her pocket and started putting it on. Moments later she quickly jumped out from their cover and sent a shock wave towards the Jaffa. Two of them were caught in it and thrown some distance, one of them hitting a tree. The third stood there in shock for a moment, clearly not having expected this. Jolinar used his confusion to her advantage and quickly sent out another pulse, throwing him even further than his two comrades. Noting with satisfaction that neither of the Jaffa had gotten up or were even moving, she dove back behind the bushes.

"Keep an eye on the Jaffa. Alert me immediately if they appear to move." Jolinar said, not caring to hide her voice. She looked at Gairwyn, who was obviously in a great deal of pain, but currently seemed more occupied with Sam's changed voice.

"You're an Etin!" Gairwyn looked determined. "Thor will save me from you deception."

"Shut up, we will explain later." Jolinar hurriedly took off the ribbon device and stuffed it back into a pocket before she took out the healing device. She slid it on and held it over Gairwyn , activating it. It started glowing and she moved it to the wound. Focusing, she quickly healed the damage, then shut off the device. "Better?"

"Y...yes, thank you." Gairwyn sat up. "Do not think this will make me trust you, though."

Jolinar laughed shortly. "Why am I not surprised? I am pleased the Goa'uld have not scared away your free will and stubborn spirit! It is so rare to meet humans like you!" She turned to Daniel. "Are the Jaffa still unconscious."

"Or dead...they haven't moved."

"Good. Shall we continue?"
Jolinar briefly bowed her head, transferring control to Sam. She extended a hand towards Gairwyn, offering to help her up.

Gairwyn looked suspiciously at her, then got up on her own. "I do not know if it would be right to show you the Hall of Thor's Might."

"'s not how it looks...Jolinar isn't a Goa'uld...Etin. She's a Tok'ra...they're friends with the Asgard." Sam explained.

"You have the same voice...your eyes glowed when you used your magic power against those other Etins."

"Listen...ah, Hell! This takes too much time to explain!" Sam groaned.

"Just...listen to me." Daniel said. "Even if she's an Etin, couldn't she be a good Etin?"

"There are no good Etins."

"Maybe you just haven't heard of them? She healed you. Incapacitated those Jaffa...those three men who attacked us. Why would she do that?"

"To learn my secret and find the Hall of Thor's Might..." Gairwyn started to look a little unsure.

"She also healed several of your people back in the cave."

"True." She nodded. "Perhaps you speak the truth. I shall lead you to our destination and let Thor decide."

"Thank you!" Sam said, letting out a relieved breath of air.

Daniel, Gairwyn and Sam hurried down the path and soon reached an obelisk.

"This is it." Gairwyn stated.

"Good." Daniel stretched out his hand to touch it.

It is forbidden to touch the stone."

"I...believe we have to touch it - send us somewhere else, like the one at the Stargate...portal sent Jack and Teal'c to Thor's Hammer."

"I only know it is forbidden to touch the stone."

"Let's hope it's not reacting strangely to symbiotes..." Daniel said, reaching out and touching a red stone. Moments later, he and the others were beamed into a dark hall. "Apparently not..."

"Daniel? Gairwyn? You all right?" Sam asked. 

"Wow! What a ride." Daniel exclaimed.

"Where are we?" Gairwyn wondered. "I apologize...yes, I am fine."

"A step in the right direction. At least we're now in a hall."

*You're all right?* Sam asked Jolinar.

*I am fine. There does not seem to be any anti-symbiote properties to that device.*

They all looked around for a little while, Sam and Daniel waiting for what they knew would happen. After a little while, a hologram of Thor appeared. When he had made his speech, the same tests as they remembered, followed. However, this time they knew what to expect and solved everything easily and speedily.

After solving the last riddle, the real Thor appeared, looking like himself instead of the hologram of a viking he had been using before.

"Yes!" Sam exclaimed, smiling at Daniel.

"I am the actual one, whom you know as Thor."

"Hi, Thor!" Daniel said.

"I am the supreme commander of the Asgard fleet."

"How can this be?" Gairwyn looked shocked.

"In the ten span since I created this world, you are the first to reach this level of contact. You have finally grown wise enough to see me in my true form."

"These are the wise ones. I would never have come this far without their help."

"It's not a hologram, right?" Daniel whispered to Sam. "It's really Thor, speaking from his ship, isn't it?"

"Indeed. My image is a living transmission. I am communicating to you from my quarters aboard the Asgard ship Beliskner."

"Good. We need your help. The Goa'uld are here." Daniel said.

"Impossible. Cimmeria is a safe world."

"Yeah, we sorta messed that up."

Sam rolled her eyes. Could he not have found something better to say? He had known he would have this discussion with Thor!

" see we...we came here a year ago...from Earth...the Tau'ri...Midgard? To meet you and your people, to make an alliance against the Goa'uld. One of our party, a Jaffa, was trapped in your labyrinth." Daniel explained.

"The Jaffa serve the Goa'uld."

"This one does not. He stands with them, and now with us, to fight the Etins." Gairwyn said.

"You see? So, we had no choice but to destroy the hammer to free our friend." Daniel continued.

"And by doing so, you have opened Cimmeria to attack by the Goa'uld."

"Yeah, and we want to fix it."

"We need you to help us..." Sam sighed. *'s not going any better this time. You wish to try?*

*Maybe I better, before Thor gets angry at us. I have met him before...I also have an the Tau'ri might help.*

*Please, try.* Sam bowed her head. Jolinar looked up and greeted Thor.

"Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet. I greet you. I am Jolinar of Malkshur...of the Tok'ra. We have met before."

"Jolinar!" Thor almost looked like he smiled a little. "I did not know the Tok'ra had befriended the Tau'ri. Are you allies?"

"We hope to be. It has not been long since our first meeting. Samantha Carter - my host - volunteered when I was in need."

Thor nodded briefly. "This pleases me. I also believe the council will appreciate that development, though they will not be happy the Tau'ri have exposed the people of this planet to attack from the Goa'uld. Jolinar, do you believe the ones with you are sincere in their wish to help, and that they did not intend to interfere?"

"Absolutely. The Tau'ri do intend to help." Jolinar quickly shared her idea with Sam, getting an affirmative. "This planet needs housing, food, warm clothing and blankets, as well as medicine. All of which the Tau'ri can easily provide. Please let them redeem themselves this way."

Thor was quiet for a little while before he answered. "I believe that will be acceptable. I need to talk with Cimmerians now."

Jolinar bowed slightly. "Understood."

"Oh...and I will expect your people to keep an eye on your new friends, of course..." Thor said with a twinkle in his eyes, just before Daniel and Sam/Jolinar were beamed out.

"Wait! We didn't mean to interfere - we want, wait!" Daniel yelled.

Moments later they appeared back into the forest.

"Oh, no. Not again!"

The walked back to the cave, where they met with O'Neill, Teal'c, and the rest of the Cimmerians.

"So, how did things go with the Asgard?" O'Neill said. "We're about to be attacked here, you know."

"It went about as it did last time - except Jolinar promised Thor we'd give the Cimmerians emergency aid." Daniel told him.

"At least it can't harm our cause." Sam remarked.

O'Neill sighed. "I suppose we do owe them that...I hope Thor comes through for us like you said he did before. Because if he doesn't we're pretty damn screwed here."

"Thor just need some time to speak with Gairwyn - as the Cimmerian representative." Daniel pointed out, hoping it was still true.

"Yeah, well, I'm not sure we have time for that." O'Neill sounded less than happy.

Teal'c came back inside. "Heru'ur's Jaffa have surrounded this place. We are out of options."

"They will kill everyone unless we stall them until Thor is ready to help - we must surrender." Daniel said.

"That's what we did last time - hopefully the timing will be about the same and Thor will rescue us before anything bad can happen." Sam gave control to Jolinar who immediately began putting on her hand device.

*Jolinar - no. We can't fight that many Jaffa. We need to surrender for real, to buy some time.*

O'Neill walked out from their hiding place, followed by Daniel, Teal'c, and Sam/Jolinar. He yelled to the Jaffa that they surrendered.

The Jaffa began leading SG-1 away, but before they had come very far, something very much like thunder was heard. They all looked up into the sky, where shortly a large vessel appeared. An Asgard mother ship.

"Yes!" O'Neill looked happy.

"See? No reason to worry." Daniel looked relieved.

Thor's weapons quickly took care of all the Jaffa, as well as the pyramids they had been building. When all was again quiet, Gairwyn returned with greetings from Thor, and Asgard assurances of help to the Cimmerians. A new Thor's hammer would be constructed, this time with built-in exceptions for Teal'c, as well as Jolinar and all other Tok'ra. The few Tok'ra who - like Jolinar - had originally been Goa'uld would have to be scanned for personal exceptions to be made, of course, but those Tok'ra who were spawned by Egeria could easily be checked for.

SG-1 repeated the promises of help that Jolinar had made to the Cimmerians, and they then returned through the gate.

At the debriefing.

"Good work, SG-1. I know you wanted to go there earlier, to avoid any killings. I apologize for that, but it was out of my hands. Will the Cimmerians be safe?" Hammond said.

"Yes, sir. They should be. This Thor-guy will make sure the Asgard keep an eye on them, and Daniel, Teal'c, and Carter assure me they can be trusted. Apparently they will become sort of Earth's allies and help us - and we them. Jolinar tells me the Tok'ra trust the Asgard, so I guess, so do I." O'Neill concluded.

"Don't forget we've promised to help out as well." Daniel reminded him.

"Yes...we promised to provide various emergency aid to the Cimmerians. Food, warm clothing, blankets, help them build up housing...and so on."

"I don't know if I can sanction such an action..." Hammond said.

"Jolinar believes this will score us some much needed points with the Asgard - after all, we did sort of destroy Thor's Hammer." O'Neill pointed out.

"And we do need their good will." Daniel said.

Hammond nodded. "Your points are well taken...I suppose that it can be arranged." He looked over at Sam and Jolinar. "If we have nothing else to discuss regarding the Cimmerians , we should continue on to today's other issue. You finally have a go for visiting the Tok'ra, people. Even the NID thinks the possibility of an alliance is too good a chance not to examine this further."

"Thanks, sir...and from Jolinar as well." Sam said.

"Captain Carter...I can well understand why you would want to stay with Jolinar's people for a while, but we do expect you back in no more than three weeks from today."

"Sir? I can't say I am absolutely sure how Jolinar and I will end up choosing to live, but I am quite certain we would like to spend at least half our time with the Tok'ra, if not more. I do realize this depends upon the outcome of our meeting, but if we do get to have...amicable relations with the Tok'ra, then maybe we could be a kind of a liaison? At least for the foreseeable future." Sam said.

"I understand...and I agree. It sounds like that would be the best solution. I believe that something probably can be worked out so that you can divide your time between the Tok'ra and Stargate Command - if that is what you wish. We don't want to loose you. You know that. In any case, however that end up being decided, you will have to return here for now." Hammond was quiet for a moment. "A decision has been made that it will be easier - record wise - to let you assume the identity of the Samantha Carter from this reality. No one outside of the SGC - and a few others - can know. You will not even be permitted to tell your friends and family. As far as they will know, you were found to have survived, much to every one's surprise. It is fortunate no body could be recovered."

"Yes, sir. I will keep the secret."

Hammond looked thoughtful. "I should probably not tell you this yet, but...a consequence of this is that you'll receive a medal from the president - one which Captain Carter would have otherwise gotten posthumously. There's going to be a ceremony in Washington in 3 weeks. That is why you need to return here at that time."

Sam looked surprised for a moment. "Eh...thank you...I actually got that in my reality as well, even if..." Sam stopped herself. Should she tell what she knew about the journalist? About the leak? Would it change anything? Well, it might perhaps save a man's life. "Sir..." She began, then went on to explain all that had happened.

After a longer discussion a decision was made. They would still go to Washington for the ceremony, but this time Daniel and Teal'c would accompany them. They would keep an eye on everything that was happening, and when the journalist showed up they would guard him so he would survive. For now, however, their mission was to contact the Tok'ra.